10 Great Reasons To Live In The Country

10 Great Reasons To Live In The Country

There’s the age-old debate over which is best – country or city? There’s much to be said about both but being lovers of the countryside and all it has to offer, we thought we’d list 10 great reasons why the country is best.

1. Peace and Quiet

No nightclubs, no honking of horns at 2am, no hustle and bustle. Just the crowing of the cockerel and the chiming of the village church bells. Pure bliss.

2. Animals

There’s a plethora of animals to be found in the countryside. From horses and cows to chickens and goats. Kids will be in heaven growing up in an environment rich with animals. You’ll have a whole new respect for them and what they bring to the circle of life, too.

3. Walks

You literally have a wealth of walks on your doorstep and a walk for every mood. From short 15-minute walks to 3-hour hikes up Dale, you’ll be spoilt by the rich tapestry of routes available to you. Bad day at the office? Simply slip on those boots and walk off your stress. A 15-minute walk in the countryside will solve a thousand problems.

4. Pubs

The one great thing about the countryside are the good old-fashioned pubs. Roaring fires, Stan with his trusty dog, live folk music, local ales. None of your gastro-fusion-posh-nosh. Just olde worlde pubs with good, hearty food where everyone knows your name. Cheers!

5. Food

Produce from the countryside is second to none. There is simply no comparison to eating meat that’s been reared on the neighbouring farm or veg grown on local land. The majority of shops and restaurants in the country will sell produce grown locally so you can enjoy your meal safe in the knowledge that you know exactly where it’s come from. There’s something hugely satisfying about that.

6. The People

The sort of folk you find in the country are different to the sort you find living in the city. Country folk aren’t in a rush like their city counterparts and will happily stop and have a natter. There’s a much greater sense of community in the country, which makes you feel like you belong to one big, happy family. You’re also likely to come across some eccentric characters that will tell you tales of folklore and of times gone by. You’ll blend in perfectly with the country folk with a Jack Murphy Ladies Churra Tweed Hat in Burren Tweed or a Men’s Wax Cap.

7. The Scenery

Nothing beats the picturesque views you are treated to. You won’t find any noisy building sites, high-rise flats or hideous landmarks in the countryside. Just cascading views of the hills, trees and rivers. It’s like looking at a Constable every single day.

8. Wildlife and Nature

From birds to badgers, you will see wildlife in every corner of the countryside. Where else would you see a herd of cows on your journey to work or a kestrel at the bottom of your garden? In the summer, nature simply comes alive and you will see Mother Nature at her absolute finest; wildlife and nature working in perfect harmony.

9. No Traffic

The most traffic you’re likely to come across is a John Deere tractor or the queue into the summer fete. There are no traffic jams or crazy drivers rushing to get to places, just the odd car or two and a family of ducks crossing the road.

10. Outdoor Activities

The countryside is a playground for every type of sports or outdoor pursuits. People travel for miles to go segwaying, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and horse riding. Living in the country, you have it at your disposal all day, every day. If you fancy a bit of clay pigeon shooting, look every inch the part in a country wax jacket from Barbour.

So there we have it, Our top 10 reasons to live in the country. We admit we probably are a bit biased being such advocates of the British countryside but who can deny the sheer beauty it has to offer? The country gets our vote every time!

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