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WeatherBeeta make quality turnout rugs, stable rugs, fleeces, saddle pads, fly veils & much more. Rigorously tested to ensure the best quality for your horse, their products are loved by equestrians everywhere!

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Marble Mania – New WeatherBeeta Prime

Marble mania is taking the equestrian world by storm. Will you be on trend this season?

Take a look at the latest marblous matchy-matchy must-haves from WeatherBeeta, they don’t disappoint!

Latest Styles

Have You Spotted It Yet?

It’s no secret that new season WeatherBeeta is always a cause for celebration! But if we’re honest, we were pretty sure that coming up with something more exciting than otter rugs and rainbow Ombre matchy matchy was basically impossible. We’re happy to inform you… We were wrong! 

Whatever the weather - Choose WeatherBeeta

WeatherBeeta has become one of the most recognised brands in the equestrian industry since it was established over 35 years ago. WeatherBeeta provide high quality products for your horse including turnout rugs and stable rugs which are rigorously tested to ensure the best quality for your horse. Fly protection, saddle pads and boots are some of the other products offered by WeatherBeeta. With products designed to conquer the elements, whatever the weather throws at your horse you can be sure their rug will protect them.

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