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  1. Petface®

    Short Hair Comb
  2. Petface®

    Long Hair Comb
  3. Petface®

    Claw Clippers
    From £7.99
  4. Petface®

    Double Sided Brush
    From £5.49
  5. Petface®

    Slicker Brush
    From £4.30
  6. Petface®

    Medium Hair Comb
  7. Petface®

    Flea and Dust Comb

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Cat & Kitten

Here at Naylors we've got everything you need to keep your feline friend looking and feeling fabulous! Browse our selection of cat and kitten products from scratchers and treats to catnip and toys. Choose from top brands we know you'll love including Petface and Felix.

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