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It’s no secret that diet can have a massive impact on our health. From the amount of food we eat to the content of our meals and the time at which we consume them, it all matters! If we’re suffering from dry skin, brittle hair or even tiredness, it’s not unusual to address our minor concerns by taking supplements. Whether it’s to fill in any gaps in our nutrient intake or to introduce ingredients which may help with the problem we’re faced with, we’ve all done it at some time or another. While we often think of this as an option for ourselves, we don’t always consider how it could help our pets. But it’s certainly worth giving it a second thought! Here we’re going to be taking a look at the Natural VetCare dog supplement range from NAF.

Meet The Brand – Natural VetCare

Passionate about animals and their nutrition, NAF are respected and trusted throughout the horsey world. They’re even the supplier to the British Equestrian Teams. They’re perhaps best known for creating high quality products for horses. But these aren’t the only members of our fur families NAF are helping! Formulated by vets, the Natural VetCare range consists of a whole host of dietary supplements for cats and dogs. Helping them to feel good, each coveted recipe contains a unique blend of targeted nutrients you won’t find anywhere else!

Meet The Brand - Natural VetCare

Natural VetCare Supplements

Natural VetCare Dog'Skin
Natural VetCare Dog'Skin Supplement

Ever had an itch you just couldn’t scratch? We all know it’s not a nice feeling. Imagine you had this all day, everyday and you couldn’t tell anyone about it… Natural VetCare Dog’Skin has been specifically formulated by vets to target skin irritation and coat health. More than just a blend of oils, it incorporates a range of fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants. Getting right to the root of the problem, it also addresses digestive health and immunity, not just what’s happening on the outside!

“I personally recommend this formula for all the dogs I see with skin irritations and I am totally confident your dog will feel a benefit for taking Dog’Skin daily.”

Dr. Nicholas Larkins BVSc DSc MRCVS

Take a look at how it works;

Skin Barrier

Omega 3 and 6 oils and sea algae extract have been added to help restore the skins natural protection. This defends against allergens and pathogens found within your dogs environment, reducing irritation and preventing discomfort.

Skin, Coat & Nails

The formula contains a brord spectrum of vitamins and minerals such as Biotin and Zinc. These can help provide all the building blocks your dog needs for healthy coat, skin and nails. It also promotes growth and repair, reversing the signs of damage.


Over recent years we’ve all been bombarded by the term antioxidants. While this can seem like jargon, they’re actually pretty important. Antioxidants prevent oxidation. This is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, a key factor in inflammation. Dog’Skin+ contains added natural antioxidants like Chlorella and Fenugreek. These neutralise the toxins associated with allergies, reducing discomfort.

Natural VetCare Ageility

As much as we wish it wouldn’t, aging creeps up on us all… Even our four legged friends aren’t immune! But you know what they say, we’re only as old as we feel. Have you got a senior dog? Whether they’re lagging on their walks, struggling to get up and down or avoiding stairs, there may be something that can help. Helping them to feel like a pup again, Natural VetCare Ageility is perfect for maintaining activity and supporting general health and wellbeing.

 Natural VetCare Ageility Supplement

“Ageility targets not only the onset of stiffness in older dogs but also helps to support the brain as your dog shows signs of ageing, such as not wanting to play or go for a walk. By targeting both joint health and alertness of mind, Ageility provides total support for your older dog, giving him back the desire and the ability to live his life to the full for longer. I am totally confident your dog will feel a benefit for taking Ageility daily.”

Dr. Nicholas Larkins BVSc DSc MRCVS

Take a look at how it works;

Easing Stiffness

With aging often comes stiffness. Designed to help manage and ease this, Ageility combines Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to improve joint health. Natural antioxidants such as omega 3 have also been added, supporting the bodies anti-inflammatory processes to keep your dog comfortable.

The Heart

There’s a good chance while you’ve been out and about you’ll have seen Hawthorn berries in the hedgerows. More than just pretty, these can help to maintain a healthy heart. Keep an eye out for symptoms such as coughing, breathlessness, lethargy and collapsing. These could be signs of heart disease, common amongst older dogs. Always speak to your vet if you’re concerned.

The Brain

Just like ours, your dogs brain can start to slow down a little as they get older. Created to support not only the body but the mind too, Ageility contains ingredients like Ginseng and L-carnitine to aid cognitive function.


Ever heard of the Immortality Herb? Native to the mountainous regions of Asia, it’s often added to tea to promote a long and healthy life! Like the name suggests, it’s believed to have powerful anti-aging properties. Combined with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support their liver and immune system, it’s thought to promote longevity.

Natural VetCare Mobility Dog Joint Supplement
Natural VetCare Mobility Dog Joint Supplement

It’s not just older dogs that can become stiff and sore. A hard days work can take it’s toll on the best of us! Whether they’re a gun dog, sheep dog or just enjoy nice long walks, ensure they can do it comfortably with Natural VetCare Mobility Dog Joint Supplement. This is a veterinary strength formulation, designed to support the joints of stiff dogs and those with a very active lifestyle.

“Mobility contains unrivalled levels of the targeted joint support nutrients known as GAG’s. It is the way that these beneficial ingredients are uniquely combined, and how they are blended with the other essential nutrients and active molecules in this veterinary strength formula, that makes it so special. The high level of support to the joint structure and function that Mobility provides is exceptional, and clearly sets it apart from other nutritional supplements.”

Dr. Nicholas Larkins BVSc DSc MRCVS

Take a look at how it works;

Joint Health

Natural VetCare Mobility uses a proven combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Omega 3. This nourishes the joint cartilage and fluid to aid in mobility and suppleness.

Anti-inflammatory Support

The carefully crafted recipe contains numerous antioxidant ingredients, like Omega 3. This reduces inflammation, which generally goes hand in hand with joint discomfort and stiffness.

Digestion & Immunity

Working dogs need to be strong and healthy. That’s why Natural VetCare Mobility contains added Artichoke, thought to aid fitness and help the absorption of key nutrients!

Recovery & Cognitive Function

Mobility contains a combination of active ingredients like vitamin B6. These can aid muscle recovery and brain function to keep your dog focused and alert.

Feeding Guidance

There’s no need to hide NAF Natural VetCare supplements. So, don’t go digging out the peanut butter or cheese! Palatable and easy to feed, they can be added to their meals or given as a treat.

When feeding Natural VetCare Skin+ or Ageility a 150g bag will last most dogs 60 days, take a look…

*Natural VetCare Feeding Guidance

Mobility is available as a pellet or liquid

  • A 150g tub will last most dogs 60 days.
  • A 500ml bottle will last approximately 50 days.
*Natural VetCare Feeding Guidance

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the comments or give our customer service team a call on 01706 507555. You can shop our full range of products at or why not visit one of our stores

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