Adjustable Saddles – A Horse Rider’s Dream

Adjustable Saddles – A Horse Rider’s Dream

The Easy-Change™ Fit Solution is new and exclusive to the Bates and Wintec range of adjustable saddles and combines two parts:

Adjustable Saddles – A Horse Rider’s Dream

Easy-Change™ Gullet System

Easy-Change™ Riser System

Together these make the saddle incredibly adjustable so that you can obtain a secure and comfortable fit. The system is unique as the tree and the panels of the saddle can be altered individually to help achieve the perfect fit for both horse and rider.

To celebrate the launch of this revolution in saddle fitting, when a NEW Bates or Wintec adjustable saddle featuring the Easy-Change™ Fit Solution is purchased, the customer will receive a FREE Easy-Change™ Promotional Gullet Pack and FREE Easy-Change™ Riser pack valued at over £130*.

The Easy-Change™ Gullet System

The Easy-Change™ Gullet System offers a means of altering the width of the Elastiflex tree. The Elastiflex tree is designed to be rigid through the length of the saddle, whilst offering flexion to help work with the horse’s muscles. The width of the tree is determined by the size of the gullet plate that is fitted between the tree points. The Easy-Change™ gullet plates are designed to be completely rigid, ensuring they cannot spread or change shape under normal usage. The gullet plates are colour coded by size and will remain true to size throughout their life.

The Easy-Change™ Gullet System consists of 6 fractional fit gullet plates ranging from narrow through to extra wide, with a further WIDE system available for use in the specialist wide saddles offering four fractional fit gullet plates from 1XW through to 4XW.

The Easy-Change™ Riser System

The Easy-Change™ Riser System is the only riser system accredited for use in the Bates and Wintec adjustable saddles. The Easy-Change™ Riser System offers the same level of adjustment as a riser pad but offers increased saddle stability and closer contact. The riser pack is available in standard size and pony size.

The Riser System standard pack contains a total of 10 pairs of risers, along with an Easy-Change™ Locating Tool. The risers are available in front, centre and rear pairs with four different thicknesses for the front and rear pairs and two thicknesses for the centre pairs.

The Riser System pony pack contains a total of 6 pairs of risers and the Easy-Change™ Locating Tool. The risers are available in front, centre and rear pairs with two different thicknesses for each. The Easy-Change™ Riser System offers increments of 4mm helping to achieve the perfect fit. The set also features the tapered rear riser which offers adjustment to the outer part of the back of the saddle.

Riser sizes included in each pack:

Front Center Rear
Standard Pack 4 / 8 / 12 / 16mm 4 / 8mm 4 / 8 / 12 / 16mm
Pony Pack 4 / 8mm 4 / 8mm 4 / 8mm

The Easy-Change™ Fit Solution range also features the Gullet Gauge which helps to select the correct gullet plate needed for the individual horse and also to monitor any changes in your horses muscling every three to six months.

The Easy-Change™ Fit Solution is ideal for a young horse that is developing and changing shape or for a horse coming back in to work after rehabilitation work. Additionally, when you need to sell your saddle, the Easy-Change™ Fit Solution means it can by readjusted back to the medium gullet and the risers can be removed to take the saddle back to its original standard fitting making it appealing for any potential buyer.

Adjustable Saddles with the Easy-Change™ Fit Solution offer incredible flexibility and are available to buy today from Naylors Equestrian.

Call us for advice and we’ll be happy to help. Watch this video on how the Easy-Change™ Fit Solution works.

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