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Our Top Horse Christmas Gifts Ideas

5 Horse Christmas Gifts You Need To Buy Your Equine Friend This Year

Our horses are well and truly part of our families. So this year show them how much they mean to you with a present over the festive period. In this blog we’re going to give you five ideas of how you can share Christmas joy with your horse this year. Don’t worry, when buying your horse Christmas gifts you don’t have to break the bank! We’ve picked out a range of potential gifts to suit a range of budgets. So let’s take a look…


A Cosy New Rug

Horse Christmas Gifts - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic 300g Heavyweight Combo Turnout Rug Red/Silver/NavyGive your horse the gift of warmth this Christmas. Maybe their old rugs are looking a bit worse for wear these days or you’ve just had your eye on a new colour or print? We’ve picked out this brilliant WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic 300g Heavyweight Combo Turnout Rug in a very festive red colour. The 300g fill is perfect for cold winter weather. There are so many options from turnouts to stable rugs and fleeces to exercise sheets. Why not use the button below to find your horse’s perfect rug.


Stable Toys

Horse Christmas Gifts - Tubtrugs® Drip Feed Treat Ball RedIf your horse spends time stabled over winter you could buy him something to keep him entertained. There are lots of options of fun toys and treats including Likits, Hayballs and treat balls. These can be both fun for your horse and also a handy way of giving them a treat or even for slowing down how fast they eat. We’ve picked out this Tubtrugs® Drip Feed Treat Ball. It’s a great way to make your horse work for a treat and also banish boredom. As they move the ball around it will drop treats for your horse to hoover up.


A New Set Of Brushes

Horse Christmas Gifts - Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit 6 Piece Watermelon/BlueKeep your horse feeling clean and fresh this festive period and beyond with some new brushes. You could opt for a new soft brush for their face, a massage mitt or curry comb to really help them relax or a new comb to keep their mane looking perfect. If your brushes are looking worn and dirty then you could always buy a full set with everything included like this Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit that comes with 6 different brushes and the carry bag too.


Horse Treats

Horse Christmas Gifts - Lincoln Christmas Horse BixHorse treats make for great cheap horse Christmas gifts. Horse’s always appreciate something tasty so you know they’ll go down well. Does you horse already have a favourite treat? Or will you buy them something new to try. We love this festive version of the popular Lincoln Horse Bix treats and not just for the 99p price tag per 150g bag! They come foil wrapped for extra freshness and are naturally flavoured.


Christmas Accessories

Horse Christmas Gifts -Horze Christmas Horse Hat Red & Horze Christmas Headcollar RedIt’s time to get really festive with your horse Christmas gifts! This fantastic set from Horze will have your horse really looking the part this festive season. They have a Santa hat for your horse, a matching one to fit over your riding hat, some very festive leg bands for your horse and a matching headcollar too. These are perfect for heading out on Christmas hacks or for fun Christmas shows.



Of course there are so many choices of horse Christmas gifts that we couldn’t look at them all. You might opt for a tasty or fun treat or simply get them something they need such as replacing old tack or new hay nets. Whatever you choose we’re sure your horse will really appreciate the gift! If you still haven’t come up with the perfect gift idea why not use the button below to shop our entire horse Christmas gifts page online.


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