Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle – Winner of the Innovation Awards – BETA 2008 & FEI Approved (Federation Equestre Internationale)

The Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is designed from the inside out, to fit the shape of the horses skull. The Micklem Bridle is designed to be the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented.

The Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is an all in one, multi-purpose bridle designed to do four jobs in one. The Micklem MultiBridle is designed with the horse’s comfort and well being in mind. Following the shape of the horse’s skull from the inside and not the outward appearance of the head, the bridle sits comfortably without causing pressure points on the sensitive areas of the horse’s head.

The Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle was designed and invented by William Micklem. William Micklem is an outstanding horseman, with many years of experience, qualifications and acclaimations to his name. He is an International coach, best selling author and well known speaker in Ireland. William is a Fellow of the British Horse Society and a presenter at many international equestrian conferences. William Micklem’s book The Complete Horse Riding Manual is a top seller world wide and is now available in eleven different languages. He owns and manages Annacrivey Stud in Co Wicklow with his wife Sarah, where he runs an elite breeding programme. William has bred Karen O’Connors’ Olympic horse Madiba and Zara Phillips’ High Kingdom. William also found three famous Olympic medalist horses – Custom Made, Gilt Edge and Biko for Karen and David O’Connor. Read William Micklem’s full biography online.

William’s design of the Micklem MultiBridle has always had the horse’s comfort and mental health in mind whilst offering flexibility and effectiveness for the rider.

William Micklem’s understanding of equine bio-mechanics and mental health, and his ability to think outside the box, has enabled him to develop a sure fire winner in the Micklem Multibridle. If horses were choosing a bridle, the multibridle would be top of their list. Let us educate our horses with kindness and reward, as happy horses reach their full potential.

John Ledingham. Comdt Chairman EFI Coaching. Three times winner of Hickstead Derby and member of over 40 Nations Cup teams

Micklem MultiBridle – what are the functions of this multi-purpose bridle?

The Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is unique and the first bridle to avoid pressure points on the horse’s sensitive areas, and is designed to be used as four different pieces of equipment in one:

  • A bridle including an integral noseband.
  • A lunge cavasson.
  • A bitless bridle with 3 strength options.
  • Headcollar.
Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

Image courtesy of Horseware®

The Micklem MultiBridle features the unique tongue and bars of the mouth protection system (Tongue Protection Clip / Bit Clips)

Micklem MultiBridle – how does the design work?

  • The Micklem MultiBridle offers a wide and padded headpiece which distributes the weight of the bridle evenly and comfortably, thus preventing all the weight going on a narrow nosestrap over the fragile bones in the nose. Also there is no separate noseband strap, this will prevent skin pinching, mane and forelock strands being pulled tight under comfortable straps over the poll.
  • The horse’s head is a very sensitive area with a top jaw that is much wider than the lower jaw, pretruding bones, facial nerves and pretruding molar teeth. The Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is designed following the shape of the horse’s skull rather than working from the outside appearance of the horse’s head. The main areas it is designed to avoid are the cheek bones, pressure on the facial nerves and upper jaw molar teeth, as well as delicate and fragile bones at the end of the nose. Tight fitting cavessons, flash nosebands and bitless bridles can cause damage and discomfort to the horse, all these issues can effect your performance. The unique design of diagonal side pieces with a drop noseband shape avoids inward pressure on protruding molars.
  • Traditional lunge cavessons and tight flash nosebands can put pressure on the main motor and sensory nerves that exit the skull at the position of the traditional noseband, this is quite often why horses rub there heads on a foreleg after work. This area is very sensitive and can become numb. Continuous pressure in the area can damage blood vessels and tissue, creating enlargement of the fibrous tissue. The Micklem MultiBridle completely avoids the exit point on the skull for facial nerves.
  • The noseband of the Micklem MultiBridle sits higher than a normal noseband to avoid the fragile bones at the end of the nose. No horse should be subjected to the pressure of a low fitted noseband.
  • The Tongue Protection System relieves the pressure on the tongue and takes any extra pressure on the nose, rather than the tongue. Due to a narrow lower jaw and the bars of the mouth which are shaped like a knife it is obvious why so many horses struggle to accept the bit quietly and object to strong pressure on the tongue and bars of the mouth. The bitless bridle options that the Micklem MultiBridle offers are really comfortable for the horse.

Micklem MultiBridle

Image courtesy of Horseware®

You can view the video on how to assemble and fit the Micklem MultiBridle correctly online.

We all know how uncomfortable incorrectly fitted shoes or clothing can feel and how that can effect how you react and feel during the day. Your horse’s bridle and saddle is no different. The Micklem MultiBridle sits away from all these areas of discomfort, and can change a difficult horse into a soft and tractable horse, riding calmly into the riders contact.

The advantages of the Micklem MultiBridle are huge and your horse will thank you for it, and it will show in your performance. Whether you are a serious competitor or a happy hacker the Micklem MultiBridle really can benefit horses and riders of all levels.

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

Image courtesy of Horseware®

The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre has had some Micklem MultiBridles donated to them by Horseware® earlier in the year, here is what they said:

We were very excited to receive 2 Micklem bridles and ice vibe boots including the new hock boot from our great supporters Horseware Ireland. St Reverien loves the Micklem bridle as it relieves all pressure points and allows movement of the horses jaw. We will keep you posted as to how we find these fantastic products.

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

St. Reverien from TRC wearing his Micklem Bridle

We have recently been using Micklem bridles kindly donated by Horseware Ireland and had fantastic results. This picture shoes why as they are designed for comfort and don’t put pressure on facial Nerves. Some nosebands are put on too low (flash nosebands) or too tight so interfere with the horses breathing as well as putting pressure on the fragile nose bone. What type of nosebands do you use on your ex racer and why?

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle

Image Courtesy of TRC & Horseware Ireland

Issues that the Micklem MultiBridle can overcome:

  • Lunging from a bridle can be dangerous, I know I’ve never liked lunging with the lunge rein attached to the bit and over the poll
  • Lunging and causing the horse discomfort due to a bridle and a lunge cavesson, giving the horse more pressure points and the feeling of wearing too much
  • Resistance to the bit due to pain
  • Horses that don’t like too much pressure on the tongue
  • Getting the tongue over the bit
  • Fighting the contact
  • Head shaking
  • Wanting to rub the face

The benefits of the Micklem MultiBridle:

  • Offers comfort for the horse and flexibility for the rider
  • Reduce your costs (all in one solution)
  • Perfect for fast work as it prevents tongues from getting squashed
  • Ideal for young horses and ponies who need to be lunged before being ridden
  • Ideal for young or novice riders who need to be led or lunged
  • Ideal for horses or ponies that suffer from a resitricting rein contact due to a novice / nervous rider
  • Perfect for elite riders who want a winning edge and a happier horse. The bridle is FEI Approved to be used in competition
  • Ideal for any level of rider who wants a kinder option that offers better performance
  • A potential solution to all the issues mentioned above

William Micklem says...

We need to be open to change and allowing a good idea to give way to a better idea. My philosophy is never think you can’t do something because it hasn’t been done before. The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle is a change for the better.

The Micklem Competition Bridle

The Micklem Competition Bridle

Image courtesy of Horseware®

The Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is also available as a competition bridle, without the D-ring for the lunge cavesson.

Where to Buy the Micklem Competition Bridle

Buy the Rambo® Micklem Competition Bridle from Naylors online. Each Micklem Bridle comes with an instruction manual and CD advising how to assemble and fit the bridle correctly.

Bristish Dressage and British Eventing (FEI Approved):

The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle and Competition Bridle are both legal to use in both National & International Affliated Competition WITHOUT the bit clips.

What are your thoughts on the Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle? Would you buy one? Do you already own one? What issues did you have and has the Micklem Bridle helped resolve them?

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