Must-Haves for Doggy Days Out

Summer Must-Haves For Your Dog

Must-Haves for Doggy Days Out!

Planning to get out and about in the sunshine? We have some sure-fire ways to make sure you’re four legged friends aren’t left out of the fun!  Here’s a rundown on some of our latest and greatest dog toys, treats and accessories, perfect for fun filled days out with all the family. Rest-assured, we have something to suit every dog, from Frisbee’s and ball launchers to treats and cooling mats.


Petface® Dog Toyz Crinkle Ball

Terrific Toys

Whether they are a fetcher, tugger, toy-wrecker or treat-lover, we have a huge selection of toys perfect for summer day trips.  Remember, these are just a few of our favourite toys, there are lots more available from the website

For dogs that love to tug the Petface® Toyz Rugby Tugger is the perfect toy! This toy is made up of a  rubber rugby ball with rope threaded through either side. Strong and durable this toy will provide you and your dog with hours of fun this Summer! 

Our next toy is perfect for all the family! Petface® Frisbee’s are made from a durable, hard wearing plastic and are available in  red and orange.  Four legs or two, this toy is sure to provide many hours of family fun.

For dogs that never seem to tire, this toy is an owners saviour. The Petface® Dog Ball Launcher features a  long arm and cupped end, which will help you to throw much further. This is sure to keep them entertained for hours. This toy comes with one ball included, but if you would like a spare, check out our Petface® Dogs Super Tennis Balls 3 Pack


Petface Tennis Ball

Tasty Treats

Your dog deserves only the best, so be sure to check out our selection of premium dog treats.  We’ve got everything from chews and bones to biscuits and hide.

Dog Treats

Keeping Cool

Although we all enjoy the sun, it’s important that we keep our pets as cool, comfortable and well hydrated as possible.

The Petface® Dog Travel Water Bottle is perfect for giving water to your dog when you’re on the go. The water bottle fits easily into the bowl and has an useful belt clip so you don’t have to carry it when walking.

The high performance Easidri Cooling Coat is a real must have for the summer months. The Cooling Coat is made from a super absorbent fabric with a unique cell structure, which cools the dog by releasing the absorbed moisture, without causing their fur to become wet. Reusable and machine washable.

If you’d prefer not to use a coat the Easidri Cooling Mat is a perfect alternative, whether for placing on your car seat or using as a bed while out and about. Made with a food-grade gel filling and waterproof outer, this is a fuss free way to keep your dog cool. 

Summer Dog Care

While we’re enjoying soaking up the sun it’s easy to forget our canine friends can be at risk of heat related illnesses and injuries.

Please remember these top tips for keeping your dog comfortable in hot weather;

  • Do not leave your dog in a hot car, outbuilding or caravan as temperatures can quickly rise to in excess of 47°C
  • Keep travel times as short as possible
  • Use petsafe sun cream on exposed parts of your dogs skin
  • Always give access to shade and drinking water
  • Do not walk your dog on surfaces which are too hot for you to comfortably hold your hand on

Please also keep an eye out for signs of heat stroke, these include panting heavily, drooling excessively, lethargy, drowsiness, poor coordination, vomiting and collapse. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms it is advised that they are moved to a cool, shaded area and a vet is called immediately. Click here for more information from the RSPCA.

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