New Year, New You, New Equestrian Goals!

New Year, New You, New Equestrian Goals!

Entering a new year is the time we typically reflect on our previous equestrian goals; what we conquered and achieved last year and perhaps what we didn’t. 2020 is a chance for a New Year, New You and New Equestrian Goals for you and your horse!


Luckily as a new year brings a fresh start now is the most perfect time to set you and your horse new goals for 2020, and so we have provided you with some popular goals below should you be lacking some inspiration, along with our tips on how to reach them…

New Year Goal 1: Upping My Equestrian Style


As a new year approaches we begin assessing what we want to leave behind in the previous year, and that can sometimes even mean our old, worn-and-torn riding clothes. With your up-and-coming 2020 goals you’ll want to look and feel your best. So here are some items that will bring you into the new year in style.

Dublin ladies Evolution Zip Paddock Boots 
Look stylish down at the yard with the Dublin Ladies Evolution Zip Paddock Boots!

With a classy new look, the Evolution Paddock Boots offers you quality full grain European Leather with a strong and durable zip.



Charles Owen YR8 Sparkle Riding Hat Black/Black BlingCharles Owen YR8 Sparkly Riding Hat Black/Black Bling
Whether its showjumping, hacking or just general riding the YR8 hat is sure to keep you safe, as well as dazzle and sparkle with it’s bling design.



Ariat® Ladies New Team Softshell Jacket NavyAriat Ladies New Team Softshell Jacket Navy

The Softshell offers a smooth twill softshell outer that is made from windproof and water resistant fabric which protects against light rain and has a micro fleece lining which delivers superior heat retention whilst still remaining breathable.





New Year Goal 2: Improving My Grooming Skills


The amazing thing about the horsey-world is there is always a new skill to obtain. Here are some grooming skills you may want to learn or brush up on this year.


Supreme Products Quarter Mark Spray:

Supreme Products Quarter Mark Spray:
The Supreme Products Quarter Mark Spray is the perfect spray for holding quarter marking in place and ensuring the stand out to give that professional finish in the show ring.





Shires Pulling Comb with a Wooden Handle £1.99 Shires Pulling Comb With a Wooden Handle:

The Shires Pulling Comb with a Wooden Handle is the ideal comb for pulling and tidying manes. The wooden handle provides you with comfort and a little extra leverage when pulling the mane. Therefore, making this a dummy-proof pulling comb for anyone looking to improve their mane pulling skills!


Liveryman Classic Cordless Clippers:Liveryman Classic Cordless Clipper £109.99

If you’re looking to improve your clipping skills, perhaps it is time to upgrade your equipment? These cordless clippers make it a much easier process to clip your horse.
The clippers are rechargeable or mains operation and are lightweight at 290 grams. These clippers are suitable for trimming and clipping very fine coats.



Kincade Plaiting Thread Roll Black

Kincade Plaiting Thread Roll:

Plaiting your horse can be serious business! Creating your plaits with a needle and thread gives you the most polished plaited look. With tighter plaits and a more cohesive appearance! If you’re looking to improve your skills for any upcoming competitions, learning to stitch your plaits is a fab skill to have!




New Year Goal 3: Qualifying For THAT Show


Whether your ‘thing’ is showjumping, ridden showing, XC or dressage, here are our top tips in being star-ready in 2020!


  • Practise, Practise, Practise

Whatever your discipline is, make sure you begin practising ahead of the game! For jumping perhaps go to local arenas with a jumping course to get your horse out-and-about ready! For dressage perhaps print of a practise dressage test to see what both you and horses strengths and weaknesses are – this will then give you plenty of time to work on the areas that may need improving.


  • Spectating at Other Competitions

It may be a good idea to go horse free to a few shows ahead of your big competition. This will allow you to scope of your competitors and pick up some hints and ideas you could perhaps use yourself! That could be watching where the rider picks up speed during a course, or the way a rider tackles a X-Country obstacle.


  • Stand Out From The Crowd

All the gear ALL the idea! Enter the ring feeling ready and looking ready. Perhaps 2020 is a great year to upgrade your competition wear to stand out from the horse-crowd.

Ariat Ladies Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches Tan: The Ariat® Ladies Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches features a beautiful set of breeches perfect for everyday riding or are smart enough for competition wear.

Equitech Amelia Deluxe Tied Stock White: The Equetech Ameilia Deluxe Tied Stock offers an elegant handmade stock designed to be suitable for all disciplines.

Pikeur Ladies Quibelle Show Jacket Navy:  The Pikeur Quibelle is an elegant ladies competition jacket that is sure to be the talk of the show.


  •  Listen To Judges Feedback

Many judges after your show provide you with their feedback. This helps you know where you could improve on and give you something to work towards for your next outing! Try put into practise these comments so you can enter the ring with full confidence.




New Year Goal 4: Entering My First Competition


Pins and needles, sweaty head and jelly-legs only means one thing… your first show. It is common practise to get first-show-jitters, and frankly, they don’t ever fully go-away!


If you’re new to the competing world but have always wanted to give it a go… 2020 is the year to do it. During the colder seasons it’s a greats time to begin your competition practise before competition season begins. It’s a great time to prepare you and your horse physically and mentally!


If you go onto winning the competition – that is fantastic – but if you don’t there are many things you should be proud! Showing can sometimes feel daunting, but it is all about having fun and introducing yourself and your horse to new experiences!


We recommend at the end of your class / competition, finding your judge or steward to ask for any feedback and suggestions for next time.



New Year Goal 5: Overcoming My Fear


Fear is undoubtedly a difficult thing to overcome. But equestrians are known for having plenty of resilience – so we have to live up to our reputation!




Whether your fear is jumping, hacking alone or galloping your horse 2020 is the year to challenge yourself to get overcome your fear.






P.S. It it always best to do anything in style! When you look your best there is no doubt you will feel your best too… stay stylish with the LeMieux Square Saddle Pad Mulberry and the LeMieux Ladies Base Layer Mulberry! 




But where to start? Depending on your fear there will be many solutions to help beat-the-fear, but here are some top tips to overcoming ANY fear…


Ask a more confident / experienced rider to do the ‘fearful thing’ on your horse to prove there is nothing to worry about.


Start slowly. If it’s jumping, hacking alone or your horse spooking at something – take baby steps and start slowly. Gain your confidence and learn to trust your riding ability and your horse.


Wear a body protector. Wearing a body protector is a great way to give you that safety-blanket-feel. It will give you reassurance and confidence if you was to make a tumble. A great Body Protector is the  Airowear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector Black, but you can shop all our body protectors HERE.




Do something with an expert / professional. Whatever your fear may be, we suggest seeking guidance from experts. They will be someone that can help guide you in what to do to ensure you and your horse are safe.



New Year Goal 6: Improve My Riding


No matter how many years you’ve been on the saddle, there is always room for improvement! It is good to continuously strive to be a better rider for both you and your horse. Here are some ways to improve your riding…


  • Menage Mirrors / Videos to Watch Yourself Back

Self reflection is the best lesson! Watching yourself ride is a brilliant way to see where you could improve your riding. Whether that’s your heels, your posture, your hands or even the way your horse is going. Either using mirrors or videoing yourself, this can really help teach you where you may be going wrong.


  • Lessons and Clinics

It is a common practise for most equestrians to give up their riding lessons once they have their own horse. Because frankly, why would you possibly need lessons if you know your horse better than anyone else? Well, this is why you should keep up with those lessons!

When you get accustomed to your own horse it is very easy to pick up bad habits and traits along the way. Having lessons will make you aware of those habits you may have picked up and help you, help your horse. Did you know even some of the biggest and best professional riders out there continuously have lessons with their horse?

Clinics are a great way to get competition-ready. Usually held by experts in your discipline, they know what it takes to be the best in your competition / class. As they are typically catered for by class or discipline, it’s a great chance to scope out your competition!


  • Ridewear

Ridewear plays such a huge factor in your riding. Whether it’s because you’re wearing the wrong type of gloves, the wrong pair of jodhpurs or the wrong boots… upgrading your ridewear may be a great place to start in improving your riding, posture and comfort.


HY HyPerformance Ladies Saxby Silicone Full Seat Jodhpurs Marine Navy/RedHY HyPerformance Ladies Saxby Silicone Full Seat Jodhpurs Marine Navy/Red

Perfect for everyday use, the Saxby Jodhpurs provides a 4 way stretch to encourage freedom of movement and flexibility. With a full seat honeycomb silicone print to ensure security whilst in the saddle.



Moretta Adults Half Chaps Black

Offering a supple suede half chap reinforced inner calves and shaping for a neat and tidy fit. The Moretta chaps also have suede covered elastic full length inserts, full length zips, elastic foot stirrups, stretch zip tidy straps, bound edges.


Dublin Everyday Mighty Grip Gloves Brown

Dublin Everyday Mighty Grip Gloves Brown

The Mighty Grip Gloves provide the ultimate control for you horse whilst riding or leading. Ideal for keeping a secure mouth contact with your horse without your reins becoming loose!




  • Fitness

Although riding horses provides an abundance of fitness and exercise, keeping up with your fitness on the ground can be even more beneficial. Work on your back muscles to improve your posture, work on your arms to ensure you have full control of your horse and work on your legs to ensure you can get after your horse! There are many work-outs that will undoubtedly be great for improving your riding!


  • Ask and Listen to Feedback

Constructive feedback is a thing! We may eye-roll when somebody tries to give us advice when it comes to riding our horse, but an outsiders opinion can sometimes be the best. For someone that knows your bad habits, to someone who has never seen you ride before – they will pick up on things that you may not have noticed you do. If your horse is going the way you want, we suggest asking someone with experience what they suggest! Remember, there is no harm in asking and trying.




New Year Goal 7: More Quality Time With My Horse


Although you may spend plenty of time doing your yard chores (we all know the struggle) or out riding your horse, one of your 2020 goals may be to spend more quality, ground-time with your horse. There is nothing like having a beautiful bond with your four-legged-friend, but to create that can sometimes mean hopping out of the saddle. Here are Naylors top tips on building on your relationship with your horse…


Grooming Your Horse

A great way to spend more time with your horse is whilst grooming in the stable. Its a great way for your horse to feel interaction and improve their trust in you. A great excuse for this is to treating you and your horse to a brand-new grooming kit!


Horseware® Rambo® Newmarket Grooming Kit Gold

Horseware Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit Gold

The Newmarket Grooming Bag contains a sweat scraper, face brush, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail brush, hoof pick and a curry comb.


Therapy Treatments

Here at Naylors we offer many therapy products perfect for giving your horse an effective spa-like-treatment. Ranging from cooling-boots, heat pads to massage brushes and massage mitts. These are a great way to treat your horse like royalty and a great way to show your horse some affection and care!

Epiony Heat Pad


Epiony Heat Pad
The Epiony Therapy Heat Pad offers a one size fits all heat pad that has been designed for use on humans and all animals.



Treat Your Horse

Nothing shows your horse love more than one thing… treats! They will sure feel your love when you treat them to some tasty snacks.


SPILLERS Spearmint Treats


Spillers Spearmint Treats
A chunky, bite-size treat ideal for rewarding your horse, used as a training aid or to simply show some affection.






New Year Goal 8: To Have More Fun!


Remind yourself why you started riding in the first place. For the fun right? Don’t take things too seriously and don’t let your biggest passion and joy loose its fun! There are many things you can do this year to up-your-enjoyment with your horse…

Charity Rides

Why not sign-up to some charity trials this year? Or even create your own? It’s a fantastic way to bring together like-minded horsey people to have some fun for a good cause. There are many trials over the UK in support of charities, or create your own and donate the money to a charity of your choice. You’ll have fun whilst feeling good!

Cross County Days Out

Have a spare weekend with no plans? Why not pack up the horse box and take your horse to your nearest farm ride / XC equestrian centre for some adventurous fun!


Beach Rides

A great place for your horse to have some fun is having a good-old gallop along the beach with his fellow horse friends! It is also a great place to have some fun with your friends and their horses too.






New Year Goal 9: Keeping My Tack Room Organised


There is nothing more rewarding than tackling a mess you have been putting off for a while, right? The first place in getting tip-top organised is the tack-room! Having an organised tack room will ensure your tack and belongings are protected and will make everything much easier to find.

Here are our top tips in organising your tack-room…

Roma Trailer/Stable Organiser Large Pink £15.29Roma Trailer/Stable Organiser Large Pink
The Roma Trailer/Stable Organiser is ideal for organising all your equestrian bits and pieces and can be hung anywhere. The Organiser offers multiple mesh pouch pockets and is made from durable webbing and canvas for longevity.

Classic Showjumps Saddle Carrier Black £34.00



Classic Showjumps Saddle Carrier Black
The Saddle Carrier allows you to carry your saddle safely and securely and also has room for tack storage in the base. Although to saddle carrier only weighs 3kg , it is extremely strong.


Shires Multiple Bridle Rack Blue £9.99Shires Multiple Bridle Rack Blue
The Multiple Bridle Rack is perfect for organising all of your bridles and head collars to make finding the correct item quicker.



ProStable Dustbin and Lid Black £16.99

ProStable Dustbin and Lid Black
The ProStable Dustbin and Lid us a strong but lightweight dustbin, featuring carry handles which also allow the lid to lock and holds up to 85 litres. The bin has a 45cm diameter and is 63cm high.





We hope you are now ready to set, aim and achieve your 2020 equestrian goals! If your goal is listed above, we’d love to hear your feedback or anymore advice you may have. If you have your own goals, we’d love to hear them too!


By Taylor Spalding



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