Massage Vs Magnetic Therapy For Your Horse

Which Equilibrium Therapy Product Is Right For Your Horse?

Are you after some products to offer therapy for your horse but you’re not sure which one best suits your needs? This blog is going to take a look at the Equilibrium magnetic and massage therapy products to discuss their uses so you can make the best decision for your horse. Both therapies offer great benefits to horses and can be really useful in helping horses achieve their greatest potential or recover from injuries.

Massage Therapy For Your Horse

Massage therapy is a great way to relax your horse. That doesn’t mean it’ll make them sleepy but it is a fantastic way to loosen up tense muscles. It is great for preparing your horse for exercise and can make a difference in your horse’s suppleness under the saddle. It is suggested that it is used for 30 minutes at a time but no longer. Why not pop on a massage pad while you do you yard tasks such as mucking out then after the 30 minutes tack up and your horse will be ready for work. The massaging action stimulates good circulation and so gets oxygen moving around the body and to the muscles.


This isn’t the only use for massage therapy for your horse. It is great at relaxing any tightness in muscles after hard exercise much like having a sports massage. You may also use massaging to relax your horse if they tend to get tight and even anxious day to day. You can use a massage pad almost like a spa treatment to help calm the horse physically which can have a positive effect mentally.


Equilibrium have both a massage back pad and an ingenious massage mitt. The pad can be left on while you do your chores while the mitt allows you to really bond with your horse and cover other areas such as the shoulders and hind quarters that the pad cannot reach.

Equilibrium Therapy® Massage Pad

Therapy For Your Horse - Equilibrium Massage Therapy Massage Mitt
£124.99 RRP

Magnetic Therapy For Your Horse

Magnetic therapy doesn’t have as much of a physical effect on the horse’s body but it uses magnets to manipulate the blood stream. It basically means that negatively charged magnets will draw oxygenated blood towards it as this is positively charged. This is why magnetic therapy is said to help circulation and improve the supply of oxygen to tissue mass. This can help with the recovery of tired muscles after exercise and soothe aches and pains. It is a good tool to use to relieve stiffness and to aid with recovery from injuries.


Magnetic therapy products are great for competition horses in hard work, those that tend to be stiff and sore in the back or the legs and veterans who are starting to get aches and pains. It is also fantastic for horses on box rest or who are stabled for long periods due to lack of turnout facilities. It can get the blood and oxygen flowing when exercise isn’t a possibility.


The magnetic pads and chaps available can be left on in the stable during the day or overnight and are really easy to wash. Simply remove the magnets and pop in the washing machine. The fact that the magnets can be removed means you can place then strategically under the pad wherever you need. This is a great feature because it means you can target specific problem areas.


Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad

£195 RRP



So if your horse tends to get tense or takes a long time to relax into work then massage therapy could be for you. If your horse gets sore or stiff, is recovering from injury or stuck on box rest you may opt for magnetic therapy for your horse. If your horse covers both these descriptions or they are in consistent hard work then you may want to consider combining the uses of both. Equilibrium do offer a bundle that includes the two different therapy types for just £399. If you think about it, that’s like buying a massage pad and getting the magnetic pads for around £74!

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic & Massage Bundle

Therapy For Your Horse - Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic & Massage Bundle

£399 RRP


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