Horseware Turnout Trade-In At Naylors

Get £50 Off A New Rambo Rug With The Horseware Turnout Trade-In

Horseware’s Rambo rugs are renowned for their quality and strength. Naylors are pleased to be taking part in a special promotion that can see you get £50 one of these rugs and help horses in need too. The Horseware Turnout Trade-In means that if you come and trade in any old turnout rug of yours at one of our stores you can have £50 off a new Rambo turnout rug.


What Is The Horseware Turnout Trade-In?

Horseware Turnout Trade-In - Horseware® Rambo® Bundle Duo 100G and 300G Heavy Weight Detach-A-Neck Turnout Rug Navy/Beige/RedAs mentioned, this scheme involves you trading in an old turnout rug to receive a discount on a new one. The rug you trade in will then be sent off to a horse charity for them to use on one of their resident horses. The rug you trade-in obviously has to be in a usable state. This means it needs to be clean, free of rips and tears and with working fastenings. Donating a rug can really help to reduce the running costs for the equestrian charities around the country as many have to source rugs for a large number of horses. The rug you trade-in can be any make, model and size so it doesn’t have to be from Horseware.


When you take part in the Turnout Trade-In you’ll receive £50 off any Horseware Rambo turnout rug that we have in stock. What’s even better about this offer is that you will receive £50 off the current selling price and not the RRP so you could actually be saving even more! Have a read of how to get involved below.


How Do I Take Part In The Horseware Turnout Trade-In?

First of all you will need to visit and select “Get Your Voucher Now” or click the button below. You will then be asked to fill in some details about yourself and the rug you’re trading.


Once you have submitted your details, you will be shown a code on screen. You can print this off straight away but you will also receive an email version.


Horseware Turnout Trade-In - Horseware® Rambo® Supreme 420g Heavyweight Detach-A-Neck Turnout Rug Black/GoldYou then need to bring the code along with the rug you would like to trade to one of our stores. Take these to the tills where a member of staff will check that the rug is in a suitable condition.


If so, they will run a quick check to make sure the code is valid and if so they will be able to discount £50 off the new Rambo turnout rug you would like. You do have to choose one that we stock as we cannot offer the discount on rugs we have to order in.


Once you’ve got your new rug, be sure to share a picture with us of your horse putting it to good use! You can do this by tagging @NaylorsOnline on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


So the big question is, which Rambo turnout rug will you choose? Have a browse of our range below or come along and visit one of our stores.


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