PS of Sweden - The Truth Behind Brilliant Bridles

PS of Sweden - The Truth Behind Brilliant Bridles

We all want to achieve that magical moment when our horse relaxes into their work. As a rider, allowing them to lower their neck, accept the contact, round their back and engage their hind quarters is the holy grail. But how is it achieved? The truth is, it’s not wizardry at all! No spell or potion is going to help you achieve it… But ensuring that your horse is comfortable is a hugely important factor!

Who are PS of Sweden?

PS of Sweden - The Truth Behind Brilliant Bridles

A relatively new company, PS of Sweden was founded in 2011. Never willing to settle for second best, each of their products is developed for around 10 months! During this process every milometer is scrutinised in painstaking detail. Their aim is to ensure that every product they bring to the market is the best one out there. Just like every equestrian, when they spot something which could be better, they work endlessly using trial and error to find a solution. At PS of Sweden the words "no...", "oh...", and "but, are you really..." have been thrown out. Tears, laughter and head scratching.... They're all a part of perfecting every product!

Ps Of Sweden - Quality First

Ps Of Sweden - Quality First

The first thing we noticed about these beautiful bridles is the quality! At the end of the day a bridle can have all the fancy features in the world but it's got to have the right building blocks too! Soft and supple are two must have features of any leatherwork. All PS of Sweden bridles are made using exclusive, eco-friendly, English leather. Processed sustainably and responsibly, it's tanned using vegetable derivatives rather than harmful chemicals. The result? Flexible, robust leather bridles designed to stand the test of time!

PS. Do you know their secret? Design!

Have you ever seen your horse twitch because a fly landed on their back? This is a prime example of just how sensitive they are! The most delicate area of your horses body is his poll, there are lots of structures including nerves, ligaments and tendons found here. The truth is, no part of our horses bodies work in isolation, from head to hoof it's all connected. Pressure applied around the head can cause a locked jaw, tense neck, tight back and short gait. Something a simple as an uncomfortable bridle could leave you with a horse that's very unhappy ridden and on the ground.




Cut out ears

Extra wide shape

Pressure relief padding

A horses ears are a vital method of communication, whether they're facing forewords, backwards or towards us, they're always telling us something important! One of the primary visual ways we can see that our horses are listening to us, their ability to rotate them is vital. So, why would we want to hinder this behaviour? Growing in popularity over recent years (for good reason) anatomical headpieces allow for extra freedom. PS of Sweden bridles are cut out around the ears, leaving lots of space for comfortable movement. This might seem like a minor change, but it makes a big difference!

Width and padding, do they matter? If you've ever worn skin tight clothing with seams, you'll have noticed when you changed, they left impressions on your skin. This occurs when a poor design creates pressure points. Increasing the width of their browbands and adding padding creates a larger contact area, spreading pressure more evenly to eliminate discomfort.

PS. Cheek Pieces

Cheek Pieces

Connection and contact go hand in hand. Overlooked in the majority of bridles, cheek pieces have a large impact on the messages that we're sending to our horse. Innovatively designed, all PS of Sweden bridles feature their unique cheek piece Cradles™. A light and sympathetic contact is the goal of every rider. Helping to achieve this, the Cradle™ suspends the bit in your horses mouth for a softer feel. Planning on competing? This technological feature is FEI approved.

PS. Nose Bands

Nose Bands

From Mexican and grackle to flash and crank, there's no denying the biggest difference between one bridle and the next is the type of nose band! Each designed for a different purpose, it's important you think about what you're aiming to achieve before you select a bridle.

While Ps of Sweden offer many nose band types, they all have a few things in common:

Softly padded - Would you want to wear uncomfortable clothing every day? More than likely you'd end up pretty fed up! A touch of comfort can make all the difference. Supple padding helps to prevent rubbing, sores and hair loss, allowing your horse to focus on the task in hand.

Anatomically shaped - We've all seen poor ponies with ulcers, bad dentition and terrible habits caused by ill fitting, old fashioned tack. Regardless of the style, Ps of Sweden nose bands are designed to avoid pressing on the highly sensitive facial nerves and even their teeth.

Ps. Throatlatch


One of the first things you may spot about these bridles is that they don't include a throatlatch. An age old concept, they were originally added to bridles to stop your opponent ripping them off during battle. Today, they serve very little purpose. That being said, some governing bodies require them for competition. So, they are available for purchase separately.

PS. Select A Style

Nirak Combination Bridle

RRP £235.00

Anatomical Flying Change Bridle

RRP £245.00

Anatomical Flying Change Bridle

High Jump Revolution Bridle

RRP £275.00

It's undeniable, these innovative bridles could make a real difference to the health and happiness of your horse. You can shop our full range of products at or why not visit one of our stores. Found this blog helpful? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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