Our Visit To Manchester Dogs Home

Naylors Staff Visit Manchester Dogs Home To Drop Off A Donation

Here at the Naylors head office we try to raise money for charity throughout the year. Our staff get involved making donations through raffles and fancy dress days and then pick charities to donate to. Our latest donation has gone to Manchester Dogs Home, a cause close to our hearts. A lot of our staff are dog owners or at least dog lovers. Two of our team went along to Manchester Dogs Home drop off the donation.


The donation consisted of lots of dog food, 144 tins to be exact! The home can hold a large number of dogs at a time and of course they all need plenty to eat so they get through vast amounts of food each week. We also donated lots of treats, some toys for the dogs to play with and some bowls they can use for either food or water.


Manchester Dogs Home are only funded by donations and fundraising events. They are always really grateful to volunteers who help to exercise the dogs. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating or organising a fundraiser click below for more details.


Zeta at Manchester Dogs Home


The team at Manchester Dogs Home are very friendly and approachable and showed us around and brought some of the dogs out to meet us. First we met Zeta who is one of their longest standing dogs. She is a very friendly American Bulldog who loves chasing hosepipes. The team think she’s struggling to find a home due to her size, she is quite big!


Max at Manchester Dogs Home


We then met Max, a 10 month old who has actually come from the streets of Romania. In Romania they have a big problem with stray dogs and so Manchester Dogs Home work alongside another charity to bring some dogs over to the UK in order to find them a home.



If you’re interested in finding out more about Zeta or Max or you’d like to take a look at the other dogs that are now ready for re-homing click below.

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Horsepal Sensor – Tried & Tested Review

We Asked Some Of Our Staff To Review The Horsepal Sensor From Horseware

A couple of our staff members have been trying out the Horsepal sensor from Horseware. This clever device allows you to monitor your horse’s temperature and humidity levels under their rug so you can establish if they are comfortable. This let’s you decide if your horse is in the best rug for them or if you should opt for a lighter or a heavier option. It lets you analyse the data using a handy app that builds graphs and even suggest certain rugs based on weather forecasts. Let’s see how the sensor got on when we put it to the test.

Our testers:

Horsepal Tried & Tested - Jazz


Jazz – 12 year old, 15.3hh British Sports Horse

Jazz is a good doer and very rarely drops weight. She’s just had a year off working but is just being brought back into work. She is probably a little overweight at the moment because of this. She haven’t been clipped yet so is lovely and hairy but it’d be interesting to see what readings the sensor gives when she’s had a haircut.


Horsepal Tried & Tested - Apatchie


Patch – 20 year old, 15.2hh Small Hunter Type

Patch is definitely a good doer over summer but then over winter can find it a bit harder to keep weight on. I think the Horsepal sensor will be useful to check that she’s not getting cold and having to use too much energy on keeping warm.  At the start of the trial she was very fluffy but since then she’s been clipped.



What They Had To Say:

Step 1 – Setting up the app & syncing the sensor.

Horsepal App Screenshot

We both found that setting up the Horsepal app was easy. All we had to do was head to the app store on our phones, search ‘Horsepal’ and download it. From there you create an account. This just needs your email address and a password. Once you’ve done this you’ll receive an email to verify it. This means you can now log in.



Horspeal - Syncing The Sensor Then we had to set up information about where we keep our horses! First you have to add the details of your stable into the app. Then you can move onto adding all the details about your horse. You can put loads of details about them from their name and age to breed, passport number, height and much more. Don’t forget to add a picture too! The interface is nice and simple and easy to use.


Once you have a stable and a horse set up you can sync your sensor to assign it to that horse. This was easy enough, Patch’s owner didn’t get a response straight away but clicked the little power button on the sensor and then the app found it.




Step 2 – Attaching the sensor.


There are different ways of attaching the Horsepal to your hore’s rug and we both used different ones. Jazz’s owner opted to use the adhesive sticker to attach it. It was a little fiddly and although initially working well it did start to peel a bit at the edges after a few uses. They do advise that your rug lining is very clean before attaching it! Patch’s owner opted for the ring attachment. This did involve piercing a small hole in the lining of the rug which some people may not be keen to do. It hasn’t effected the outside of the rug or how waterproof it is.



There is also a third way you can attach the sensor if your rug has loops for a liner or detachable hood. In the package is a lanyard that you can attached through one of the loops on your rug and attach the sensor to the other end so it sits flat against your horse’s side.


You want to make sure the sensor always lies flat with the front of the sensor (the side with the logo) facing outwards, not facing your horse’s skin. The ideal location to for the sensor is near the wither in the little groove where the saddle sits.




Step 3 – Reading The Data

The important part is being able to read the data the app collects and put it to good use. We both found syncing the data and reading it nice and easy. You do have to be near the sensor for it to sync and we both thought it’d be really cool if you could read the data in real time from anywhere but given the low price you can’t complain too much. The sensor will hold your data for a few days so you don’t have to download it every day. The app gives you readings for temperature and humidity. Patch’s owner found that when she first started using the sensor the humidity readings were all quite high but the temperature wasn’t. About a week later the humidity readings dropped to within the comfort zones. This must have been affected by the weather at the time.


You can look at the readings in different ways. Either by number, with a handy red/green colour system to show if they’re in their comfort zones, or by graph. We’ve been using these readings to decide if our horse’s were in the right rug for that day and then using that to make better judgements for which rugs to use in the future. Our favourite feature is the rug advisor that helps to predict what weight of rug you should use. This gives you a snapshot of the forecast for the weather and the temperature for the next 4 days.



To conclude, we both have found using the sensor very interesting and have pulled together our favourite and least favourite features below.



Great value for money.

Easy to use app.

Love the rug advisor feature.


Would love to be able to sync to the sensor from further away.

Can be fiddly to attach so take your time.


If you are interested in purchasing a Horsepal sensor of your own be sure to click the button below. Or to find out even more have a watch of our video all about the how to attach and set up your Horsepal and how to use the app.