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A Pony Club camp checklist for you & your pony

About Pony Club Camp

Summer is here, school is done, and it’s time to spend quality time with your pony. Pony Club camp will be the highlight for any pony-loving youngster. Be ready to spend hours with your pony, meet with new and current friends and to learn LOTS about horses and riding. We’re here to help you enjoy your time at camp by making Pony Club Camp Checklistsure you don’t leave anything behind that you may need. So we’ve made this Pony Club camp checklist of everything you need to be ready for all your fun activities at camp. Camps can vary, some allow you to go home overnight if you don’t want to stay away but still want to experience the fun daytime activities. You can get all the information about your specific camp from your Pony Club so be sure to read through all of this.


Before heading off it’s a good idea to have the farrier out so your pony is neatly trimmed and shod as appropriate to try to avoid shoe losses and lameness that could stop you fully enjoying the experience. We also suggest labelling everything you take as there will be lots of children at camp all with similar kit. You could also write a list of everything you take so that you can check it off to make sure you’ve got everything at the end of the camp. You may already own most of the items on this Pony Club camp checklist, if not there will be some things you could borrow when you’re there or you could click on any of the links on this list to shop for those products online.


Pony Club Camp Checklist:

For the day:


For the night:

If you’re not staying over night, you won’t need everything in this section of the pony club camp checklist.

  • You will want some casual clothes to change out of after a day in jods. Think jeans (shorts if it’s hot), t-shirts, sweatshirts etc.
  • Some camps will ask you to bring your own cutlery and plates, check with the organisers before hand.pony club camp
  • Plenty of underwear for the whole stay. You may want different socks for the day and evenings.
  • Trainers or comfy shoes. These can’t be worn around the ponies for safety.
  • Pyjamas, remember it may get cold overnight even in summer.
  • Swimwear for use in the showers. Check with your specific Pony Club for washing arrangements.
  • You’ll need a towel or two.
  • Toiletries including toothbrush & toothpaste and sun cream too if its hot.
  • Be sure to take any medication you need and let the organiser know about it.
  • A hairbrush for your own mane.
  • Sleeping gear, it is a camp after all! You may need a sleeping bag/duvet, a pillow and a camping mat or airbed. Again, you can check sleeping arrangements with the organisers beforehand.
  • A torch is always useful.
  • Your favourite teddy.


For your pony:


For The Stable:Pony Club Camp Checklist



We hope you’ve found this Pony Club camp checklist useful. Speed up your packing with our printable Pony Club camp checklist. Here at Naylors we have everything you need for a successful camp. You can shop for any essentials you’re missing online or in-store.

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