Winter Show Saviours – Competition Grooming Essentials

Winter Show Saviours – Competition Grooming Essentials

Competition Grooming Essentials

Got a competition coming up this Autumn/ Winter? Up your grooming game with our range of cold weather show saviours!

Stain Removers

Every horse owner knows that the most challenging issue faced when preparing for cold weather competing is the inability to bathe your horse. Never has anything been more certain than the fact that the night before the show your horse will get a stable stain! In these precise moments we’re truly grateful for the invention of dry shampoos and no-rinse stain removers! A real lifesaver during the Winter months, they’re a true show preparation essential.



Shapley’s Easy Out– Perfect for Winter bathing this product is designed to remove odours, dirt, dust and tricky stains like manure and urine. Formulated with optical brighteners, it gives your horses coat the perfect show ring shine, without leaving any residue.   



Absorbine Stain Remover

Absorbine Showsheen® Stain Remover & Whitener Spray – Fast acting and quick drying, this product is perfect for last minute touch ups! The pH balanced formula contains panthenol, pro-vitamins, green tea, fruit extracts and oxi-eraser stain lifters. This gives a colour safe deep clean without bleach. 



Top Tip: Struggling to achieve the perfect white? Cheat with chalk! NAF Brighter Than White Chalk Powder can be applied the night before by mixing into a paste and then bandaging, alternatively it can be used dry on the day of the show.


Shine Enhancers

Nobody notices a dull coat! Every seasoned show goer knows there’s nothing more eye catching than a dazzling shine, and nothing more difficult to achieve over the Winter months! The fundamental thing to remember is that good coat condition starts with good nutrition. Horses that have a complete diet meeting all of their requirements will always have a better coat, no matter what products are used! That being said, good grooming and shine enhancers can have an impressive impact, especially in bright lighting conditions.


Absorbine Show Sheen Spray

Absorbine ShowSheen Spray – With added pro-vitamins to nourish the coat and silk proteins to strengthen the mane and tail this product leaves your horses coat with a glossy, natural looking shine. A real grooming essential on the days leading up to a show, it repels dust and dirt to reduce grooming time by up to 80%!  



Supreme Products Coat Gloss

Supreme Products Deluxe Coat Gloss – By laying the coat flat and sealing the hairs in place this products creates a smooth surface, perfect for building shine. Specially formulated, it produces a glossy finish, without being sticky, tacky, staticky or oily.


Supreme Products Spray Shine

Supreme Products Spray and  Shine –  This product is designed to be used after the coat has been sealed with Supreme Products Deluxe Coat Gloss. A light application of Spray and Shine dresses the coat, creating a fantastic gleam under artificial or natural light.

Supreme Products Sparkle Spray

Supreme Products Sparkle Spray – Stand out in the show ring with a little added sparkle! This product can be used all over the body, mane, tail and hooves. It is designed to reflect light, perfect for use  on sunny days or under artificial lights.



Top Tip:  So, you’ve applied the products but what next? Brushing, right? Wrong! To avoid removing product smooth the coat using the LeMieux Lambskin Grooming Mitt for a polished finish. 


From wind knots to tangled plaits, we feel your struggle! When brushing through a knotted mane it’s inevitable that hair gets snapped, right? Not always! With a good detangler spray you can minimise hair breakage, prevent future knots and improve overall mane condition.


Leovet 5 Star Detangle Spray

Leovet 5 Star Detangle Spray – No more knots! Containing Arginine, Wheat Pentavitin and Provitamin B5 this product aids hair growth, prevents itching, moisturises, increases volume, repels dust and leaves a show ready shine!


Top Tip: Applying a detangler daily can help to create a silky finish, which prevents hair loss caused by rubbing rugs.


Waking up at 4 am to plait a rubbed mane with numb fingers and a fidgety pony can be a truly daunting task. Never fear though, with the right tools plaiting can be a quick and easy night before task.


Supreme Products Easy Plait

Supreme Products Easy Plait Spray – Produce the perfect plaits every time this show season! Easy Plait Spray helps you to keep a good grip on your horses hair, prevents strays and holds your plaits securely in place. This product is a real essential for situations where you’re short on time!

Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss

Supreme Products Highlighter – Put the finishing touches on your horses plaits. This product enhances your horses natural pigment colour, leaving a glossy finish. It can also be used over Supreme Products Matt Make Up to improve definition.




Hoof Polish

Last but not least, hoof oil! While it might not be the top of your show preparation check list a good hoof oil makes all the difference to the overall appearance of your horse.



Absorbine Supershine Hoof Polish

Absorbine Supershine® Hoof Polish & Sealer  – Providing a mirror-like shine this product is ideal for highlighting the horses natural hoof pigmentation! The quick drying formula not only saves time but prevents dirt and dust sticking. Perfect for every horse, it’s available in both Clear and Black.

Supreme Products Clear Hoof Paint

Supreme Products Hoof Paint – Super shiny, super easy! This product is the perfect finishing touch, leaving hooves healthy looking and shiny. With a water based formula this product isn’t a varnish so does not require harsh chemical removal. Available in both Black and Clear.


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