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What is Laybuy?

Laybuy is a type of interest free credit which offers online shoppers a repayment plan that lets you make your purchase today and pay for it in 6 equal payments, once a week for 6 weeks. To use Laybuy responsibly you must make sure that you can afford to repay the amount of each weekly payment as it becomes due as missing payments can result in late fees and damage your credit rating.

Why Laybuy?

Can’t wait for the latest launch? Or want to get ahead on Christmas shopping? With Laybuy, you can shop now and pay in weekly instalments on a day that suits you!

How Do I Use Laybuy?

Just shop Naylors and checkout as usual. At checkout, choose Laybuy as your payment method. You will be directed to the Laybuy website to register and provide payment details (Visa or Mastercard). If you’ve used Laybuy before, just log in to your Laybuy account. Then complete your order!

The Laybuy Checklist

It’s straightforward. To use Laybuy you must...

- Be 18 years old or over
- Have a UK bank account
- Have a UK residential address
- Have a passport or driving licence

How it works

Laybuy performs a credit check to obtain a credit score on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit and you can begin using Laybuy immediately. The first payment equal to one sixth of the purchase price is due once your order is completed. The remaining 5 payments are taken each week on the day of the original purchase from your nominated card. No further action is required and all account information including a payment schedule can be viewed, at any time, through your Laybuy account.

Laybuy FAQ's

What if I can't pay a Laybuy Instalment?

If funds are not available at the time the automatic payment is due, you will be sent an email. If you still have not paid within 24 hours you will be charged a £6 late payment fee by Laybuy. If you do not make this payment within the next 7 days you will be charged another late of £6. They’ll do this up to a maximum limit of £24 for each time you buy something with Laybuy. They will also report missed payments to the credit reference agencies which may have an impact on your ability to obtain credit from other lenders. Also they will not allow you make any further purchases using Laybuy until you have paid us amounts you have missed. Please see Laybuy Terms of Use here.

Where Can I Use Laybuy?

Laybuy can only be used on purchases made on the Naylors website. Laybuy cannot be used as a form of payment for purchases in any of our Naylors store locations.

When Will My Items Be Delivered If I use Laybuy?

Laybuy orders are delivered within our standard delivery timeframes like any order from Naylors. Visit our Delivery Page for more information.

How do I return or exchange an item purchased with Laybuy?

Laybuy returns follow our standard return process. Please note, refunds for Laybuy will be refunded from Naylors to Laybuy. As soon as the refund is processed it will drop into your Laybuy online account. Have more questions about Laybuy returns? Go to the Laybuy website.

Where can I find out more about Laybuy?

Visit the Laybuy website here for a comprehensive list of FAQs and consumer terms and conditions. Laybuy’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

Naylors Help

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