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Fly Rugs

Warm weather means flies. Keep your horse or pony... Read more
Fly Rugs
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  1. Bridleway

    Fly Sheet Sea Green
  2. Horseware®

    Amigo® 3-in-1 Evolution Fly Rug Aqua/Orange/Aqua
    RRP £139.95 You Pay £124.95
  3. Sale 106371SIL106371SIL
  4. Horseware®

    Amigo® Bug Rug Azure Blue/Aqua/Orange
    RRP £83.95 You Pay £74.95
  5. Sale 107505NVY107505NVY


    Amigo® Flyrider Navy/Silver
    £71.95 £54.99
  6. Sale 110837SNY110837SNY
  7. Horseware®

    Mio Fly Rug Bronze/Navy
    RRP £47.95 You Pay £42.95
  8. Sale 112274GRN112274GRN
  9. Sale 106363BLU106363BLU
  10. Sale 106365WHT106365WHT


    Waterproof Fly Rug Liner White
    £39.95 £29.99
  11. Sale 117460BPR117460BPR
  12. Shires

    Highlander Waterproof Fly Sheet Petrol
    RRP £79.99 You Pay £71.99
  13. Shires

    Sweet-Itch Combo Rug White
    RRP £74.99 You Pay £67.50
  14. Shires

    Tempest Fly Combo Rug Zebra
    RRP £49.99 You Pay £44.99
  15. Sale 118512DLN118512DLN
  16. Shires

    Tempest Original Fly Combo Rug White
    RRP £44.99 You Pay £40.50
  17. Sale 112136SIL112136SIL


    ComFiTec 600D/Mesh Fly Rug Silver
    £92.99 £69.99
  18. Sale 117424DKP117424DKP
  19. WeatherBeeta

    ComFiTec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck Fly Rug Llama
    RRP £64.99 You Pay £58.99
  20. WeatherBeeta

    ComFiTec Shield Combo Neck Fly Rug White/Blue
    RRP £92.99 You Pay £89.99
  21. Sale 109332WHT109332WHT


    Ripshield Plus Combo Fly Rug White/Blue
    £79.99 £67.99

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Fly Rugs

Fly Rugs

Warm weather means flies. Keep your horse or pony protected from irritating flies, midges and other biting insects. Shop our range of comfortable, cool, lightweight and breathable fly rugs and sheets. Browse our standard, combo and detachable neck styles. Stockists of top brands Horseware, WeatherBeeta and Shires.

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