Mountain Horse Riding Boots – Spring 2016

  New Styles For Spring – Introducing The Mountain Horse Riding Boots Range

As riding boot styles change Mountain Horse go above and beyond adding more and more technology to ensure rider comfort and stability.  We take a closer look at both the technology and new styles available this Spring.

The Technology


Gel Tech Technology –  featured in the heel and sole of the boots to reduce fatigue in your feet, knees and back whilst walking. When riding the Gel Tech helps to relieve stress on the riders joints and ligaments in the knees.

MST Advanced™ –  this steel shank has a wider design to increase torsion support in the boot and allow ultimate shock absorption through the Gel Tech system.

Shock X™ Advanced – is a layered insole system that features a moisture wicking top layer, PORON® Cushioning core layer and different elevation levels to disperse weight, which overall increases comfort and shock absorption.

PORON®4000 – is an impact absorbing material often found in jogging shoes that has ventilating and anti-bacterial properties.

Impact Protection System™ – consists of a double-layered EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) cushion built into the heel to provide shock absorption.

Stirrup Control System™ – This system helps to keep your foot in the correct position in the stirrup due to the rubber reinforcements on the outside of the shoe and the cross-grain pattern on the underside of the sole.

SCS3 –  is a system of grooves built into the sole of the boots and the stirrup tread. When these grooves meet they prevent the foot from slipping forward in the stirrup but still allow the rider to pull their foot out backwards.


New Styles To Naylors


Mountain Horse Supreme High Rider

Supreme High Rider Brown laydown F-14The Mountain Horse Supreme High Rider are perfect for professionals, regular competitors or everyday riders who want to benefit from the close contact and fantastic feel of these boots. The Supreme riding boots feature elastic lacing at the instep, allowing boots to flex with the ankle when walking or riding.  The Supreme High Rider boots are designed for riding or teaching, providing comfort and cushioning with gel technology and stability for the foot with Mountain Horse’s MST steel shank.

Also available in black.


Mountain Horse Venezia High Rider

Venezia 2014
The Mountain Horse Venezia High Rider features prolaze flexnotchX™ technology which makes it far easier for your foot to sit in the correct heels down position. The Venezia also offers foot support, comfort and an integrated tempered steel shank for improved stability while riding and walking.


Mountain Horse Regency High Rider

Regency Black S14Photo FrameThe Mountain Horse Regency High Rider is a hard-wearing elegant leather boot.
These boots have a smooth, low friction satin lining and soft knee zone™ technology for added comfort.  A full length protective guard along the back zipper protects your saddle. A ShockX™ cushion foot bed is  built in to a 850º steel shank for improved stability while riding. The High Rider Boot features a well-balanced slim profiled Regency outsole specially engineered for riding and a non dirt collecting, ripple tread for improved contact with the stirrup.
Also available in brown.


Mountain Horse Stable Jodhpur Boot

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The Mountain Horse Stable Jodhpur Boot is a comfortable full grain leather riding boot that has a variety of useful features.
These boots offer a breathable and moisture-absorbent tailbrelle™ lining. Other features include a stirrup control system™, a built in 850º steel shank for improved stability, round stitched durable outsole and a shock absorbing system in the heel to reduce the impact when walking.


Mountain Horse Harmony Collection

The Mountain Horse Harmony Collection is their most beautiful collection of boots so far. Made from premium selected leather and incorporating stunning details in the canvas, each boot is unique in style.

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider

Sovereign Black S-15The Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider are part of the Harmony collection. These stylish tall boots are made from hard wearing, premium selected leather that gives a beautiful shine, making them perfect for competition wear.

The Sovereign High Rider Boots feature ShockX™ technology in the footbed  for improved stability whilst riding and walking.  The High Density™ outsole provides excellent grip and durability with ripple zones for increased performance. The Sovereign High Rider Boots also feature unique technology which makes it easier for your foot to sit in the correct “heels down” position.

If the dress boot is more your style take a look at the Mountain Horse Opus High Rider.


If any of the boots featured above take your fancy, these can be seen in store or online along with the rest of our Mountain Horse Footwear Collection.

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