Spring Horse Rugs For Turnout

Our Guide To Spring Horse Rugs

Before you consider turning your horse out, make sure you have a safe space in which to do so. Is the area secure? No one wants a horse escaping. Have you considered electric fencing? Is the area clear of rubbish and poisonous plants? Is there a good water supply or will you need to fill buckets? Once the field is prepped, it’s time to get your spring horse rugs ready.


At this time of year the weather can be unpredictable and though we’d all love to put our horses out rugless, it’s not always possible here in Britain. It’s always a good idea to have suitable rugs on hand for the coming season, as they are useful for the chillier days or when the temperature drops overnight. They also keep your horse dry throughout those inevitable spring showers or even protect from strong UV rays (when they actually show their face). On top of protection from the weather, they offer a shield from flies and bugs too. So with all these potential reasons to rug your horse, you’ll need a rug that meets your individual requirements.

In the warmer months you’ll most likely opt for a lightweight rug with minimal to no fill. Keeping a lightweight turnout on hand is important for when the weather decides to misbehave (which can be more often than not). There are plenty of options to suit all budgets when it comes to spring horse rugs. Here are just some of the turnout rugs available this season:

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic Lite Turnout

spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec standard neck Classic Lite Turnoutspring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec combo neck Classic Lite Turnout

Weatherbeeta’s classic range suits those with a tighter budget. It comes in at £49.99 for the standard neck or £59.99 for the combo design. This is a perfect rug for the warmer months as it has no fill. It does, however, have a tough 600 denier ripstop outer designed to be both waterproof and breathable. The 210T Oxford polyester lining will make you horse’s coat nice and shiny too. With traditional side gussets for freedom of movement, adjustable buckles & surcingles, and removable leg straps, you can find the perfect fit to keep your horse comfy and happy this springtime. Both options have a tail flap, but for ultimate protection and warmth the combo neck is a good option.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Lite Turnout Rug

Spring horse rugs - weatherbeeta comfitec essential standard neck lite turnout rug sprin ghorse rugs - weatherbeeta comfitec essential combo lite

The Essential range comes in at £59.99 for the standard neck and £69.99 for the combo neck. So what’s different from the classic range above? This rug has a lot of the same features such as the 210T Oxford polyester lining for that coat shine, the gussets, adjustable buckles & surcingles, and removable leg straps. What you’re getting for your extra money here is the 1200 denier outer with a ripstop triple weave for added durability. Again this outer is both waterproof and breathable.  So if you have £10 more to spare it could be worth it if you’re looking to avoid rips & tears.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite Turnout Rug

Spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite Turnout Rug Spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite Turnout Rug combo

This range is another step up in price, costing £74.99 in standard neck and £84.99 in the combo style. This range also has the 1200 denier outer and 210T Oxford polyester lining like the essential range. So once again, you’ll want to know what you get for the extra money you’re paying. This range features a memory foam wither relief pad for extra comfort. It contours to the shape of your horse to reduce rubbing. You also get Ezi-clip front closures for speed & ease, elasticated, adjustable & removable leg straps, a large tail flap for extra protection, and reflective strips for more visibility when it’s dark.

This range also features two other designs:

Spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Standard Neck Lite WideTurnout Rug Purple/BlackYou can get this rug in a wide option for £74.99. This is specifically sized and shaped for the wider horse to cover the rump, chest, neck and shoulders so this is perfect if you struggle to find a rug to fit your chunkier horse.





Or for a more out-there design you could opt for the hare print Spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Standard Neck Lite Turnout Rug Hare Printdesign. This has all the same feature as the rest of the range, but is a bright and colourful option for those who find more traditional designs a bit boring. Again, this would cost you £74.99


WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Standard Lite Turnout Rug

Spring horse rugs - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Standard Lite Turnout Rug

This rug costs £99.99 and comes in a smart grey plaid design. It offers all the features of the rugs above and more. It has the same strong outer and the memory foam wither pads but also includes the Freedom System cupped shoulder dart. The forward positioned gussets allow for maximum freedom of movement. It also has the new Weatherbeeta chest fastening for a close fit and the Ezi-buckle is concealed for optimum safety. The tail flap has a two piece design that means you get full coverage across the hind quarters so your horse is wholly protected from the elements.

We have a blog post all about the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec range if you would like any more information.

Shires Highlander Original Standard Lite Turnout Rug Horse Print

Spring horse rugs - shires highlander original standard lite turnout rug

Here’s another stylish rug with a patterned design. This horse print rug costs £57.99. This rug features deep shoulder gussets, adjustable straps & surcingles, and a large tail flap. On top of that, you get a 600D Shire Tex ® outer with taped seams for maximum protection during those wet spring/summer days. This is both waterproof and breathable fabric that has a special hydrophilic coating. This coating draws excess sweat and moisture to the outside of the rug so your horse stays dry and comfortable.

Horseware Amigo® Hero 6 Lite Turnout Rug

Spring horse rugs - horseware amigo hero 6 lite turnout rug

The Horseware Amigo® Hero 6 comes in at only £59.95. It is waterproof and breathable and has no fill so is ideal for the drizzly but warm weather. It has a 600 denier polyester outer with a polyester lining for that shiny coat feeling when you take it off. This rug has the classic Horseware original cut with patented front leg arches for full freedom of movement. The rug wraps under the horse’s belly for extra protection with the cross surcingles.

Horseware Rambo® Original with Leg Arches

Spring horse rugs - Horseware Rambo Original Turnout

This Rambo original turnout costs £199.95. With Horseware rugs you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for reliable quality and longevity its worth considering a bigger budget. Sometimes it can be worthwhile spending more initially to save on costly repairs and replacements in the long run. This example is extremely durable with its 1000 denier Ballistic Nylon outer which is the strongest, most durable turnout material out there at the moment. It’s both breathable and waterproof to keep your horse dry and comfy no matter the weather. One of it’s cool features is the anti-static and anti-bacterial lining that’ll keep your horses coat happy and shiny.

Horseware Rambo® Supreme Combo Lite Weight Turnout Rug

Spring Horse Rugs - Horseware Rambo Supreme Turnout

The Rambo Supreme turnout from Horseware costs £244.95. Again has that really strong 1000 denier outer made from the waterproof and breathable Ballistic Nylon. Similar to the Rambo original, it features the anti-static and anti-bacterial lining. This rug is so secure with its 3 cross surcingles and has reflective strips for high visibility in the dark. The neck design with V front closure allows for optimum movement when it comes to grazing. It also has patented leg arches that allow freedom of movement. It’s these little extras that Horseware have considered which, although increasing the cost of the rug,  can make a big difference to your horse’s comfort when turned out.

There are many more spring horse rugs available this season so there’s something to suit every individual horse or pony’s needs. Have a browse of our full ranges online or in-store. Our advice to you is to be prepared. Don’t leave it too late to shop for your spring horse rugs as you don’t want to be caught out by the unpredictable British weather.



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