Musto. A must for any outdoor enthusiast

Musto engineers technical clothing for the outdoors that works with you allowing you to perform at your best. Musto has over 50 years of engineering experience and is the world’s leader in offshore sailing and a British leader in shooting and equestrian sportswear.

Musto test all their products and fabrics to the extreme in the world’s most hostile environments and in their labs, so you know that you can depend on Musto.

Musto performs so you can too.

Musto Testing

All Musto fabrics are tested and rated for waterproofness after a minimum of 5 wash cycles. These tests ensure that the garments are storm proof even after they have been worn and washed several times.

The Hydrostatic Waterhead Test

The hydrostatic waterhead test helps to determine how waterproof a garment is. A long tube is placed over a stretched section of fabric and then filled with water until water begins to leak through over a 24 hour period. The height of the water column is the hydrostatic waterhead measurement (mm). The higher the measurement the more waterproof the garment is.

The industry minimum for a waterproof garment is 1500mm.

Musto Kempton Jacket and BR1 Fabric

Musto Ladies Kempton Jacket Vivid PinkThe Musto Kempton BR1 Jacket is a fantastic jacket designed to endure all the elements whilst ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. The Kempton Jacket allows you to get on with your daily equestrian routine without hindrance, no matter what the weather throws at you!

The ergonomic side paneling, the rear vents and the 2 way front zipper allow for maximum flexibility both in and out of the saddle. The Kempton Jacket is durable and practical and the flattering feminine fit ensures you look great at all times! A must for any equestrian wardrobe.

The Kempton Jacket is 100% waterproof in persistent downpours thanks to the BR1 technology.

BR1 Technology

BR1_Triangle_EPSBR1 is a durable hydrophilic fabric that has been tested to the extreme and offers a completely waterproof outer in persistent downpours. BR1 has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish that allows water to bead and run off the surface. The BR1 fabric has a hydrostatic waterhead rating of 5,000-10,000mm.

BR1 also offers exceptional breathability meaning you can stay dry and comfortable at all times. The fabric “breathes” by absorbing moisture from the warm humidity zone and chemically driving it outwards and away from the body. BR1 has a breathability rating of 5000g/24hrs which means that 5000g of moisture can pass through the garment in 24 hours in a controlled environment.

BR1 also has fully taped seams and is windproof and lightweight, making it the perfect item to wear in the unpredictable British weather.

Musto Training Jacket and BR2 Fabric

Musto Ladies Training Jacket KingfisherThe Musto Training Jacket is an exceptional jacket that has been designed with the equestrian athlete in mind.  The Training Jacket offers a soft and flexible 4 way stretch outer that will not restrict you whether you’re riding, mucking out or simply spending time with your horse.

The Training Jacket offers a comfortable yet lightweight fleece lining for optimum comfort, a peaked hood that can be rolled away, zipped pockets, Velcro adjustable cuffs for close fit and a scooped hem with a drawstring allowing you to draw the hem in for added warmth on those colder days. The Training Jacket is practical and the sporty fit of the Training Jacket ensures you look smart and stylish at all times.

The Training Jacket is 100% waterproof in torrential rain thanks to the BR2 technology.

BR2 Technology

BR2_Triangle_EPSBR2 is a waterproof fabric that offers complete protection in torrential rain over a prolonged period of time. BR2 is an innovative 2 layer Nylon microporous coated fabric with a polyester mesh lining. BR2 fabric has a hydrostatic waterhead measurement of 10,000-15,000mm.

BR2 also offers exceptional breathability meaning you can stay dry and comfortable at all times. The fabric “breathes” by allowing moisture from the warm humidity zone around the body to escape through the microscopic holes which are too small for water to penetrate. BR2 has a breathability rating of 7000g/24hrs which means that 7000g of moisture can pass through the garment in 24 hours in a controlled environment.

BR2 also has fully taped seams and is windproof and lightweight making it the perfect item to wear in the unpredictable British weather, no matter how bad the storm gets.

Musto Yard Jacket and Oil Coated Canvas

Musto Ladies Yard Jacket Dark StoneThe Musto Yard Jacket is a tough and durable jacket designed to withstand the everyday activities on a stable yard. The Yard Jacket is ideal for wearing around the yard and the longer length, the waterproof drop liner, the high collar and the removable hood means you are fully protected from the weather and can get on with the task at hand.

The Oiled canvas outer moulds to your shape as you wear it making it exceptionally comfortable. The Yard Jacket offers a drawstring at the waist for a flattering fit, a heavy check cotton lining, large bellow pockets with hand warmer pockets and rear vents for comfort and flexibility in the saddle.

The Oiled Canvas outer is naturally water repellent and offers many benefits over the more commonly known waxed cotton outer.

Oil Coated Cotton Canvas

Musto favour oil coated canvas over wax coated for a variety of reasons. An oil coated canvas is hard wearing and naturally water resistant, making it ideal for use on equestrian and country jackets that are subjected to tough use. Oil fabric has previously been used in motorbike clothing as it is so durable.

Oil coated canvas does not stain, does not absorb water which can make clothing heavy and cold against the skin, and oil coated canvas does not smell once wet.

Is Musto a must for you?

Musto offer a fantastic range of clothing for both equestrian and country wear. Clearly a huge amount of research and testing goes into Musto technology making it the brand we know and love. Shop the Musto range at Naylors

What are your favourite Musto pieces? Why do you love it?

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