Equilibrium Simplyboost – Give your horse a boost!

Here at Naylors we are proud to introduce the latest nutritional range from Equilibrium… Simplyboost and Simplysunshine.


Simplyboost has been designed as an addition to your horse’s daily feeding regime when extra support is needed. Simplyboost is a range of liquid supplements that are packed with the relevant vitamins and minerals to help give your horse the boost he/she needs. Simplyboost can be easily added to your horse’s daily food, added to a handful of treats (like Simply Irresistible) or simply squirted onto a forage block (like Vitamunch) and the natural mint flavour makes them palatable to most horses.

Simplyboost Recovery

simplyboost recovery product shotSimplyboost Recovery is ideal for horses in hard work as it offers a targeted boost of Vitamin E which is great for supporting muscle recovery after exercise.

Simplyboost Recovery is also good for veteran horses as it can help muscles deal with wear and tear, for mares and stallions ahead of the breeding season, to support health of horses after a period of hard work and also prior to a stressful event eg travelling or weaning.


How does Vitamin E work? Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that is essential for maintaining healthy and proper functioning of tissues. Vitamin E helps to ensure working muscles, the immune system and reproductive tissue are in full working order.


Simplyboost Resilience

simplyboost resilience product shotSimplyboost Resilience is ideal for horses that need an immunity boost. Simplyboost Resilience offers a targeted boost of Vitamin C making it ideal for use at times when your horse’s immunity could be at risk or compromised eg moving to a new yard or exposing to a new environment.

Simplyboost Resilience can help support your horse’s immune system when kept in confined conditions eg travelling, when access to fresh grass is restricted, when confined to the stable for long periods in winter or when on box rest, when exposed to new horses or environments and when away from home competing.


How does Vitamin C work? Vitamin C is an important part of a horse’s diet. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect cells and keep them healthy as well as providing essential support to the immune system. Vitamin C is present in fresh green forages but is low in most dried feed so a supplement boost is sometimes needed to help your horse cope at time of increased stress or at times when the immunity could be compromised. Vitamin C helps horses adapt and deal with increased amounts of stress eg immune challenges, intense effort, extreme temperatures etc.


Simplyboost Energy

simplyboost energy product shotSimplyboost Energy is ideal for horses in need of an energy boost or simply a “pick me up”. Simplyboost Energy offers a targeted boost of Vitamin B12 which helps to support the production of energy in the body.

Simplyboost Energy is great for horses and ponies that need to maintain high levels of energy when in hard work, when competing or for horses that feel particularly fatigued after a hard work out session. Simplyboost Energy is perfect for use after an event eg competing, travelling to help aid recovery and get your horse’s energy levels back up.  Simplyboost Energy can also be used as a general pick me up when your horse is tired, lethargic or off his food.


How does Vitamin B12 work? Vitamin B12 is essential in maintaining healthy blood cells and  a healthy nervous system and it also ensures that maximum value is gained from food. Horses cannot make their own B12 and so must rely on either the internal fermentation process in the hind gut which produces B12 or additional supplements.


simplysunshine LR-edited

A little added sunshine

We all need a little sunshine in our lives… why not treat your horse to some too. Equilibrium Simplysunshine is a broad spectrum vitamin supplement to give extra radiance and shine all year round. Simplysunshine gives your horse all the goodness of summer pasture without the unwanted energy and sugar. Simplysunshine is an excellent way to provide your horse with any vitamins and nutrients he may be missing.

What does Simplysunshine contain?

Simplysunshine contains a broad spectrum of vitamins including:

  • Beta Carotene – this fabulous vitamin is abundant in fresh grass but is lacking in hay, haylage and feeds. Beta Carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps enhance the immune system and is beneficial to reproduction.
  • Vitamins A, C and E – these are essential to support cell health and immunity
  • Vitamin D – needed for healthy bones and skin. A Vitamin D supplement is essential for stabled horses with limited access to the outdoors, as they often cannot make enough of their own Vitamin D. Did you know it takes between 5-8 hours of sun exposure for a horse to produce and maintain sufficient levels of Vitamin D?
  • B Vitamins, including Biotin and B12 – B Vitamins are needed for good metabolic health, Biotin promotes good hoof health and B12 helps with energy.
  • Yeast Probiotic – to support digestive health. The live probiotic included in Simplysunshine helps to support the change from grazing to hay/haylage and keep the gut healthy and stabilised.

Sunshine and PelletsDoes my horse need Simpysunshine?

Simplyshine is ideal for horses whose access to grazing is limited, if your horse is stabled for prolonged periods of time, if your horse is on a restricted diet and may be missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients, if your horse is prone to loosing condition and also if access to sunlight is inhibited by rugs, stabling or poor weather. Simplysunshine comes in a pelleted form making it ideal for adding to feeds or simply feeding directly from the hand and is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Tried and Tested

DSC_2912 - CopyI was lucky enough to get to trial the new Equilibrium Simplysunshine on my TB gelding Wabs. I’m lucky as Wabs has always had a shiny coat and is a relatively good doer for a TB, but over the winter months I had noticed his coat was starting to become scurfy and dull and he had developed some scabby lumps on his shoulders, he just didn’t seem to be in tip top condition.

After reading about Simplysunshine I hoped this might give him the boost he needed and also help his skin to get back to its usual condition. After a few weeks I began to notice a difference as his skin wasn’t as scurfy and the scabs seemed to be clearing. After about 4 weeks I had numerous people on my yard comment on how shiny he was, particularly when riding under the floodlights in the arena.

Wabs’ coat has never looked so shiny and glossy and it’s thanks to Simplysunshine! I added the pellets to his normal feed and he loves them! I will continue to feed Simplysunshine as the results are fantastic!

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