Hi Vis Clothing Could Save Your Life

Stay Safe In Hi Vis Clothing

It is really important to wear Hi Vis clothing whenever you ride out on roads or bridle-paths no matter the time of day or the season. If you are wearing Hi Vis clothing you’re giving drivers 3 seconds extra reaction time. That three seconds can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing or stopping potential damage. You are effectively giving the driver an extra 40m of stopping distance if they are travelling at 30mph, that’s the entire length of a standard riding arena!


Why Do I Need Hi Vis?

We feel the image to the right speaks a thousand words. Being visible from a greater distance can really help to prevent darkhorsecomparepotentially dangerous situations. You can be more visible to vehicles not just along the road but they may be able to spot you over or through hedges. This means they are prepared to meet a horse as they head round bends. They will be able to slow down, avoid revving their engine or even stop to allow you to pass.


You are also more visible from above. This is something many of us never think of, but if you ride near a flight path, your horse may spook at the sound of helicopters and other aircraft flying over them. The Ministry of Defence did some research into how easy it is for helicopter pilots to spot horse riders on the ground. The results showed that they could see someone wearing Hi Vis around half a mile sooner than someone without. This allowed the pilots time to adjust their flight to avoid heading directly over the horse and rider.


It’s not just vehicles you are more visible to when wearing Hi Vis. Other riders as well as dog owners and walkers will also spot you sooner and be prepared to pass you safely. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident while riding out, wearing Hi Vis can make you more noticeable to passersby, anyone you can call to come and assist you, or even the emergency services if needs be.



What Are The Safety Standards?

It’s important that your Hi Vis clothing is not just brightly colouredDSC_0900 but actually reflects light. If you buy Hi Vis that reaches the standard of BSEN1150 or EN1150 you know that it will have been well tested. This means that you should be visible in all light conditions and weather types. To pass these tests the products have a combination of fluorescent material and reflective material. It is important to check for standards in case you find yourself in a traffic accident and need to claim from an insurance company. Some may reduce or invalidate your claim if you were not wearing articles that are up to a certain standard. Handy life tip: always read the full terms and conditions of any insurance policy you take out so that you are aware of little nuggets like this.



What Do I Need?

Ideally you’d wear as much Hi Vis equipment as possible in order to to be as visible as possible. Don’t forget that Hi Vis isn’t just for you, there is plenty of horse equipment available too! Take a look below at some of your options.

Products For You:

Hi Vis Clothing Equisafety Adults Winter Aspey JacketEquisafety Adults Winter Aspey Jacket

Available in Orange, Yellow, and Pink. £89.99 RRP

Hi Vis Clothing Equisafety Air Waistcoat Equisafety Air Waistcoat

Available in Yellow, and Pink. £29.99 RRP

Hi Vis clothing Equisafety Flashing LED Hat Band PinkEquisafety Flashing LED Hat Band Pink

£16.99 RRP

Hi Vis clothing Equisafety LED Attachment PinkEquisafety LED Attachment Pink

£6.99 RRP

Hi Vis clothing HY5 Adults Reflective Softshell Gloves YellowHY5 Adults Reflective Softshell Gloves Yellow

£16.99 RRP





It’s a good idea to wear Hi Vis gloves. You should avoid wearing dark gloves when riding out as these can be harder for people to spot when you are giving hand signals.



If you’re not a fan of wearing bright colours it is possible to still be seen! There are options in greys, silvers, and even black that will reflect light well but they simply can’t reach the safety standards mentioned above because they lack fluorescent colours. That doesn’t mean they won’t help you to be seen as they will still reflect headlights and streetlights. Have a look at some examples below.

Hi Vis Clothing Horseware® Unisex Corrib Jacket Reflective GreyHorseware® Unisex Corrib Jacket Reflective Grey

£63.95 RRP

Hi Vis Clothing Harry Hall Hi Viz Ladies Reflective Breeches BlackHarry Hall Hi Viz Ladies Reflective Breeches Black

£42.99 RRP

Hi Vis clothing Horze Supreme Dark Reflective Hat Cover BlackHorze Supreme Dark Reflective Hat Cover Black

£8.99 RRP





Products For Your Horse:

There is loads of fantastic kit for your horse too! There’s everything from exercise sheets, boots, neck bands and more. Take a look below at some of the options.

Hi Vis clothing Horseware® Amigo® Reflective Competition Sheet YellowHorseware® Amigo® Reflective Competition Sheet Yellow

£59 RRP


Hi Vis clothing Equisafety Leg BootEquisafety Leg Boots

Available in Orange, Yellow, and Pink. £11.99 RRP

Hi Vis Clothing Equisafety Flashing LED Tail Guard Equisafety Flashing LED Tail Guard Orange

£21.99 RRP

Hi Vis clothing Equisafety Reflective Neck Band Equisafety Reflective Neck Band

Available in Orange and Pink. £17.99 RRP

hi vis clothing Roma Reflective Bridle Kit Roma Reflective Bridle Kit

Available in Yellow and Pink. £13.50 RRP

£8.99 RRP





We all know that riding is a high risk sport so surely we should all try our best to stay as safe as possible. Wearing Hi Vis clothing is one simple way in which we can do so. There really is something for everyone’s style and so there really is no excuse. You can browse our whole range of safety products both online and in-store.

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