Find For You Service

The service

When we've sold out online, we will try to get your item from one of our shops instead. We call this our Find For You Service.

If you place an order containing an item that needs to be recalled from a shop, there will be a slight delay before we can send your order to you. We've made it very clear for you to see when this happens on the:

  • product page
  • bag/basket page

The notification you will see looks like this:

How does it work?

It's all automatic and there is nothing for you to do. Simply place your order online as normal and be aware of the notifications telling you that the item or quantity you are ordering will be fulfilled with our Find For You Service.

How long does it take?

It can take up to 5 days for us to get an item recalled back from a shop to our central processing location but it can also be much faster than this.

We will not despatch part of your order. We will wait until it is all together at our central order processing location. You may want to place separate orders for items on the Find For You Service if you require other items sooner. Our customer services team would be happy to help with this over the telephone if you prefer.

Choice of delivery service

Our faster delivery services are available for all orders but when selected on a Find For You order, the actual delivery timescale will be slightly longer.

For example, if you choose the Express service on a Find For You order, we will still send your order on the Express service but the actual date of despatch will be delayed until your order is fully consolidated in our central processing location. You will still receive your order faster than placing it with a slower service such as the Standard service but please bear in mind that it will not arrive within the usual delivery window.

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