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How wonderful is it when our children want to start horse-riding? Have such a keen interest in the world of horses or are simply following in their parents footsteps?

Your child may be about to have their first horse-riding lesson, are looking after somebody else’s horse, or you have succumbed and purchased them their own pony (lucky them!). There are many benefits and reasons why horse-riding is such a fantastic thing for children.

Whatever it may be that has kicked-started your child’s interest in horses, it’s important they begin with the correct horse riding gear! If your child is already an expert with horses, you may find your missing a few essentials, or they have outgrown their previous riding-gear. We have provided you with our recommended horse riding essentials below. So, start the year off right with the ultimate horse riding gear for your child!

Protect Their Head With A Riding Hat

Riding Clothes hatStaying safe, having fun and learning new skills are what we believe in when it comes to horse-riding, especially for children!

So before you send them on their way into the big-wide-horsey-world, keep their little heads protected with a riding hat. Whether your child is in the stable, leading a horse or in the saddle, wearing a riding hat is the best way to keep your little one safe! If your child is starting horse-riding lessons at a riding centre, riding hats will typically be provided for your child. The instructor or assistant should also ensure they find the right-fit hat for your child beforehand (so keep an eye out to check they do!).

If your child has been learning to ride for a while, they have their own horse or help out with you at the yard, we suggest getting them their own hat! This way you can ensure the hat is in the best-condition, at-hand when needed and is professionally fitted to your child’s head. Whether you own your own riding hat or borrowing a hat from a facility; it’s importance to consider the fit and safety standards regularly.

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You can also see our size guide for the most accurate fit for you Here.

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Kick-Start Their Riding With Riding Boots

Shires Childs Long Rubber Riding Boots BlackA fundamental part of riding a horse is footwear! The main two types of boots are ‘Long Boots’ and ‘Short Boots’. Long boots will usually sit a few inches below the knee whilst short boots will sit on or just above their ankles. If your after long boots or short boots for your child, there are many different types of quality, styles and fit.

Horse riding boots are key when it comes to protecting your child’s legs, feet and ankles and they also provide great support and positing when riding. There are a variation of price points within riding boots; that could be due to the brand, quality, longevity and practicality of the riding boots. Here at Naylors we have a wide mix of different types of boots, so you’ll sure find something perfect for your child!

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Stock Up On Plenty of Tee’s and Polo’s!

Horseware® Kids Baselayer Petrol BlueWhen it comes to kitting-out your child’s riding gear, this may be at the bottom of your essentials, but having tee’s and polo’s means they won’t have to get their everyday clothes muddy! Sooner or later you’ll realise why it’s such a good idea to stock-up on horse-riding tops and polos – (trust us!)

Whatever their personality and style; we have an abundance of styles, fit, colours and designs. So you can find well suited tee’s and polo’s perfect for your special little one. Whether they’re into sharks, unicorns, stripes, colour, graphic, dinosaurs… we have just the tops for your child.

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Keep Them Safe With a Body Protector

KarbenChilds Body Protector BlackAlthough there are no rules when it comes to children riding in body protectors, we highly suggest investing in one to protect your child – especially if they are just starting off. If your child is resilient – fantastic! – but for those kids that are a little nervous when it comes to riding, body protectors are a great way to give them a confidence boost.

When a child wears a body protector, they usually feel more safe in the saddle (a safety blanket feel)! Some riding centres may provide body protectors for both children and adults, although this is all dependant on the riding centre you visit! Before your child’s lesson, give your riding centre a call to ask beforehand.  If not, we have a great selection of children’s body protectors Here. (Ps. they are always a great thing to have whether your child is riding novice or a riding-pro!)

Here at Naylors we offer an array of different types of body protectors; whether that’s the brand, style, quality and durability. It’s important to choose the right body protector that fits correctly, is comfortable and optimises their safety.

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You can also see our size guide for the most accurate fit for you Here.

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All the Gear, All The Idea… Riding Jodhpurs and Breeches

Shires Maids Saddlehugger Jodhpurs CanaryA riding essential are joddy’s (aka jodhpurs) or breeches. Usually constructed with a flexible and breathable material, riding pants provide excellent movement, comfort and support when riding! Horse riding can sometimes be uncomfortable without the correct horse riding gear, so ensure your child stays comfortable in and out the saddle in some great jodhpurs or breeches.

Typically designed with inside-leg panels to help protect your child’s legs from rubbing on the saddle and a hidden zip and clasp around the waist to keep them in place and secure. Whatever your child’s personality and taste, they’ll be sure to find a style that they’ll love here at Naylors. Whether they want plain white or black, bright pink, stars or multi-colours – they’ll love what we have to offer!

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Be Seen, Be Safe With Children’s Hi-Vis

Horseware® Kids Corrib Jacket Reflective GreySafety first. Keeping your child safe around horse’s should be your first and foremost priority. Reflective clothing and accessories are a great way to keep your child visible at all times. This may be whilst at the stables, at an equestrian event or whilst riding.

We recommend your child wearing some sort of reflective riding gear whenever they are around horse’s. It is especially important it is worn in the dark and winter months. You can never be too safe when it comes to your child’s safety. Even on those lighter days, wearing hi-vis can still be very beneficial! Whether that’s a reflective logo, a hi-vis jacket, hi-vis gloves or flashing LED vests; there are plenty of options to choose from perfect for everyday use.

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Keep Their Hands Protected With Some Riding Gloves

Roeckl® Kids Roeck-Grip Riding Gloves MochaGloves are a horse riding gear must-have for any child rider! No matter their ability and experience, riding with gloves ensure their hands stay warm and protected. Allow your child to remain in control with gloves that provide great grip.

Here at Naylors offer all types of colours and styles of gloves, so your child can keep it basic or have some with their choice of gloves!  Although wearing gloves aren’t a horse riding rule, they are a great way to help improve your child’s riding and safety.

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The Extra Essentials! Whips, Jodhpur Clips, Socks, Hat Silks, Chaps & Luggage

Shires Animal Hat Cover

Now your child has all the riding gear essentials, perhaps these are a few extra bits and bobs your child needs to ride their best and look their best!

Grab your little one’s those extra riding necessities. Choose from riding crops, half chaps, jodhpurs clips, socks, hat silks and luggage. Browse through the rest of our children’s horse riding categories for those final extras.

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Now your child has been kitted out with the ultimate horse riding gear it’s time for them to have fun and learn something new!

Whether your child is starting out in the world of horse-riding or is already an expert. these items are something worth filling their wardrobe with ahead of the new year! Let us know what your child’s horse riding gear consists off and what you’ll be grabbing now ahead of the new year!


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