Look what's new: Therapy-Tec Rugs!

Look what’s new: Therapy-Tec Rugs!

Therapy-Tec: cosy, warming and packed full of technology!

Therapy-Tec Rug Technology

WeatherBeeta have pulled yet another fantastic product out of their sleeve: Therapy-Tec.

Therapy-Tec is a new innovative product to hit the market by WeatherBeeta. This universal technology can be used by horses and dogs alike. So what do the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Rugs have in store for your beloved animals – well lets find out.

The Ins and Outs

WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Dog Rug

The Therapy-Tec Rug is a super cosy fleece rug and is complete with a super soft inner. For both horses and dogs – everyone can benefit from this fabulous technology.

The fleece like material can help to wick away moisture but the Therapy-Tec Rug has more to offer. The Therapy-Tec Rug has a multitude of positive attributes which will make a fine addition to your pets wardrobe.

The rug can be used on any coat type. Clipped to an unclipped horse or dogs with long or short coats can use it. As long as the rug comes into contact with the coat or skin – the Therapy-Tec Rugs will work its magic.

The rug can be used before and after exercise or for use on a cold day! The Therapy-Tec Rug can be worn up to 12 hours a day however gradual introductions are recommended . The rug can be worn up to 30 minutes to 1 hour on the first go. Time can be increased slowly to allow the body to adjust to the therapeutic effects.

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So lets have a look at the technology involved.

Ceramic Fabric Technology:

Therapy-Tec: Ceramic Fabric Technology

The Therapy-Tec rugs have a unique technology embedded into the fabric. Ceramic powder has been blended into the lining to create a warming therapeutic effect.

Ceramic Fabric is a powerful thermal insulator, perfect for locking in the warmth and redirecting heat with very little loss. This technology has even been used in space shuttles to insulate and reflect radiation.

The ceramic powder helps reflect body heat back onto the animal to warm them up and improve circulation. The powder has been specially designed to not wash out and will last for as long as the rug itself. The rug can be easily popped into the washing machine at 30ºC. However, it is best to read the instructions to get the best out of your products.

Increased Circulation:

Therapy-Tec: Increased Circulation

Due to the warming effect, the Therapy-Tec Rug will help to increase the flow of circulation within the body. With this, comes a range of beneficial properties to help your four legged friends.

The Therapy-Tec is perfect to use before exercise or after a workout. This is because the rug helps to increase the amount of oxygen being supplied to the tissues and vital organs.

Increasing the blood circulation, the rug helps to improve muscle function to recovery. Improved circulation also has smaller effects from healthier skin to the internal organs. This allows the body to help fight of infections and reduce problems associated with poor circulation.

Muscle Function:

Therapy-Tec: Muscle Function

Once again, the increased blood flow can also improve the function of the muscles. This is due to the rich supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues.

This can help to warm up the animals muscles before a workout. It can also help to build and repair muscles after exercise. This will help to prevent the build up of lactic acid and ease any strains and pains that may occur.


Therapy-Tec: Recovery

With extra blood flow comes recovery. Blood is known for carrying oxygen, white blood cells and nutrients – all of which are the building blocks of recovery. This rug makes it ideal for use after exercise to help repair and relax the muscles after a good workout. However, it is also beneficial for smaller ailments such as stiffness, muscle soreness, pain relief from conditions such as arthritis. The Therapy-Tec rug can also help to encourage the animals natural immune system to fight back against inflammation.

The Therapy-Tec Rug also helps to reduce the build up of lactic acid. This is done by providing oxygen to the muscles where it is needed.

The Therapy-Tec is a versatile rug whether you’re wanting a rug to use before or after exercise.

What do you think of WeatherBeeta’s new Therapy range? You can learn more about them by checking out our website or head down to one of our stores where you’ll find lots more of our WeatherBeeta range.

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