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Protect your horse this summer with one of our fly rugs

Summer is the perfect time of year to let your horse fully enjoy spending time out in the fresh air. One thing that can disrupt a happy horse’s turnout is biting insects! So we’ve pulled together a selection of fly rugs and turnout accessories which are sure to keep your horse happy and protected this summer.


Fly Rugs

Fly rugs are specially designed to act as a barrier from pesky flies and bugs that bite your horse. Bites can cause discomfort to your horse and lead to scratching and sweet itch. Sweet itch makes your horse want to bite, rub and scratch at their skin. In some cases it is so uncomfortable that the horse won’t tolerate having tack on and so ridden work can be an issue. Fly rugs are perfect for summer as they offer a very lightweight layer of protection to ensure your horse stays cool when the temperature rises.  Here’s our guide to some of the products available this season:

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 600D/Mesh Fly Rug

Fly Rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 600D/Mesh Fly Rug

This ComFiTec fly rug comes in at £79.99 (RRP). It has a tough 600 denier ripstop waterproof upper with a mesh lower half. This means your horse stays protected from showers while allowing airflow, so your horse stays cool and comfortable. It includes Ezi-clip closures and traditional side gullets. The belly wrap helps keep the whole body protected from flies and bugs, not just the top half.

Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Rug

Fly Rugs - shires sweet itch combo

This option would cost you £71.99 (RRP). It offers almost full coverage for complete protection with its full neck & covered poll, belly flap and large tail flap. The level of cover this rug offers can really help protect against sweet itch. It is shaped at the chest and rear for comfort and a good fit.

Horseware Amigo® XL Bug Rug

Fly Rugs - Horseware Amigo XL Bug Rug

This £74.95 (RRP) rug is designed for the larger horse. It comes in sizes 5’9 up to 7’0. The shape is cut to comfortably fit a horse of a larger build as it has a deeper neck fit. The fabric is a knitted polyester that is soft, breathable and also reflects the sun. This features the Horseware patented design around the legs to offer full movement while staying secure. A great bonus is that it offers UV protection to protect the coat and skin on sunny days.

Horseware Amigo® Bug Buster Vamoose

Fly Rugs - Horseware Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose

Costing £94.95 (RRP), this fly rug is also made from knitted polyester but the bonus here is that it is treated with Vamoose technology. This means that it has anti-insect properties thanks to naturally occurring chemicals so this rug not only shields your horse from insects but actually repels them too. The Vamoose technology is bound to the fabric and so doesn’t wear off, it even withstands up to 20 washes! Like the Bug Rug, this rug reflects sunlight and protects from UV rays. Of course, it also features the patented leg arches from Horseware for ultimate freedom. It has three surcingles for full security and belly coverage too.

Horseware Rambo® Petite Sweet Hoody

Fly Rugs - Horseware Rambo Petite Hoody

Horseware’s petite range caters for those with small & miniature ponies. This example costs just £79.95 (RRP) but still features a durable 1000 denier outer. It has a smooth lining at the shoulders, mane, neck, and tail to prevent rubbing in the areas where sweet itch is most common. The patented leg arches & V-front closure means your pony can be completely comfy whether running around or stood grazing. They’ll also be safe from UV rays as this rug protects from the sun’s rays too.


There are many other gadgets and accessories to consider alongside your rugs when turning out. You may want to  consider a fly mask for extra protection from flies on the sensitive areas of the face. You may also need to consider a grazing muzzle if your horse is on a diet, to restrict their grass intake. A good fly repellent is always a great thing to have in the grooming kit too, so be sure to get stocked up before Summer hits. Here’s a handful of turnout accessories available:

Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle Black

Fly Rugs - shires deluxe comfort grazing muzzle

Costing £22.99  (RRP), this grazing muzzle is designed for comfort. It has a padded headpiece, throat straps and wool around the muzzle to avoids rubs. The field safe fastenings and D ring for leading make it practical and easy to use. The horse gets restricted access to the grass through the hole in the rubber base, while the nylon web bars allow full air flow for easy breathing.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow Mask

Fly Rugs - weatherbeeta comfitech airflow mask

This ComFiTec Airflow mask from Weatherbeeta is a soft but durable mesh mask costing £13.99 (RRP). It has an adjustable touch tape fastening, so you can fit it perfectly to your horses head. You won’t have to worry about pesky bites around your horse’s eyes and ears anymore.

This £40 (RRP) mask is treated with Vamoose insect control technology, a natural yet powerful fly repellent. The mask itself is made from a textilene outer that’s really strong, while the ears are made from a soft polyester and the edges are a soft fleece. This mask also offers UV protection from the sun, so is perfect for horses with a sensitive face especially with the detachable muzzle section to cover the nose.

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and Nose Extension Zebra

Fly Rugs - Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and Nose Extension Zebra

This one is for those of you who watched the film Racing Stripes back in the day and are desperate to own a zebra but simply can’t manage that (this has an RRP of just £17.99)! In all seriousness though, this is a very practical fly mask as the nose extension offers great coverage. This is perfect for added protection of the sensitive skin round the nose. It has ergonomic shaping and fleece padding on all the seams to make it extra comfy. The zebra print also acts as a deterrent for the flies.


We have only scratched the surface of our range of fantastic fly rugs and turnout accessories but you can find all of these products plus many more both online and in-store.

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