Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding Hat

Tried & Tested: NEW Dublin Silver Pro Riding Hat

My Review Of The Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding Hat

Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding HatYou may know Dublin for their range of equestrian clothing and riding boots. Recently they’ve taken a step to help improve rider safety by releasing a range of brand new riding hats, the Dublin Silver Pro range. They have created a collection of designs that follow the themes of comfort and practicality. I’ve been riding in my Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding Hat for a little while now and have put this blog together to talk about some if its features and what its like to ride in to help you decide if this could be the hat for you.

The Features:

Before I start, here’s a brief round up of the technical features you’ll find in the new Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding Hat:

  • Microfibre suede outer shell
  • Air vents for ventilation
  • Two tone piping detailing
  • Four point padded harness with padded chin strap and quick release buckle
  • Coolmax removable liner for comfort and easy care
  • Kitemarked to British Standards meeting PAS015


Value For Money – 5/5

Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding HatAt £84.99 I think this hat is fantastic value for money (and the piped design is the most expensive of all of the Dublin Silver Pro Range). It is at the lower end of the price bracket for riding hats. Having said that, it’s not completely plain and uniform (though if you’re after a more simple design you could opt for the all Black or Navy hats in this range). The Silver Pro offers great features, given the price tag, and it really does offer a comfy ride. If you’re after ultra top of the range technology or lots of glitz & glam from your hat then this may not be for you but you’re going to have to pay more to get what you want. I felt that this was a great price for a hat that I will be using for my day to day riding week in week out.


Overall Style – 4/5

Is this the most beautiful hat I’ve ever seen in all my life? Probably not. I also probably wouldn’t opt to wear it at competitions either (but then I do have a black jacket). It is fun though and, as mentioned above, if you want a diamond and ruby encrusted hat you’re gonna have to pay for it. I always like to pick a hat that is slightly different in design for my everyday schooling. That’s why I opted for this piped design as it was a bit different and adds colour to my riding wardrobe. It feels almost patriotic with the navy, white and red combo, I can pretend I’m representing Team GB as I plod round the indoor.


I like Dublin’s use of texture. As mentioned, I like hats with a difference. The middle panel has a really funky textured pattern that makes it stand out from the rest of the hat. I was tempted by the fun textures on the Graphic Print version of the Silver Pro, with its smooth graphic print and leather combo, but it wasn’t colourful enough for me!


Comfort – 5/5

Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding HatI know I’m bordering on one of those reviews that is really positive about every aspect. Having said that, I can’t fault the comfort of this hat. It really is very comfy, it had me questioning why I’d never had a hat with extra padding on the chin strap before! It’s a little sad how happy that made me. It is removable so I guess you could choose not to use it (crazy people) or you can take it off to wash. The hat also features a Coolmax removable liner on the inside which runs round the entire hat. When I first put the hat on it felt lovely and comfy. I think the fact that it is removable is great so that you can take it off and wash it for a fresh hat feeling.


Ventilation – 4/5

This hat has the large vented section to the front of the hat and two smaller vents to the rear. The first couple of times I rode in this hat we were in the midst of an unexpectedly lovely spell of weather with it being in the mid twenties both days. I must admit that after riding in that heat my head was getting a little sweaty. Having said that, had I been wearing my old velvet hat on either of those days I imagine my hair would have been wet through! Since then we’ve reverted back to typical British spring weather so I’ve had no over heating issues whatsoever. This is the sort of hat you can wear comfortably for long rides, it’s only really in particularly warm weather you might get sweaty head syndrome. Then again, I’m yet to come across a hat that can stay completely cool when you’re riding.


Protection – 5/5

Luckily I haven’t fallen off in Dublin Silver Pro Piped Riding Hatmy nice new hat though I do wish I had a dramatic ‘this hat saved my life’ story to share. This section is less based on opinions and more on facts I’ve been told. The hat is Kitemarked to meet the PAS015:2011 standards. So its performance has been well tested and it is legal to wear for plenty of competitions. The four point padded harness helps to keep the hat really secure so, as long as it is well fitted, your hat won’t be going anywhere. It also has a quick release fastening which could come in handy for removing the hat after an accident but ultimately I like it because it’s not fiddly and I can use it with my gloves on.



A good hat, fun colours, super comfy and a great price. I’m really happy with my Dublin Silver Pro so far and I’ll continue to use it for my every day riding from now on.


If you like the look of my hat or want to see the rest of the Dublin riding hat range simply click the button above. They come in a whole range of sizes for children and adults starting at 53cm up to 60cm so there should be the correct size for everyone. I definitely recommend getting it fitted by a trained person. You can have a free hat fitting by visiting the Naylors superstore in Lancashire.

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