Shed and Shine - It's Shedding Season!

Shed and Shine – It’s Shedding Season!

Has winter left your horse looking less than their best? You may find your horse’s coat has become fluffy, wiry and coarse. Well good news – our horse’s will typically begin to shed their winter coat during February to April as the days slowly become lighter and warmer. Unfortunately for some however, their winter coat may be a little stubborn in budging and so may need that extra helping-hand when it comes to shedding!

Shedding season is upon us! Is your horse still in their winter woollies? Your not alone! We’ve put together a selection of top tips and essential grooming products to help you get your horse gleaming this spring.

That Last Chance Clip!

To Clip or not Clip? Horse Clipping

Contemplating that final clip? A way to banish that winter-woolly coat is by clipping it all away! When you clip your horse, it is a fresh-start, and perfect chance for a new, gleaming coat to come through just in time for Spring and Summer. However, if you leave it too late to clip your horse, it may have a reserve affect. If you clip any later than February, you may risk their coat growing back dull and textured. So if your horse isn’t looking their tip-top best, perhaps squeeze in that last Winter clip before it’s too late!

Keep Them Warm

As the days become lighter and warmer, we would typically begin weaning our horse’s away from their winter rugs. However, keeping their toasty-warm for the next few months will encourage their coat to shed. This is because their woolly coat will realise it is longer needed and begin to shed. Keep their bedding thick and dry and keep their winter rugs around for a little longer. (Ensure your horse isn’t over-heating/sweating and monitor their temperature throughout the day).

If you’re looking for an alternative to clipping your horse, grooming products will be your best-friend this season to help shed that coat! Are you grooming products no longer withstanding the winter-coat? Here are the products you need this season to wave-away the winter woollies…

Shedding Must-Haves

If you’re looking for an alternative to clipping your horse, grooming products will be your best-friend this season to help shed that coat! Are you grooming products no longer withstanding the winter-coat? Here are the products you need this season to wave-away the winter woollies…

Tip Tip: Groom your horse daily to stay on top of the job!

HandsOn Grooming Gloves Black RRP £22.50

The HandsOn Grooming Gloves are tackroom staple for every furry-friend owner! With nodules on both the palm and down the fingers the gloves can remove stubborn stains and excess hair, along with providing a fantastic massage for your horse. Use for either removing hair or for bathing.

Shires Metal Sweat/Shedding Blade  – RRP £3.99

A truly versatile addition to your grooming kit, you’ll soon wonder how you coped without it! You can use this tool in two ways, the smooth edge removes excess water and the  serrated edge removes loose hair and brings dirt and grease to the surface.

Lincoln Grooming Block - RRP £3.50

Lincoln Grooming Block – RRP £3.50

Designed to remove grease, dried mud and loose hair. The Lincoln Grooming Block is a great way to encourage your horse’s coat to shed and banish those unwanted fuzzy-hairs.

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer – RRP £16.99

Looking for the ultimate grooming tool?  Quick, easy and effective, the Lincoln Ultimate Groomer is the one for you! This impressive grooming tool effectively removes the winter coat and dirt while promoting improved circulation and hair growth.

Small Rubber Curry Comb Black

Roma Small Curry Comb – RRP £1.99

Circulate the Roma Small Curry Comb around your horse’s coat to promote circulate and the hair follicles to soften. This will encourage shedding and moulting of that stubborn winter coat.

LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor – RRP £1.99

Is your horse sporting an impressive winter moustache? The LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor is just what you need! Safe by design it’s perfect for removing unwanted hair from your horse’s face, muzzle and legs.

Oster Rake Coarse 10 Teeth

Oster Rake Coarse 10 Teeth – RRP £19.99

Looking to improve the condition of your horses coat, skin, mane and tail? The Oster rake is a versatile thinning tool, which can be used all over the horse. When used on the body it is great for removing dead undercoat. Additionally, it can be used on the mane and tail for shaping and thinning without causing pain or loosing that hand finished look.


Now that your horse is free from unwanted hair and squeaky clean it’s time for the finishing touches!

Shapleys Magic Sheen – RRP £15.95

Magic Sheen is the perfect way to give your horse’s coat, mane and tail a healthy shine. The gentle formula is safe for every day use and won’t dry out your horse’s hair. Magic Sheen repels dirt and grease for up to one week, making grooming quicker and easier.

Carr & Day & Martin® Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish – RRP 10.99

Do you want to achieve the ultimate shine? Get your hands on Carr & Day & Martin® Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish! It’s unique formula creates a high shine, glossy finish that highlights the horse’s muscle definition, without leaving a slippy residue.  You can also apply it to your horse’s mane and tail to add shine and prevent knots.

NAF Five Star Shine On Grooming Spray – RRP £9.99

Need a little extra shine for an upcoming show? NAF Five Star Shine On Grooming Spray is a fine mist, designed to make your horses coat gleam like glass and feel like silk. Additionally, it leaves their mane and tail silky soft and tangle free!

Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and nutrition play a big part in encouraging your horse’s coat to shed. By regularly exercising your horse, it means their body is kept warm and their coat will shed in an attempt to cool the horse down after exercise.

We know the the difficulty of trying to regularly exercise our horse during these dark winter months, but a great way to keep your horse exercised, putting in the sweat and building muscle is my using training aids.

Nutrition is also a great way to encourage shedding. Ensuring your horse has a good nutrition, will ensure your horse is healthy from the inside-out.

Here at Naylors there are many supplements to choose from, but to encourage that fuzzy-hair to fall out, we recommend the NAF Linseed Oil.

NAF Linseed Oil

NAF Linseed Oil RRP £10.99.

NAF Linseed Oils is a great supplement to add to your horse’s feed to improve their natural shine and condition. Offering rich Omega 3 fatty acids, Linseed Oil is a way to ensure your horse feels great and looks great.

We hope that you have found these grooming tips useful! If you’re off to pamper your horse we’d love to see the before and after pictures! If you have any questions or additional tips, please leave a comment.

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