Winter Wardrobe Top Picks

Winter Wardrobe Top Picks

Winter Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

As children a snow day was a dream come true, for adults it’s less exciting and a lot more daunting. Don’t worry though, if the snow’s got you stranded and feeling blue we’re here to help! We’ve got some top tips and winter wardrobe hacks to take you back to the days of snowball fights and snow angels.

Winter Footwear

For many of us the prospect of slipping and sliding on the ice is an unnerving one that takes the fun out of snow. But worry no more, we’ve got some footwear facts to help you pick the perfect pair for tackling the cold weather with confidence.

Country Boots & Wellies

When picking a pair of winter boots there’s a few things you need to keep in mind.  First and foremost, it’s really important to avoid shoes with a smooth sole. Smooth sole’s reduce friction. So, unless you’re planning on ice-skating, ditch them for a boot with a chunky, rough sole designed to tackle challenging terrain. Good options include wellies and country boots.



There’s nothing worse than wet feet! A good pair of winter boots has got to be made from a  waterproof material like rubber or waterproofed leather. When choosing between these two types of boots it’s important to remember that they both have advantages and disadvantages. Generally rubber boots will require less maintenance but they can be less breathable. Leather boots are generally better at retaining heat but they require re-waterproofing and maintaining to prevent the leather cracking.


Losing the circulation in your toes is never nice. If you’re looking for a pair of winter boots that you can bring out year after year, consider investing in some that are insulated and breathable. These will help to keep your feet both warm and dry. Want something more versatile, which is as good for summer as winter? Why not team up a non-insulated boot with a pair of wellington or long boot liners.



Footwear Accessories

The value of accessorising should never be underestimated! Everyone knows that you can get chains to put on car tyres but did you know that you can get them for boots too? The majority of Dubarry country boots are compatible with their easy to use boot chains, which improve grip in snowy and icy conditions.

Don’t forget, if your existing leather boots aren’t what they once were they can be cleaned, conditioned and re-waterproofed providing that they aren’t damaged. 



Winter Clothing

In recent weeks the temperature has plummeted across much of the country. Gone is the weather for lightweight waterproof jackets and sleeveless tops, it’s time to stock up your winter wardrobe with something more substantial. On a cold snowy day the prospect of getting out of bed is a whole lot better when you know a comfortable and cosy jacket is awaiting you. Much as with winter footwear there are a few features that you should keep an eye out for.

Winter Jackets

Primarily, you will need a jacket that is well insulated, whether you go for something that is filled with down, feathers or a synthetic fibre like polyester. A good jacket should contain a padding that is lightweight and traps in the heat generated by your body. This brings me onto my second tip, it’s not much good having a great filling if the jacket isn’t windproof or waterproof.

Given the British weather good insulation is almost pointless without a waterproof or windproof exterior to protect you from the wind, snow, sleet and rain. Ideally a good winter jacket should have a waterproof coating applied to the outer layer as well as tapered seams. Bear in mind that waterproof jackets are almost always windproof but windproof jackets aren’t always waterproof. If your wondering why you would choose a windproof jacket, that’s a good question. Windproof jackets are typically shower resistant and usually more breathable than waterproof alternatives. So really, the best option for you depends on how active you are and the weather conditions you’ll face.



Layering Up

As previously mentioned with footwear, you can always add layers . If you are looking for a more versatile jacket or coat that can also be used in the summer months focus on finding something waterproof or windproof.  Fleeces, jumpers and gilets are a great way to improve the insulating qualities of a thinner jacket, however this can be a bulkier alternative.



Winter Accessories

Keeping warm in winter is all about wrapping up from head to toe. As an adult it can be easy to overlook the importance of simple winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. During the winter bare skin is a real no, no. Your head, hands and neck are great places for body heat to escape.

Hats & Scarves

Fed up of annoying, uncomfortable and irritating hoods? We’re with you. Hats are a great alternative. Whether you choose a wool, acrylic or fleece option they are a real must-have during the winter. We know what you’re thinking, how can they replace a hood? While a soggy wool hat won’t keep you warm and dry in the snow a waterproof hat will. Some manufacturers add a waterproof inner layer to make their hats much more versatile than traditional options.

Whether you choose an understated, soft and cosy lambswool scarf or a bold, bright chunky knit scarf, there’s no better way to complete your outfit. Both stylish and practical, scarves are a great way to keep out the cold.




When you’re trying to reply to a text gloves can feel like a nuisance, but you won’t get far if you can’t feel your fingers either. Besides, there’s a solution for that. Why not try fingerless gloves or touch screen compatible gloves. They’ve got all the advantages of traditional gloves without the drawbacks.



With all these winter wardrobe tips you’re all set to embrace the snow and take winter in your stride! We hope you found this blog helpful. You can find our full range of products online or in one of our stores.

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