Whitaker Saddles New To Naylors

Meet Our New Whitaker Saddles

Whitaker Saddles New In At Naylors

Whitaker Saddles - Whitaker Overton Jump Saddle BlackDo you want to be able to ride like a Whitaker? We may not be able to promise that, but here at Naylors we now have a selection of fantastic Whitaker saddles to help you ride in style. Our Whitaker saddles not only look fantastic, they are designed to be comfortable for you and your horse. They all feature an interchangeable gullet system to allow you to adjust the fit to suit your horse which we’ll look at closer in this blog. If while reading you want to take a closer look at one of the saddles, simply click the image to see more.


The Interchangeable Gullet System:

WHitaker Saddles - Whitaker Saddle Fit Gullet Bar GaugeThe fantastic thing about our Whitaker saddles is the opportunity to adjust their width thanks to the Whitaker interchangeable gullet system. Horses often change shape whether this is due to age, build up or loss of muscle or simply changes in weight based on the seasons. This can lead to a saddle that once fitted perfectly actually not being a suitable fit at another time in the year. With the Whitaker saddle fitting gauge (pictured right) you can measure your horse to see which size gullet will fit your them best. You may decide to use this as a precaution every few months or you may want to break it out if you notice any visible changes to your horse’s condition.


Our Whitaker saddles come fitted with the medium width gullet bar. We do also have other sizes of gullet available to buy should you need to adjust them. The gullet bars are designed to be quick and easy to change out using the allen key that comes free with your saddle. So now let’s meet the range…

For Showjumpers:

Whitaker Saddles - Whitaker Overton Jump Saddle Black

The Whitaker Overton Jump Saddle is perfect if you and your horse love to jump. This is thanks to its forward cut design and padded knee rolls that will help you to stay comfortable and secure in a jumping position. The Overton saddle features a memory foam core. This helps the saddle to form around your horse’s shape for extra comfort and to reduce pressure spots. The saddle is finished with beautiful white detailing and a stylish stitched design to complement its high quality leather seat. Meanwhile, the under panels are synthetic to make this saddle easy to look after.


The Overton Jump Saddle is priced at £854 RRP.



Whitaker Saddles - Whitaker Bedale GP Jump Saddle Black


The Whitaker Bedale GP Jump Saddle is perfect if you love to jump but is also ideal for other activities such as flatwork schooling or hacking. It still has quite a forward cut shape and adjustable knee and thigh blocks to help you find your perfect jumping position. The Bedale is made with a soft and comfortable leather outer with a synthetic under panel for durability and easy maintenance. This saddle also features additional point straps to help keep the saddle in place which is particularly important when jumping. This saddle is also finished with some stylish white stitching and white binding around the seat.


The Bedale GP Jump Saddle is priced at £845 RRP.

For Perfect Ponies

Whitaker Saddles - Whitaker Barnsley Pony Saddle BlackThe Whitaker Barnsley Pony Saddle is perfect for smaller steeds as it comes in 16inch and 16.5inch options. It is made from a high quality calf skin including the practical knee rolls. As seen in the Overton saddle above, the Barnsley features a memory foam cushioning layer that allows the saddle to mould to you horse and ultimately keep both horse and rider comfortable. This saddle also features a shock absorbing latex layer under panel. Again, we see the stunning white stitching and white piping around the seat for a stylish finish that is sure to make your pony the envy of the yard.


The Whitaker Barnsley Pony Saddle is priced at £795 RRP.


Whitaker Saddles - Whitaker Barnsley X-Pro Pony Saddle BlackThe Whitaker Barnsley X-Pro Pony Saddle offers something a little different. Available in 15inch and 15.5inch options it is perfect for ponies. The stand out feature has to be the vibrant red stitching and red piping that is sure to get your pony noticed. Although this saddle looks amazing, it’s not all about looks. It features the memory foam cushioning as seen in the Barnsley above as well as the shock absorbing latex layer. The saddle is of course made with top quality leather and also features practical knee rolls to to aid rider position. Let’s not forget the interchangeable gullet system seen in all of our Whitaker saddles too.

The Whitaker Barnsley X-Pro Pony Saddle is priced at £795 RRP.

For Showing Champions

Jumping isn’t for everyone so here is a saddle for the showing enthusiasts. As the name suggests, the Whitaker Hebden Show Hunter Saddle is perfect for hunter classes be it show hunter or working hunter. This is thanks to its straight cut design. It still features knee rolls which will help with your position particularly in working hunter classes. It is made from high quality, durable calfskin with a synthetic under panel. This saddle also features the shock absorbing latex layer as seen in some of the saddles above. It makes use of a wool, felt and latex flocking system for ultimate comfort and to relieve pressure on your horse. It has a very traditional look with brown stitching to match the Havana leather.


The Whitaker Hebden Show Hunter Saddle is priced at £845 RRP.

So which is your favourite style? You can view our whole Whitaker saddle range along with our other Whitaker saddlery such as bridles and breastplates using the button below.



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