Massage Vs Magnetic Therapy For Your Horse

Which Equilibrium Therapy Product Is Right For Your Horse?

Are you after some products to offer therapy for your horse but you’re not sure which one best suits your needs? This blog is going to take a look at the Equilibrium magnetic and massage therapy products to discuss their uses so you can make the best decision for your horse. Both therapies offer great benefits to horses and can be really useful in helping horses achieve their greatest potential or recover from injuries.

Massage Therapy For Your Horse

Massage therapy is a great way to relax your horse. That doesn’t mean it’ll make them sleepy but it is a fantastic way to loosen up tense muscles. It is great for preparing your horse for exercise and can make a difference in your horse’s suppleness under the saddle. It is suggested that it is used for 30 minutes at a time but no longer. Why not pop on a massage pad while you do you yard tasks such as mucking out then after the 30 minutes tack up and your horse will be ready for work. The massaging action stimulates good circulation and so gets oxygen moving around the body and to the muscles.


This isn’t the only use for massage therapy for your horse. It is great at relaxing any tightness in muscles after hard exercise much like having a sports massage. You may also use massaging to relax your horse if they tend to get tight and even anxious day to day. You can use a massage pad almost like a spa treatment to help calm the horse physically which can have a positive effect mentally.


Equilibrium have both a massage back pad and an ingenious massage mitt. The pad can be left on while you do your chores while the mitt allows you to really bond with your horse and cover other areas such as the shoulders and hind quarters that the pad cannot reach.

Equilibrium Therapy® Massage Pad

Therapy For Your Horse - Equilibrium Massage Therapy Massage Mitt
£124.99 RRP

Magnetic Therapy For Your Horse

Magnetic therapy doesn’t have as much of a physical effect on the horse’s body but it uses magnets to manipulate the blood stream. It basically means that negatively charged magnets will draw oxygenated blood towards it as this is positively charged. This is why magnetic therapy is said to help circulation and improve the supply of oxygen to tissue mass. This can help with the recovery of tired muscles after exercise and soothe aches and pains. It is a good tool to use to relieve stiffness and to aid with recovery from injuries.


Magnetic therapy products are great for competition horses in hard work, those that tend to be stiff and sore in the back or the legs and veterans who are starting to get aches and pains. It is also fantastic for horses on box rest or who are stabled for long periods due to lack of turnout facilities. It can get the blood and oxygen flowing when exercise isn’t a possibility.


The magnetic pads and chaps available can be left on in the stable during the day or overnight and are really easy to wash. Simply remove the magnets and pop in the washing machine. The fact that the magnets can be removed means you can place then strategically under the pad wherever you need. This is a great feature because it means you can target specific problem areas.


Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad

£195 RRP



So if your horse tends to get tense or takes a long time to relax into work then massage therapy could be for you. If your horse gets sore or stiff, is recovering from injury or stuck on box rest you may opt for magnetic therapy for your horse. If your horse covers both these descriptions or they are in consistent hard work then you may want to consider combining the uses of both. Equilibrium do offer a bundle that includes the two different therapy types for just £399. If you think about it, that’s like buying a massage pad and getting the magnetic pads for around £74!

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic & Massage Bundle

Therapy For Your Horse - Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic & Massage Bundle

£399 RRP


Want to see the rest of our Equilibrium range? Click the button below to have a good browse of their therapy products, fly protection and horse boots.

Summer Breeches & Riding Tights

Our Top Summer Breeches & Riding Tights Perfect For Riding In The Sun

Summer means sunshine, long evenings and lots of riding. Okay, so it may not be glorious sunshine all of the time but you definitely want to make the most of your riding while it’s nice and light. You’ll want to be comfortable and cool while in the saddle so we’ve pulled together our top 5 summer breeches and riding tights to help you out. To find out more about our chosen breeches or to take a closer look simply click the pictures below.


There are some great features being added into riding wear nowadays that really can help with your riding performance. If you’re comfortable and not overheating then you’ll be able to focus on your riding. Within our selection of summer breeches you’ll find features such as UPF sun protection, mesh panels for ventilation, highly breathable fabrics and quick drying fabrics. These all show off how today’s designers are really thinking about the rider’s needs when designing equestrian wear for warmer weather. At the end of the day you also want your breeches to look great and we feel the five examples below have the perfect balance between style and practicality. So without further ado, let’s meet our selection.

Horseware® Ladies Riding Tights Marble Sport

Fun colours, mesh panels and great flexibility.

Summer Breeches - Horseware® Ladies Riding Tights Marble Sport

£59.95 RRP

Dublin Ladies Performance Cool-It Gel Full Seat Tights Indigo

A Horse & Rider Best Value winner, they’re stretchy and offer great grip.

Summer Breeches - Dublin Ladies Performance Cool-It Gel Full Seat Tights Indigo

£49.99 RRP

Whitaker Ladies Miami Full Seat Breeches Tropical Blue

Quick drying and breathable fabric with a silicone seat.

Summer Breeches - Whitaker Ladies Miami Full Seat Breeches Tropical Blue

£64.99 RRP

Horze Ladies Leah Full Seat Silicone Tights Eggplant

UPF+50 sun protection, quick drying fabric with mesh panels.

Summer Breeches - Horze Ladies Leah Full Seat Silicone Tights Eggplant

£79.99 RRP

My LeMieux Ladies Engage Breeches Midnight Indigo

Seamless design with LeMieux’s X-Grip and core muscle support.

Summer Breeches - My LeMieux Ladies Engage Breeches Midnight Indigo

£79.95 RRP

So which pair is your favourite? Why not have a browse of our full collection of breeches, jodhpurs and riding tights online using the button below. Or you could pay one of our stores a visit to try them on in person. You can find out more about our stores by clicking here.

Show Preparation – LeMieux Product Review

Show Preparation with LeMieuxRandal Qualifying for HOYS after using my favourite show preparation products

My name is Jessica Taylor and I am part of the Customer Service team here at Naylors Equestrian. In  this blog I’m going to talk about my show preparation. 2017 was a very exciting year for me and my horse Randal. It was our third consecutive year competing in the Intermediate working hunter classes with it being the most successful to date, having qualified for the Royal International Horse Show and the Horse of the Year Show with many other wins at the major shows around the country. My proudest moment of the season would be winning the intermediate section of the Lord Leverhulme Gold Cup at the Royal Cheshire County Show. 

Waring in at HOYS after using the LeMieux Show Preparation Products. The team at Horse Health sent me some fabulous LeMieux products to review while I am training at home and out competing to use for show preparation. Since using these products I have noticed a massive difference in Randal’s performance at home and the overall appearance of his coat and finish whilst in the show ring. I have also noticed how quick and easy my show preparations are.

LeMieux have the finest equestrian products that will keep you and your horse looking stylish. They are great products that lead to the great Results.

My top five must have LeMieux show preparation products for the 2018 show season are:

Tried and tested Lemieux show preparation products

LeMieux X-Grip Twin Sided Euro Jump Square

LeMieux Time To Shine

LeMieux Perfect Cover Spray Black and White

LeMieux On The Hoof Spray Oil

LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor

LeMieux X-Grip Twin Sided Euro Jump Square

The perfect saddle pad to aid in show preparation while training at home. The LeMieux X-Grip Twin Sided Euro Jump Square is the only saddle pad I use while at home to prepare for a show. This is due to its stylish look, the shock absorption system and its super soft Bamboo Lining.

While training at home I like to know that my horse is going to perform at his best and this saddle pad is perfect for this as it has been designed to offer stability, shock absorbance and grip. The saddle pad features a unique 3 layer system that combines the X-Grip silicone top layer, Blast foam core and the Acavallo gel underside. The X-Grip system holds my saddle perfectly in place. The Blast foam core is a memory foam layer that moulds to the horses back and saddle so I know every time I ride my saddle is going to sit perfectly on my horses back whilst providing comfort.

Previously while preparing I would have ridden in a plain saddle pad and then added an Acavallo gel pad to offer shock absorption however when using the LeMieux X-Grip saddle pad there is no need to add a half pad or gel pad due to the Acavallo underside already being built in to the pad. This makes it less bulky so you are closer to the horse so you can feel how the horse is going so much better.

The final thing that draws me to this saddle pad is its super soft Bamboo lining. This lining is exceptionally soft that almost has the feel of cashmere or silk. It is a natural wicking and deodorising material so doesn’t get smelly and absorbs and controls sweat under the saddle which is ideal during a tough training session.


LeMieux Time To Shine

The LeMieux Time To Shine leaves a lovely shine on the horses coat while preparing for the show. As my horse is grey it is very hard to get him shiny but this spray makes his coat and tail glisten perfectly. I particularly like to use this spray as part of my show preparation as it does not attract dirt or dust while at the competition and as the mist comes out it does not leave a moisture mark on the coat just a beautiful shine.

To prepare for a show I like to apply this all over the horse’s body and in the tail. When applying it to the horses coat I like to spray a layer of the product on the coat directly after the horse has been bathed as this will dry the product into the coat. Then when I get to the show I will spray it onto a mitt or a cloth and wipe it all over which really catches the light whether its artificial or on a sunny day. When applying to the tail I spray it directly into the hair and comb through. This spray also acts a detangler so the tail will stay knot free.

This is my must have product to prepare for show ring as it is the perfect finishing spray!


LeMieux Perfect Cover Spray Black and White

When Preparing for the show the LeMieux Perfect Cover Spray can be usd to cover any scars or the enhance the colour of the horses fur. All grey horse owners will understand the frustrations when you have spent hours of prepping getting them clean to then come back to the horse spotting a poo stain. But this spray is the answer to everyone’s prayers. Once the poo stain has been removed this is the perfect product to enhance the white. I also use this product on the horses socks and to disguise any scars or blemishes.

When using this product on the horses socks I spray it directly onto the leg wait for it to dry and then use a soft brush to brush off any excess so it blends naturally into the hair. Tip: Apply this product before applying any hoof oil as this remove any excess that is on the horse feet so no one will know that the spray has been used. If I am covering any little nics or scars I spray this directly onto sponge and then dab it onto any areas that are needed. I also use the black spray with this method to blacken out any dapples on the horses legs to enhance them.

I have used many different colour enhancing sprays but this I find really useful as it is easy use and doesn’t come off instantly.


LeMieux On The Hoof Spray Oil

Spay on the LeMieux On The Hoof Spray Oil for any show preparations for the perfect shine one the hooves that will last all day. This is the longest lasting hoof oil shine I have used. It is a high gloss clear spray that can be used on any colour hooves. It adds instant shine that lasts all day long. I like to apply this product the night before any competition as a base coat and then add a second layer at the competition for a smart finishing touch.

To apply this product you simply just spray it on the hooves in a side to side motion for an even coverage. Once dry you are left with a glossy hoof that will last for hours making your show preparation quick and easy.


LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor

The LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor is a must have product for my show preparations.This razor is a product I can not go without having. It is the ideal safe and quick way to remove any whiskers or scraggly hairs. I use this product the night before a competition for a close shave while knowing I am at no risk of cutting the horse as its non-clogging razor is protected by a comb. If we are going to a a stay away show it is perfect to have with us in case the whiskers start to grow back I can just quickly remove the hairs.

To use this product on the horses muzzle I use it in downward strokes to remove the hair evenly leaving no hairs behind or any razor marks.

The LeMieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor is a must have, practical for any last minute show preparation either at the show or on the yard. These can also be reused several times and are so affordable at the price of just £1.99!


After trialling these products I would not want to be without them now. They really are game changers for show preparation. I look forward to continue to use these products during the upcoming season.

Our Latest Dubarry Styles

Take A Look At Some Of Dubarry’s Latest Spring/Summer Styles

In summer you’ll want to pack away your tweed jackets and country boots (as much as you love them). So it’s time to start looking at light jackets, blouses and deck shoes. Dubarry are brilliant at creating designs that sit well in any country outfit that are also fashionable enough to wear for a day out shopping in town. This season, they have managed just that with their range of clothing and accessories for the warmer months. Read on to explore some of their latest offerings.

Dubarry Ladies Portmagee Top DenimDubarry Ladies Portmagee Top Denim

This cute top is comfy enough to wear for a relaxed day at home but also looks great for heading on a day out in town or out for a walk. It’s made from a crease-resistant material so is perfect for packing to take on your travels. The blue colour and fun button shoulder give this quite a nautical feel. This top perfectly blends comfort and style and will soon become a favourite.



Dubarry Ladies Clematis Shirt WhiteDubarry Ladies Clematis Shirt White

This classic shirt is so versatile. It is smart enough to wear to work or with a more formal outfit yet stylish and comfy enough to wear as part of a more casual outfit. It combines a classic block of white with a fun pop of colour through the print on the button area and inside the colour. The addition of red thread used on the buttons and for the embroidered logo gives this shirt a fresh modern feel.



Dubarry Ladies Roscarbery Ankle Trousers KhakiDubarry Ladies Roscarbery Ankle Trousers Khaki

These classic Khaki coloured trousers are perfect for summer adventures in the UK or for taking away on holiday. They’re made from a stretch cotton twill fabric for comfort. They have a tapered legs shape which means they look great with deck shoes, sandals and ankle boots alike. The pockets are really useful for holding belongings and the zip and button fastening makes them easy to get on.


Dubarry Ladies Ardmayle Cardigan GreyDubarry Ladies Ardmayle Cardigan Grey

This cardigan is the perfect extra layer for summer evenings when the sun starts to set but you don’t want a heavy jacket. It is flattering and fashionable with the shawl collar adding a sophisticated finish. It is made from a cotton, nylon yarn mix for comfort and durability. The front pockets are useful for holding any small valuables while you’re on the go. The ribbed knit texture adds dimension to the sleeves, pockets and collar for a unique twist on the classic cardigan.



Dubarry Foynes Reversible Belt NavyDubarry Foynes Reversible Belt Navy

This clever belt gives you a choice of collars so you can pick which one goes best with your outfit as the buckle is completely reversible. Will you choose the darker navy colour or the lighter cobalt blue side? It is made from the highest quality soft-peached leather. These colours go perfectly with a whole host of other accessories in the range this season from shoes to handbags.


Dubarry Ladies Bali Shoes Sail WhiteDubarry Ladies Bali Shoes Sail White

These beautiful deck shoes are the perfect summer shoe! They are made from Dubarry’s high quality soft-peached leather and have a water resistant finish. They also feature DryFast-DrySoft technology which means even if they do get wet they’ll stay looking and feeling fantastic. They have signature traction on the sole and water dispersion channels to offer grip in both wet and dry conditions. They are available in a range of colours but we love the lightness of this white option.


Dubarry Garbally Cross Body Bag CobaltDubarry Garbally Cross Body Bag Cobalt

This lovely cobalt leather matches one of the sides of the reversible belt seen above. It is a great everyday bag and it can add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe. The strap is adjustable and it features a zip closure on top with a smaller outside pocket featuring a magnetic closure. It is made from the same high quality leather seen in the belt and shoes above and even has a water resistant finish to keep your belongings safe and dry. The key holder clip is a great idea for those who hate rummaging around to find their keys.


Where will your new Dubarry outfit take you? We’d love to see pictures of your new Dubarry purchases so be sure to post them on social media and tag us in them.

WIN A Year’s Supply Of Stain Master

You Could Win 12 Bottles Of Carr & Day & Martin Stain Master By Entering Our Photo Contest!

Does your horse love to get mucky? Are they the sort of horse that likes to form mystery stains the morning of a big show? Or are you sick of having a permanently mucky horse over winter because it’s too cold to wash them? Well we have a solution for you! We’re giving one lucky winner a year’s supply of Carr & Day & Martin Stain Master!


To be in with a chance of winning our 12 600ml bottles, all we ask is that you post a picture of your horse looking particularly mucky to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #NaylorsBeAStainMaster. All of the entries will be drawn together into a gallery which you can view by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to tag us using @NaylorsOnline on whichever platform you choose to enter on. Just remember that entries close at 12.30pm on 24th May 2018.

View The Gallery »



Want to know a little more about Stain Master?

It is a spray designed to remove dirt and manure stains from your horse’s coat. It is great for last minute touch ups before a show and for getting white markings whiter. It is also brilliant for use in the colder months when it is a bit too chilly for washing as it works even without water!



Stain Master

Another great feature is the bottle itself. Stain Master comes in a bottle which used revolutionary Equimist 360 spray technology. This means you can spray at any angle, even upside down, which means it is great for hard to reach places. You’ll also notice that once you reach the end of the bottle you won’t struggle to get the last little bits out. The nozzle gives a nice wide spray pattern and gives out a fine mist meaning you get a nice even distribution. The spray gives out minimal sound so it is great for horses who are a bit wary of being squirted at. Finally, the bottle is nice and easy to hold, it isn’t too chunky and it has an ergonomically designed shape too.


So get posting those pictures of your dirty horse and show us why you’re in need of some Stain Master!

Good Luck!