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BETA's Summer of Safety

From washing our hands and covering our face to social distancing and routine cleaning, this year more than ever before we’ve all been bombarded with constant reminders to ‘stay safe’. While for many of us our concerns have become centralised around the global coronavirus pandemic, there’s a few things which as equestrians we should never forget about. This year we’re proud to be supporting the brand new Summer of Safety Event by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA). An updated take on their popular ‘Safety Week’, this now covers a much wider range of topics. Taking place over the next three months from June to September, keep reading to find out what you can expect to see and when…

What can you expect from BETA’s Summer of Safety?

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

19th June to 2nd July – Rider Safety Equipment

If we said ‘safety wear’, what would be the first thing that came in to your mind? There’s a good chance it’d be ‘riding hat’ or ‘body protector’, right? To kick off BETA’s Summer Of Safety we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most common pieces of protective equipment. After all, almost all of us will be regularly relying on them to keep us safe, both in the saddle and on the ground. We’ll be covering everything from fitting and safety standards to proper storage and correct care. That’s not all, we’re also going to be looking at the items you may be a little less familiar with, like air vests and shoulder protectors.

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3rd July to 16th July – Tack Selection, Safety, Fitting & Maintenance

From slipping saddles and snagged stirrups to broken bits and ruined reins, have you ever had a tack trauma? Safety isn’t all about your protective equipment, sometimes it’s about protecting your equipment! During the second phase of BETA’s Summer of Safety, we’re going to be taking a look at how basic maintenance, regular checking and proper fitting could help to keep both you and your horse safe.

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

 17th July to 30th July – Yard Safety, Biosecurity, Insurance & First Aid

During the third phase of BETA’s Summer Of Safety we’re going to be diving in to the topics of yard safety, insurance and first aid. Be truthful, how many yards to you know that follow proper biosecurity and isolation protocols? If the last year has taught us anything as horse owners, it’s just how important these measures really are in preventing the spread of disease! So, we’re going to be taking a look at how we can keep our horses safe against a whole host of infectious nasties like strangles, flue and EHV-1. Is your horse a walking vet bill? Let’s face it, most of them are! So, we’re also going to be exploring everyday first aid and the importance of having appropriate insurance cover.

31st July to 13th August – Horse Health

As equestrians, we may not always agree. However one thing’s for sure, we all want our horses to be happy and healthy! During the fourth phase of BETA’s Summer of Safety we’re going to be looking at horse husbandry and the preventative measures we can take to keep our four legged friends in tip top condition. This will include parasite control, dentistry, vaccinations, farriery and the very latest in therapy products.

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

14th August to 27th August – Road Safety

When we’re reflecting on road safety it’s important to think about why accidents occur. It can be easy to pin blame and point fingers. But the truth is, both riders and drivers must play their part to make hacking safer, one can’t be effective without the other! So, for the fifth phase of BETA’s Summer of Safety we’ll be looking at best practices, safe riding, hi-vis, ride tracking and reporting accidents.

28th August to 11th September – Feed Room Safety

It may have been a while, but think back to the last time you ate out at a restaurant. Would you still have eaten the food if they had a terrible hygiene rating? Food safety protocols have been put into place to keep us safe, avoiding contamination and preventing us getting ill. Really, it shouldn’t be any different for our horses! So, during the sixth phase of BETA’s Summer of Safety we’re going to be looking at feed room management, vermin control and BETA NOPS/EGUS approved brands.

A Summer Of Safety - BETA

So, now you know what’s coming up! For free resources, advice, articles and information about all of the topics listed above and many more, keep an eye on our blog and social media pages. To get involved, share your stories and follow the latest updates use #BSOS21 on Facebook and Instagram.

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