Shires Stable and Yard Supplies

Shires Stable and Yard Supplies

Shires Stable & Yard Supplies

Loose rug rack? No stall chain? Broken door bolt? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the Shires stable supplies you need to help you with your day-to-day jobs and get your stable looking as good as new.

Stable Supplies

Door Bolts

Shires Stable Door BoltShires Stable Auto-lock Safety Bolt

Is your horse known to let himself out? If so, this is just what you need! The Shires Auto-lock Safety Door Bolt is made from Galvanised Steel and is designed to prevent your horse opening their stable door.

Shires Stable Kick Over Door Bolt

Shires Stable Kick Over Door BoltLooking for a little extra security and peace of mind? The Shires Kick Over Door Bolt is the perfect addition to your horse’s stable door. Made from Galvanised Steel it is durable and hard wearing.

Shires Stable Stall Chains

Shires Stable ChainIf you like to have the stable door open while your horse is in, this is just what you need! The Shires Stall Chain is ideal for letting air and light in to your horses stable,  while still ensuring your horse doesn’t escape. It’s manufactured using a durable galvanised steel chain, coated in rubber. The Shires Stall Chain attaches to the door frame with a quick release clip at one end and a hook clip at the other end.

Tie Ring

Shires Tie Ring with PlateNo stable is complete without a tie ring! The Shires Tie Ring features a plate backing, allowing it to be easily attached to surfaces. It has multiple functions around the yard and tack room, from handing your net up to securing stall chains.

Hay Net Ring

Does your horse like to untie their hay net? Never fear, the Shires Hay net Tie Ring is just what you need. The hay net cord is looped through the bottom of the net and then attached to the ring clip. This saves you time and effort, while ensuring your horse can’t pull their net down.

Shires Haynet Tie Ring

Feed Room

Hay Nets

Every horse owner knows that a good hay net is a real must-have. Shires produce a huge range of hay and haylage nets, in many different designs. Take a look, there’s something to suit every horse, no matter their appetite!

Shires Hay Net

Shires Hay Net

The Shires Hay Net is an extra strong nylon hay net, which features metal rings at the bottom and top, to allow for easy filling and tying.  It offers a 6.5 kg capacity and 10 cm mesh holes, perfect for horses that require access to unrestricted forage.

Shires Haylage Net

Shires Haylage NetThe Shires Haylage Net comes in three sizes; small (4 kg), large (6.5 kg) and extra large (9.5 kg). Although it’s called a haylage net it’s suitable for both hay and haylage. The 5 cm fine mesh holes are perfect for greedy horses that finish their hay quickly. This also helps to ensure that there’s less wastage.

Shires Deluxe Hay Net

Shires Deluxe Hay Net The Shires Deluxe Hay net is an extra strong hay net, which features metal rings at the bottom and top to allow for easy filling and tying. The Deluxe Hay net is available in one size, which has a 6.5 kg capacity. This hay net offers small 5.5 cm mesh holes to reduce wastage and control feed intake.

Shires Deluxe Haylage Net

Shires Deluxe Haylage NetThe Shires Deluxe Haylage Net is an extra strong haylage net with a large ring at the base and a strong hanging rope. It features small 5cm holes, which help to make forage last longer. You can choose between two sizes 6.5 kg and 9.5 kg. The Deluxe Haylage Net is ideal for feeding haylage or for controlled feeding of hay.

Shires Greedy Feeder

Shires Greedy Feeder NetShires Greedy Feeder hay nets are designed to reduce boredom and keep greedy horses and ponies occupied for longer.
Designed with tiny 2.5 cm (1”) holes, the Greedy Feeder is ideal for horses that rush their hay. The small holes make your horse work harder for their food. This helps to promote  digestive health.
The shires greedy feeder net is available in a 5.5 kg capacity or a 11 kg capacity.



No stable is complete without buckets! From feed and water to bathing and storage, buckets are truly essential for every horse owner.

Shires Stable Corner Manger

Corner MangerThe Shires Corner Manger is a sturdy alternative to traditional buckets. It’s designed to be used with an aluminium support frame, so it can be placed at any height. It’s easily removable, aiding with cleaning. Side bars help to minimise wastage. Best of all the frost resistant design makes it suitable for use throughout the cold Winter months.

Shires Hook Over Manger

Shires Hook Over MangerPerfect for feeding time the Shires Hook Over Manger is designed to be hung over stable doors and gates. It’s made from a frost proof polythene and features strong and durable metal hooks.

Shires Feed Scoop

Stubbs Plastic Feed ScoopThe Shires Feed Scoop is perfect for ensuring that you feed your horse the correct quantity every time. It features a robust plastic pan and a plastic coated handle for durability. Shires Feed Scoops are lightweight, easy to clean and frost proof.

Need a little extra help keeping your buckets clean? Don’t forget to pick up a Shires Ezi-Groom Bucket Brush!


Tack Room

We all dream of having a clean, tidy and organised tack room, thankfully Shires are here to help us achieve it!

Tack and Rug

Shires Single Bridle Rack

Shires Single Bridle Rack The Shires Bridle Rack is ideal for keeping your headcollars and bridles neat, tidy and protected. It’s been designed with a curved top, helping to maintain the shape of the headpiece. It also features a handy hook, perfect for holding your reins or leadrope.

Shires Multiple Bridle Rack

Shires Multiple Bridle RackSo many bridles, so little space! Ideal if you have a number of horses, the Multiple Bridle Rack holds up to 5 bridles or head collars. Each Bridle holder is shaped specifically with a curved top, helping to maintain the shape of the headpiece.

Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack

Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack The Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack is perfect for use in tack rooms or outside your stable, where space is limited. The arm is attached to a wall bracket and can be folded down when the stand is not in use. The Folding Saddle Rack also includes a handy bridle hook on the wall bracket.

Shires Collapsible Saddle Stand

Shires Collapsible Saddle Stand The Shires Collapsible Saddle Stand is designed for use when transporting, cleaning and storing your saddle. It’s made from plastic coated steel and features space saving detachable legs.

Shires Saddle Rack

Shires Saddle RackThe Shires Saddle Rack is a traditionally shaped wall mounted rack, made from plastic coated tubular steel. It features a handy hanging hook underneath, perfect for your bridle. It’s a real must-have perfect for keeping your tack room tidy and your saddle out of harms way.

Shires Blanket Rack

Shires Blanket RackThe Shires Blanket Rack is a plastic coated wall mounted rail with two handy hooks. It’s ideal for hanging rugs outside your stable or in the tack room to store or dry.

Tool Storage

Shires Stable Hooks

Shires Stable Hook Whether your hanging up tools, bridles or coats, Shires Stable Hooks are a handy addition to your tack room. Shires Stable Hooks are available as a pack of 5 small hooks or singular large hooks.

Handy Hanger

Shires Handy HangerOne fitting with so many uses! The Shires Handy Hanger is a heavy duty plastic coated metal hanger, perfect for storing  jackets, headcollars, bridles and much more.




We hope that you’ve found this blog helpful and that it has inspired you to try your hand at some stable improvements! Let us know which Shires products you love.


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