NEW IN | Equetech's Innovate New Therapy Breeches!

NEW IN | Equetech’s Innovative New Therapy Breeches!

Prepared to be mind-blown? Lo and behold, the first advanced Therapy Breeches by Equetech (£105.50).

Equetech’s new Therapy Breeches have been designed to offer everything you could possibly want from a pair of breeches. Whatever your discipline or experience, these will be a must-have for every equestrian this year!

These advance technology breeches are carefully constructed with hidden magnetic technology to help prevent injuries, encourage healing and improve physical and mental well-being.

But What Are The True Benefits of Magnetic Therapy?

Equetech Therapy Breeches

Magnetic Therapy is believed to have incredibly positive effects for the human body and is now backed by the NHS. It is seen as a more holistic and natural way of healing and improving the body.

  • Helps heal damaged tissue and reduce swelling

  • Increases mood-boosting, feel-good endorphins and reduces stress

  • Improves mobility, flexibility and reduces aching and stiffness and backache

  • Known to promote calmness, relaxation and improve sleep quality

  • In some cases can help with arthritis, aches and pains

We all know somebody or have experienced some sort of repercussion from riding; whether that’s soreness, stiffness, stress or backache ourselves. Although horse riding can have tremendously positive effects on our health, you may experience discomfort, ache’s and soreness when riding. Well… the new Therapy Breeches might just be your saving grace for riding!

What else the Therapy Breeches offer:

Equetech Therapy Breeches

Not only are these new breeches incredible for your mind and body, but they also offer elements to keep you looking and feeling your best too!

  • A figure-hugging, high-waist fit for a flattering outline

  • Careful positioning of seams for comfort and practicality

  • Hidden waistband support to lift, slim and shape your lower body

  • A stretch Alos™ suede seat with jean-style pockets, belt loops, zip fly and stud front fastening with Lycra panel to hem.

Ideal for everyday wear or for those more high-endurance riding sessions; eventing, clinics/lessons, show-jumping or farm-rides/trails. So, what are you waiting for? Look after your mind and body in the new innovative Equetech Therapy Breeches!

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