Christmas Gifts For Your Horse

Gifts For Your Horse This Christmas

Christmas is all about showing your loved ones how much they mean to you… and that should include our beloved horse’s too. Has your four-legged-friend been good this year? Treat them to a horse gift from our carefully curated Gift Giving Guide for Horses below!

Horse Toys

From boredom breakers to back-scratchers, keep your pony entertained with our wide variety of Horse Toys and Novelty gifts to show them your love this season!

The Equine Scratcher  RRP £17.99 – does your horse love a good scratch? The gift that keeps on giving… all day long scratches even when you’re not there! Shop here >>

Likit Boredom Breaker RRP £27.50 – The Boredom Breaker has been designed to be hung in the stable away from the walls and is ideal for relieving stress and boredom. Keep your horse busy and occupied for hours! Shop here >>

ProStable Hayball Large Holes  RRP £49.99 – the Hayball helps delay the time it takes your horse to graze throughout the day, which helps keep them occupied and entertained for those cold and wet days when they’re stuck in their stable. Shop here >>

Horsemen’s Pride Inc Jolly Ball Peppermint Scented RRP £29.99 – made from highly durable rubber, the jollyball features a peppermint scent to entice your horse to keep playing with it all day long – making it the ultimate stable boredom breaker! Shop here >>

Red Gorilla® Drip Feed Treat Ball  RRP £15.99 – Proven to relieve stress, anxiety and boredom, the Red Gorilla® Drip Feed Treat Ball is designed for both field and stable. Add they’re favourite tasty treat inside to keep them busy in their stable this season! Shop here >>

Tasty Treats!

Forget early morning, endless mucking-out and hours of your day being dedicated to your horse. Want to know the real way to your horse’s heart? TREATS. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Treat your horse this Christmas and really show them how much you love them…

NAF Minty Treats RRP £3.99 – A delicious treat perfect for rewarding your horse whilst maintaining a fresh breathe. Formulated from high quality ingredients these healthy Minty Treats can be used daily as a training aid or to simply show your horse some love and appreciation. Shop here >>

Horslyx Mint 5kg RRP £17.75 – the treat that keeps on treating… the Horlyx 5kg Refill offers endless of hours lick-time; keeping your horse occupied whilst breaking the boredom. Shop here >>

NAF Himalayan Salt Lick RRP £5.00 – The Himalayan Salt Lick can be hung in the stable or in the field to provide the purest form of salt and a form of boredom breaker without any unnatural flavourings that may encourage greediness. Shop here >>

SPILLERS Meadow® Herb with Glucosamine Treats RRP £3.85 – a handy treat for praising your horse, whilst training or simply showing them your love! Shop here >>

Equilibrium Crunchits RRP £4.50 – Equilibrium Crunchits are made with delicious fruit and vegetables, making this a healthy and tasty treat for your pony. Low in calories, sugar, and alfalfa and mollasses free, Equilibrium Crunchits are perfect for all horses, including those prone to laminitis. Shop here >>

Grooming Sets

Grooming your horse is a great way of showing your love to your horse. Why not treat them to some new grooming goodies this season!

Roma Cylinder Grooming Kit 9 Piece RRP £13.49 – upgrade your entire grooming kit with the Roma Cylinder Grooming kit! Everything you’ll need to give your horse a well-deserved pampering. Shop here >>

Horseware® Rambo® Newmarket Grooming Kit RRP £43.95 – this 7 piece grooming kit and grooming bag will make grooming your horse more efficient and easy. Simply grab your bag and give your horse the ultimate groom. Shop here >>

Matchy-Matchy Sets

Could your horse’s wardrobe do with a little sprucing? Gift your horse a stunning matching set this season. Keep them comfortable and looking their best so even their stable-neighbours are envious!

LeMieux Ink Blue – forget feeling blue… treat your horse to the stunning deep blue set from LeMieux – from leg boots, saddle pads, headcollars and even attire for you to match too! Shop here >>

PS of Sweden Wine – think burgundy would look good on your horse? Of course it would! A colour that is bound to suit any horse! Shop here >>

Woof Wear Vision Rose Gold – look a vision this season with the ultimate matching rose gold set. Shop here >>

Weatherbeeta Otter Collection – we’re otterly-obsessed, are you?! Travel in style with the matching Otter rug, travel boots and haybag to stand out at the show-ground all year round. Shop here >>

Headcollar and Leadropes

Your horse can never have too many headcollars! Treat them this Christmas to a snazzy new headcollar.

LeMieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar and Leadrope Mink Mocha RRP £21.95 – Keep your horse comfortable and stylish in the LeMieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar and Leadrope. Shop here >>

Shires Blenheim Leather Polo Headcollar RRP £45.99 – This smart headcollar is made from waxy, conker brown leather, and features polo style stitching. The headcollar has a double ended adjustable headpiece, adjustable noseband, clip-on throatlatch and quality brass fittings. Shop here >>

Shires Fleece Lined Headcollar  RRP £11.50 – The Shires Fleece Lined Headcollar is a luxurious headcollar perfect for preventing rubbing and sores. Shop here >>

Eskadron Heritage Glossy Doublepin Headcollar RRP £29.95 – Lead your horse with elegance with the Eskadron Heritage Glossy Doublepin Headcollar. Shop here >>

We hope this gave you some great ideas on what to gift your horse this Christmas! Whatever it is you’ve chosen, we are confident they’re love it! What are you eyeing up? We’d love to know…

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