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Meet Our Latest Collegiate Bridles Now In Stock

Come and take a look at two of our newest arrivals. These stunning Collegiate bridles are sure to make both you and your horse happy. They are built for comfort with their ergonomic designs and soft padding. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been designed to look great too. Both of the Collegiate bridles highlighted below look fantastic whether you’re schooling at home or out at an important competition. The question is, which one will you pick?



Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Flash Bridle

This smart bridle is so versatile as it can be used for a range of New Collegiate Bridles - Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Flash Bridledisciplines. It is smart enough for competition as it looks beautiful in the dressage arena but can also work for jumping too. It is also comfortable and durable enough for every day use. Your horse will be more than happy to wear this for day to day schooling or hacks out. The flash will help to prevent them opening their mouth which can help to stop your horse from evading the bit or getting their tongue over it .

It has an attractive thick noseband, a style that is really popular in the dressage sphere. Meanwhile, the slightly curved thinner browband gives this bridle a touch of elegance. The ergonomically shaped headpiece helps to keep you horse comfortable and prevent uneven pressure behind the ears. The noseband is also specially designed to go thinner in width where it meets the cheek pieces in order to avoid pressure against the cheek bones. The noseband, browband and headpiece are all padded for ultimate comfort. This bridle is made from the finest European leather with polished stainless steel fittings to complete the look. It also comes with a set of rubber reins included. £119.99 RRP




Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Weymouth Bridle 

This bridle is perfect for dressage. Whether you school in it at home New Collegiate Bridles - Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Weymouth Bridleor use it out at competitions you’re sure to love it. You can use a double bridle for Dressage competitions from Elementary level upwards and of course you’ll want to be training in one too so that your horse is used to it. This could also be a great option if you want to school your show horse in a weymouth/bridoon combo like they would be using in the ring but you want something a bit more flashy than a plain flat cavesson. This one will certainly have them feeling comfortable every time they wear it.

It has a soft padding on the headpiece that is ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort. The noseband and browband are also padded and shaped for comfort. The noseband avoids going over the protruding cheek bones by narrowing where it crosses the cheek pieces. This helps to prevent unwanted pressure and rubs on the face. The throat latch is adjustable from both sides which allows you to find the perfect fit. Once again, collegiate have hunted down the very best quality European leather to use in this bridle. You can feel the quality and, if well cared for, this bridle is sure to last.  It comes with plain reins. £149.99 RRP


We’re sure you’ll agree that both of these bridles are beautiful. Have a browse of the rest of our Collegiate bridles as well as our bridle accessories and martingales & breastplates. You can buy our range of tack either in-store or online.

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