Our Visit To Manchester Dogs Home

Naylors Staff Visit Manchester Dogs Home To Drop Off A Donation

Here at the Naylors head office we try to raise money for charity throughout the year. Our staff get involved making donations through raffles and fancy dress days and then pick charities to donate to. Our latest donation has gone to Manchester Dogs Home, a cause close to our hearts. A lot of our staff are dog owners or at least dog lovers. Two of our team went along to Manchester Dogs Home drop off the donation.


The donation consisted of lots of dog food, 144 tins to be exact! The home can hold a large number of dogs at a time and of course they all need plenty to eat so they get through vast amounts of food each week. We also donated lots of treats, some toys for the dogs to play with and some bowls they can use for either food or water.


Manchester Dogs Home are only funded by donations and fundraising events. They are always really grateful to volunteers who help to exercise the dogs. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating or organising a fundraiser click below for more details.


Zeta at Manchester Dogs Home


The team at Manchester Dogs Home are very friendly and approachable and showed us around and brought some of the dogs out to meet us. First we met Zeta who is one of their longest standing dogs. She is a very friendly American Bulldog who loves chasing hosepipes. The team think she’s struggling to find a home due to her size, she is quite big!


Max at Manchester Dogs Home


We then met Max, a 10 month old who has actually come from the streets of Romania. In Romania they have a big problem with stray dogs and so Manchester Dogs Home work alongside another charity to bring some dogs over to the UK in order to find them a home.



If you’re interested in finding out more about Zeta or Max or you’d like to take a look at the other dogs that are now ready for re-homing click below.

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