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Is there anything more satisfying than a completely matching horse outfit? We don’t think so! LeMieux are the kings of colour coordination but also offer top quality products too. There’s something for everyone no matter your taste (or your horse’s). To make life easier you can browse your favourite LeMieux products on the dedicated shop by colour page on our website to quickly find your horse’s perfect look.



Meet Our New Midnight Blue:

One of the more recent additions to our LeMieux rainbow of products is this stunning Midnight Blue colour. It joins the family alongside the Benetton, Corn and Navy blues already available and is a welcome addition. It’s hard to find a colour that really pops on a grey horse but also shines out on a black or dark bay and suits practically any colour in between. The great thing about this colour is that it’s a step away from traditional dark colours but it still has an air of sophistication. If it’s good enough for Charlotte Dujardin it’s good enough for us!

Shop By Colour Midnight Blue



Get The look:

Pictured are the ProSport Suede Dressage Square Saddle Pad at £39.95 RRPSignature Fly Hood at £24.50 RRP and Luxury Polo Bandages at £22.50 RRP, all in the stunning Midnight Blue.  Visit our shop by colour page to browse the other options in this colour. There you’ll find we have the ProSport suede saddle pads in a choice of dressage or GP/Jump shapes to suit all disciplines.




Cool, Calm And Collected In Caramel:

Another recent addition to our Lemieux family is this beautiful Caramel colour. This colour is perfect if you want something unique that not everyone has. We think it looks particularly stunning on a bay horse but also various shades of chestnut too.  As usual you can get a full matching set and this one is sure to turn heads.

Shop By Colour Caramel



Get The Look:

Pictured we have the ProSport Suede Dressage Square Saddle Pad at £39.95 RRPSignature Fly Hood at £24.50 RRP and Luxury Polo Bandages at £22.50 RRP, all in our new fave Caramel colour. We also have the ProSport Suede Saddle Pad in Caramel in the GP/jump shape too.







There’s a colour for everyone when it comes to LeMieux, whether it’s one of the two featured above or something completely different. Be sure to have a good browse of our shop by colour page or come and visit us in-store. Why not let us know your favourite LeMieux colour in the comments section below.



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