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Our Recipe For A Cosy Night In

Read Our Tips On How To Have The Ultimate Cosy Night In This Winter

So winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. Our step by step guide will help you have the perfect cosy night in to take your mind off the cold this year. It’s time to wrap up and eat lots of hearty and warming food. So follow our advice and make the most of the dark evenings.

Step 1 – Get Creative In The Kitchen

Cosy Night In - Sophie Allport Cow Print A cosy night in has to start with a hearty meal. You don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to make a good warming meal. Making a casserole can be quite simple or if you buy some ready made pastry a pie becomes very simple. Another great idea is to make a soup. This can be a great way of using up whatever you’ve got in the house. Another really fun idea is to do some baking! Why not bake a cake or some biscuits. Nothing beats eating them fresh out of the oven!


What you’ll need:

An apron 

Some oven gloves

Tea towels



Step 2 – Change Into Your Comfy Clothes

Cosy Night In - Joules Ladies Rita Dressing Gown Cream ChinoiseIf you want to really relax then pyjamas are the way forward! You want to be comfy and warm. No cosy night in is complete without a dressing gown! Get covered from head to toe with your favourite pair of fluffy socks and some super comfy slippers.


What you’ll need:

Comfy pyjamas

A dressing gown


Cosy socks


Step 3 – Make The Perfect Brew

Cosy Night In - a cold winter’s night, nothing can beat the perfect brew! Are you a tea or coffee person? Remember if it’s the evening you may want to opt for a decaf option to help you relax and prevent you being wide awake until the early hours. Whether you like your brew to be really milky or extra strong you’ll definitely want to be drinking it from your favourite mug.


What you’ll need:

The perfect mug





Step 4 – Get Comfy And Put Your Feet Up

Cosy Night In - Grays Tweed Back Cushion StagNow you’re all ready it’s time to settle down on your comfy sofa or even on your bed. You may opt to watch your favourite TV show, put on a classic film or a new flick you’ve not seen yet, or you might grab for your favourite book. The important think is that you can really get comfy. Surround yourself in comfy cushions, they’re great to soften your seat, support your back or prop up your head if you lie down.

What you’ll need:

Stylish yet comfortable cushions




That’s everything you’ll need for the ultimate night in. Are you short of anything we’ve suggested you’ll need? Click the button below to start browsing all the cosy night in essentials we’ve listed.



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