Masta Climatemasta Rug

Here at Naylors we are excited to introduce to everyone the Masta Climatemasta Rug.

With over 30 years’ experience in making horse rugs Mastas rugs are designed to perform and last, with rugs to suit all horses. From turnout to stable rugs, travel rugs to fly rugs, high end materials, innovative design and functional styling combine to deliver the best horse rugs Masta has ever offered. The Masta range is innovative and diverse with many new designs and concepts to make rugging up quick, easy and secure.

Whatever the requirements of the modern day horse owner, Masta continues to offer one of the most extensive ranges of horse rugs in the world.


What is the Climatemasta Rug?

CV_MA4771P_MU16As the ever changing climate becomes more extreme in the UK this new rug is here to save the day! The Climatemasta is the perfect addition to every horse owners ever growing collection of horse rugs giving you the ability to adapt to any weather condition using the integrated liner system. The rug eradicates the need to purchase different weight rugs for their horses without losing the quality and features that you would expect from one of the country’s leading rug manufacturers. From a light chill to cold winter conditions the Climatemasta can be altered to suit any weather condition by simply adding or removing the inner liner.

What is it like?

Climatemasta is available in a 100g Fixed neck turnout and stable rug. The rug features a1200 denier rip stop waterproof & breathable outer fabric with 100g fill and an Anti-Rub lining which promotes a clean & shiny coat.
Masta’s trade mark One Click fastening is a unique system which ensures the liner is fully secured into the outer rug with the additional benefit of no extra fastenings, and once fitted the rug can be used as one complete piece, for faster rugging up.
The Climatemasta offers an ergonomic neck design which stays close to the horse’s neck whilst grazing, ensuring the horse is protected from the sidewards wind & rain and prevents heat loss.
Shoulder gussets give an enhanced fit, freedom of movement & prevents shoulder rub and the tail loop on the tail flap ensures maximum protect from harsher conditions; i.e. wind and rain.
The Masta Climatemasta rug is available in Black/Grey, Burgundy/Navy Sizes 5’9 – 7’6

What is the Climatemasta Liner?

The Masta Climatemasta Rug Liners are sold separately and are available in100 gram, 200 gram and 300gram fill for use in conjunction with the Climatemasta rug range. The Liners  fit into the rug quickly as one complete piece.

What does it do?

CV_MA4776H_BKThe Climatemasta Liner is made from channel quilted polyester fabric and features a waterproof dripstrip, shoulder gusset, super soft webbing and anti-rub polyester. The Rug Liner offers a fixed neck for added protection and comfort for the horse. To give the horse owner piece of mind that the liner is fitted correctly the rug features a red indicator line to help ensure the liner is in the correct place and stretch panel inserts work with the rugs ergonomic neck design and add comfort.
The Liners assist in the health and well being of the horse due to being fully machine washable promoting cleanliness of the coat and skin.

Both the Turnout Rug and Liners are AVAILABLE NOW! Click here to take a look at the Climatemasta collection.

2 thoughts on “Masta Climatemasta Rug”

  1. I’m looking for a neck cover for a 5’9” climatemasta turnout rug. Or do you have a different brand which will fit the rug?

    1. Hi Niki,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, we are no longer stocking Masta rugs. At the moment, we haven’t got any neck covers in stock so we wouldn’t be able to offer an alternative which is suitable. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused and wish you the best of luck finding this item.
      Kinds Regards

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