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Airowear has been the worldwide leader in the eque... Read more
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    AyrPS Teen Body Protector Black Silver
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    Junior BodyBase Sport Royal Blue
    £26.99 £10.00
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    Unisex BodyBase Pro White
    £41.99 £17.99

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Airowear Body Protectors & Apparel

Airowear has been the worldwide leader in the equestrian safety equipment since 1985. Airowear pride themselves on their commitment to rider safety and aim to produce safety equipment and apparel that offers a superior fit, incorporates the latest technology yet is smart and stylish.

Airowear produces a unique range of body protectors that have been designed to address the different shapes of body fit between men, women and children so you can be confident that your Airowear Body Protector perfectly fits.

All Airowear Body Protectors are made to the current safety standards and are CE marked to EN13158 and annually tested to BETA 2009.

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