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Horseware RugsIn 1985, the horse rug industry was changed forever by Tom and Carol Macguiness, who created Horseware Products Ltd. Tom’s determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the Rambo Original – the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout rug that really worked.

In the 21st century Horseware Ireland now as a company are well known for designing and making a variety of rugs, which cater for horses of all shapes and sizes. Horseware’s key policy of ‘innovation not imitation’ means you can guarantee that Horseware rugs are unique and up to date with the latest technologies when it comes to keeping your horse warm, dry and comfortable.

The Ranges

There are four main individual collections of Horseware rugs which are: Rambo®, Rhino, Amigo® and Mio.


The Rambo® Collection is the original range first produced by Horseware. By designing this particular rug, Horseware have been able to assess and improve the rugs which have led to the development of the other collections available from Horseware. The Rambo® rugs offer breathability, waterproofing, secure surcingles and V front closures to all the turnout rugs where durability is of the upmost importance.


The Rhino Collection is the toughest and strongest turnout rug Horseware has to offer. The Rhino collection features barrier technology with three core principles:

Toughness on the outside – The tough polypropylene outer shell is 50% to 100% stronger than the coated polyester used on in the majority of turnout rugs so you have a rug that is light but strong.

Waterproof Barrier Technology in the middle – The Aqua-Trans™ coating is applied to the barrier layer. Even if the outer fabric is damaged, the inner waterproof and breathable barrier remains intact.

Comfort on the inside – Underneath the barrier fabric is the insulation, a thermo bonded fibre fill which will trap warm air around your horse to keep him warm.


The Amigo® Collection sits in the middle range of Horseware’s offering and enables owners to provide optimum protection for their horse without breaking the bank. The Amigo® Collection consists of medium weight and heavy weight rugs with standard, combo or detachable hoods. The Amigo® rugs are breathable, waterproof and are part of the range offering the V front closure system and liner system.

Horseware Rugs - Horseware Mio RugMio

The Mio Collection makes up the basic end of the Horseware rug range, which means that if you’re looking for an affordable, simple, yet smart and effective rug, the Mio collection is for you. There has been no compromise on quality of the rugs in the Mio range which still offers breathable, waterproof and comfortable rugs for your horse whether it’s a stable or turnout rug that you need.


Vari-Layer™ System

Horseware has now introduced the new Vari-Layer™ system. The Vari-Layer™ system has been created after research has shown that in a standard rug, 80% of heat loss is concentrated in 40% of surface area.

This realisation led to the introduction of the Vari-Layer™ system into the Horseware rugs range. The layering of compression resistant fibre to targeted areas can increase thermal values by 30% and reduce weight by 20%.

The Vari-Layer™ increases fibre coverage across the back and hips to decrease heat loss. This layering of fibre allows the rug to wrap more closely around the horse, trapping heat with less weight in the overall rug. The effect of gravity compression on the rug fill is lessened and the rug stays fuller for longer.

Liner System

The Horseware liner can be attached to most Horseware rugs. The liner attaches via a Velcro loop attachment around the neck which clips on to the back corner of the outer rug and prevents the liner from slipping. The rug liner is a simple system, which helps to give your rug superior insulation properties without needing two separate rugs and can be easily washed at home in a domestic washing machine.

Buy Horseware Rugs

You can buy Horseware rugs from the extensive range available at Naylors Equestrian, both in store and online.

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