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Fashion, fit and function. Staying true to these traditional values is something that Charles Owen pride themselves on. Providing a range of stylish, safe peaked riding hats & skull caps for children & adults.

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Charles Owen Riding HatsCharles Owen Riding Hats

Charles Owen - Ride With Confidence

Hands down the most important piece of kit we own, our riding hat is what keeps us safe in the saddle and at the stables! World famous for raising the bar in equestrian safety, Charles Owen are a leading manufacturer of helmets. Loved by riders and handlers alike, they produce over 180,000 skull caps and peaked riding hats a year. Was yours one of them? Find out why so many riders choose Charles!

Charles Owen Riding HatsCharles Owen Riding Hats
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Charles Owen Lunar & Halo – Celebrating 110 Years

If we were to ask you “Which is the most valuable item in your tack room?” what would you say? It’s easy to forget that value isn’t about money, rather the importance you place on something. Without a doubt the most critical piece of kit any equestrian owns is a  riding hat! Are you ready for an upgrade? 

Charles Owen - Ride With Confidence

The challenges that have made Charles Owen flourish throughout the years are still very much here today: Fashion, Fit and Function. Staying true to one’s traditional values is something that Charles Owen believe to be the secret of the company’s longevity. Providing a range of stylish but safe peaked riding hats and skull caps for children and adults alike.

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