Gizapaw Hack-CAM and Tabard

The Gizapaw Hack-CAM and reflective wear promotes the idea of safety through both warning and recording and has been designed to encourage motorists to drive safely around horses.

The hi-viz tabards and tail sleeve are ideal for hacking and will ensure you are seen whatever the weather. The tabard is available with 2 different slogans, “Smile You’re On Camera” and “Please Pass Wide & Slow, Thank You” to encourage motorists to drive slowly and more carefully, the reflective strips allow for excellent visibility even in the dark.

The Gizapaw tabards and tail sleeves feature a micro camera that allows you to record when riding. The camera easily attaches to the tail sleeve and either the front or back of the tabard allowing for continual recording when riding.

Gizapaw Hi Viz Tabard & Camera Yellow (2)

The Birth of Hack-CAM

The Hack-CAM was invented by David Daly in response to the increased number of road traffics accidents and incidents involving horse riders on today’s roads. The Hack-CAM hi-viz tabards and tail sleeves act as a deterrent to discourteous drivers and help to encourage safer driving around horses on the roads. David Daly aimed to invent a camera that produced quality footage yet did not break the bank; he achieved this with Hack-CAM. Hack-CAM is one of the cheapest cameras available on the market, is extremely lightweight and provides quality footage that allows riders to capture drivers actions and registration/license plate number in the event of an incident.

Hack-CAM hi-vis tabards and tail sleeves have been trialed by 12 riding schools in the Staffordshire area and have received high praise. Many riders commented that they felt safer wearing the hi-vis and camera and that drivers were much more courteous around them. The hi-viz was even effective without the camera as the camera warning signs alerted drivers more than plain hi-viz items.

The “Smile You’re On Camera” slogan and the camera warning triangle is exclusive to Gizapaw and David Daly feels the combination of the hi-viz, the camera warning triangle and the camera is what makes the Gizapaw range so effective. Gizapaw offers a choice between the two different slogans but the camera warning triangle is featured on all Gizapaw tabards and tails sleeves.

How it works

The Gizapaw Hack-CAM fits easily on to the tabard and tail sleeve or can be attached to the head/arm strap or other items of clothing with the crocodile clip. The Hack-CAM features a rechargable lithium battery that is easily recharged with the USB cable provided. The camera offers approximately 1 hour 10 minutes worth of filming time which can be viewed on a laptop or computer via the SD card adaptor.

The Hack-CAM is a useful piece of equipment that allows horse riders to record when out hacking and can provide useful evidence in the event of an incident or accident. As the Hack-CAM is so lightweight and easily fixed to clothing it can also be used to record fun rides and activities with your friends and can provide some brillaint action videos of the fun you have with your horse.


The Technical Bit

The Hack-CAM is a brilliant little camera that allows you to film continuously whilst riding. The camera has the following features and specifications:

  • 1.3M pixel colour CMOS
  • 60 degree view angle
  • Battery capacity of 1.5 hours
  • Consumption current 120mA/3.7V (max)
  • Operation temperature -10 to 50 degree celecius
  • Requires Micro SD Card (TF Card) – 8GB memory card included
  • USB 2.0
  • Weight 19g approx
  • Dimension 55 x 20 x 20mm approx
  • Operation system Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista, Mac OS10.4 and Linux
  • Video function: Video decode use motion JPEG, recording for AVI format (720×480 at 30 frame/s)

The Gizapaw Hack-CAM is an economical piece of kit that could help towards tackling the problem of the increasing number of road accidents and incidents involving horse riders. What are your thoughts on the Hack-CAM? Do you think it could be a useful tool for hackers?

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      The Gizapaw Hack-CAM would be unable to be used with a power pack whilst in us. The camera can be charged prior to being used.

      I hope this information helps and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 01706 507 555.

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