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WeatherBeeta Leopard Collection

It’s no secret that new season WeatherBeeta styles and colours are always a cause for celebration! But if we’re honest, we were pretty sure that coming up with something more exciting than otter rugs and rainbow Ombre matchy matchy was basically impossible. We’re happy to inform you… We were wrong! Say hello to the Leopard Print Collection!

WeatherBeeta Leopard Print

WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Brown
WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Pink
WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Turquoise

Saddle Pads

Prime Leaopard Saddle Pads

WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard All Purpose Saddle Pad

WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Dressage Saddle Pad

WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Jump Saddle Pad

RRP £44.50 £39.99

More than just a pretty colourway they’ve got a whole host of fantastic features too! Crafted for comfort WeatherBeeta Prime Saddle Pads feature a high wither design, which provides extra space to avoid pinching and pressure over your horses withers. Suitable for even the most straining sessions, the breathable mesh spine and wick easy lining help to keep your horse cool and dry. There’s nothing worse than pads that slip, right? To avoid this annoying occurrence, these feature D-ring and girth straps for stability. Durable and long lasting, the outer surface of the pad is made using a hard wearing cotton and with covered girth patches to prevent frayed edges.

WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard All Purpose Saddle Pad Brown


WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Jump Saddle Pad Pink


WeatherBeeta Prime Leopard Dressage Saddle Pad Turquoise



WeatherBeeta Leopard Headcollar

RRP £26.99 £24.50

Stand out in style! Satisfy your matchy matchy craving and treat your four legged friend to a Prime Leopard Headcollar. Fashionable and functional, they’re manufactured using a hard wearing, durable nylon material with metal fittings. Easily adaptable to suit your horse, the head piece and noseband can be adjusted and the trigger clip throat lash unfastens for easier application.

WeatherBeeta Leopard Headcollar Natural


WeatherBeeta Leopard Headcollar Pink


WeatherBeeta Leopard Headcollar Turquoise



WeatherBeeta Leopard Fleece Bandages

RRP£24.99 £22.50

We’re loving leopard legwear! Pretty and protective, WeatherBeeta Leopard Fleece Bandages are the perfect addition to your collection. Thoughtfully designed, they feature a wide, touch tape closure for ease of use and additional security. Manufactured using quality anti-pilling polyester fleece, they maintain their shape and colour to keep them looking brand new use after use. 3.5m in length, they offer a great fit for most horses. Set of 4, re-usable carry bag included.

WeatherBeeta Leopard Fleece Bandages Brown


WeatherBeeta Leopard Fleece Bandages Pink


WeatherBeeta Leopard Fleece Bandages Turquoise


Brushing Boots

Prime Leopard boot

WeatherBeeta Leopard Brushing Boots

RRP £39.99 £35.99

Boot up! Keep your horses lower leg safe in style with a pair of WeatherBeeta Leopard Brushing Boots, combining a cushioned and comfortable lining with tough, protective strike pads. Designed to prevent twisting and slipping, they feature wide, strong touch tape closures for added peace of mind.

WeatherBeeta Leopard Brushing Boots Brown


WeatherBeeta Leopard Brushing Boots Pink


WeatherBeeta Leopard Brushing Boots Turquoise


Fly Veil

WeatherBeeta Prime Luxe Leopard Fly Veil

RRP £22.99 £20.99

All ears? Here’s what you need to know about WeatherBeeta Prime Luxe Leopard Fly Veils! The perfect accessory this fly season, they’re a must! Features include high density cotton drill ears for noise reduction, a classic crochet cross stitch headpiece, matchy-matchy leopard print binding and attachment loops either side for security.

Prime Luxe Leopard Fly Veil Brown
Prime Luxe Leopard Fly Veil Pink
Prime Luxe Leopard Fly Veil Turquoise

Will we be spotting your horse in Leopard Print? You can shop all of the products featured in this blog at or visit one of our stores in RochdaleCannock or Nantwich.

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