New and Exclusive Dublin Mersey Boots

Alongside the arrival of the new Autumn/Winter collections at Naylors we are pleased to welcome the Dublin Mersey Boots which are exclusive to Naylors.

Are the Dublin Mersey Boots similar to the Dublin River Boots?

The Mersey boots have the same features as the extremely popular Dublin River Boots. These stylish boots feature a two-tone full grain leather outer with lace adjustment to the side.


HBR logoThe boots feature the HBR waterproof and breathable membrane which is seam sealed for maximum protection from the elements. It has a high abrasion lining which is designed for maximum comfort and microporous membrane which keeps water out whilst maintaining breathability. The Moisture Management System which is part of the HBR membrane has been created to wick away moisture and control perspiration.


RCS_Footbed_CountryBootOther great features include the Rider Comfort System footbed. The footbed has a sweat control lining. The top layer of the triple density footbed wicks away moisture which helps to regulate the temperature of the feet to ensure they remain dry and comfortable. The boots have an enhanced cushion layer which offers a middle foam layer of the footbed which provides enhanced cushioning across the entire foot making them great for wearing all day long and whilst riding. The Mersey Boots have a padded heel cushion which is positioned where the heel sits in the boot and this provides impact absorbing support where you need it most.  They also have cupped heel and arch support. This support means the bottom layer of the triple density footbed is multi-functional. It helps to reduce odour due to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal material. The insole also creates a memory to custom shape the heel and arch to provide optimum support for your feet. The boots benefit from the high quality Italian steel shank board which improves the functionality of the boots and ensures durability alongside comfort.


These great boots are suitable for everyday wear whether that means walking, wearing whilst out and about or for riding they really are just as versatile as the Dublin River Boots and the Positive Traction Grip sole offers a great amount of stability on uneven surfaces.

If you like the look and sound of these boots why not pop down to our Superstore to try them on or order them online.

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Caring for your Dublin Boots

Whether you wear your boots everyday or save them for special occasions its important to take good care of them to keep them in good condition so that they last longer and are more comfortable to wear. To protect and care for your leather boots Dublin Recommend 5 steps:

1. Clean – wipe your boots with a damp cloth after each use to remove dust, dirt or any liquids they may have been exposed to whilst being worn.

2. Dry – once cleaned always leave your boots to dry naturally away from direct heat

3. Condition – use a sponge and apply a leather conditioner to soften and moisturise your boots. After a few minutes the leather will have absorbed what it can, and you can wipe any remaining conditioner off.

4. Polish – Use a beeswax or boot polish (check the colour is right first) and rub into the boots with a soft cloth and leave to dry thoroughly. Once dry, buff shine.

5. Weatherproof – use a weatherproofing spray to help protect against future dirt and water stains.

Remember to always test products in a hidden area to ensure that it is suitable prior to treating the whole boot as some cleaners can alter the appearance of the boots.


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