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Our Choice in Bit Power

There are some bits that we stock that go above and beyond to deliver you excellence and expertise which years of research has developed to give you and your horse long lasting relief and comfort. To find the perfect bit brand for you, have a look at some of our favourite brands that we have pulled out for you.

Not sure what bit to go for for your horse? Click the link to read Choosing a Bit for your Horse to read the ins and outs of the most popular types of bits.

Neue Schule:

Our Choice in Bit Power: Neue Schule

Don't be afraid of the price tag! Every part of the Neue Schule bits gives you every bit of excellence you would need in a bit. You would think, “a bit is just a bit”. No, Neue Schules bits are jam packed full of technology and knowledge with years of insight of understanding and I'll tell you why.

Neue Schule follow three principles: Science, Engineering and Evolution.


Neue Schule understand that the horses mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the horse and they know they need to be as kind, calm and still as possible when it comes to putting a piece of metal in the mouth.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Neue Schule: Salox heating

The differences in time in how long a bit warms up to a horses body temperature.

Over the years, Neue Schule developed a metal that was not only durable and strong but also warming to the mouth. Salox is in-between the extremes of warming up quickly and staying warm making it ideal for sensitive horses that are not keen on cold metal or plastics that takes a while to reach optimum temperature.

Salox is also quite a soft metal. When the bit comes into contact with the teeth – the impact forces are minimised as they are absorbed by the metal rather then the teeth. Whilst plastic bits are softer, polymer bits are easily cut which could potentially injure the horses mouth while stainless steel bits can be quite jarring.

The composition of Salox is rather unique. Neue Schule found that bits containing copper can overstimulate the taste buds and could make things uncomfortable for the sensitive horse whilst stainless steel bits have no give in them. Salox contains aluminium, which does not produce volatile substances and prevents the bit surface from becoming rich in copper and zinc. The aluminium provides the same level of protection as Stainless Steel but creates saliva in the mouth making the bit feel less like a foreign object.


Our Choice in Bit Power: Neue Schule: Engineering

All the bits have been designed and analysed by computer aided technology's which allows Neue Schule to design more ergonomic mouthpieces and cheekpieces to fit various mouth conformations. From large tongues to fleshy lips, thin angular bars or general over sensitivity, Neue Schules bits are designed avoid the pressure points and promote comfort and performance.

The Verbindend Bit design creates a channel for the tongue to lie, which in turn encourages the horse to soften and relax through the jaw. When the horse comes more accepting through the bit, this will in turn lighten the forehand, lift the shoulder, promote self carriage and enhances lateral work.

The lozenge is also designed to sit at an angle, therefore when the reins are taken up, the lozenge will rotate and will create even pressure along the tongues centre where the muscle is thicker and not as sensitive.


Our Choice in Bit Power: Neue Schule: Evolution

Driven by the needs of horse and rider, Neue Schule have developed bit based on experience and expertise giving you professional designs that have had years worth of testing.

Having computerised designs allows simulations and manufacturing issues to be eradicated before they even reach a horses mouth, ensuring quality, care and most importantly the comfort and performance are at the highest possible standard.

There are so many different types of cheekpieces and mouthpieces available it would be impossible to go through every single one. However Neue Schule have created videos for every one of their bits giving you an explanation on how they work, and which horses would be best suited. These videos are available on individual product pages. Take a look by clicking the link below.


Our Choice in Bit Power: Neue Schule: Sprenger

Sprenger has been on the market since 1872 and have well over 100 years worth of knowledge and expertise in the market. Even though Sprenger comes with a hefty price tag you can tell in the quality, design and the research that has gone into each and every product, with riders such as Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin using these much loved bits.

Being a leader in the world of bits,and entrusted with World Horse Welfare. Sprenger have done extensive market knowledge and collaborate with various experts in areas such as medicine, sports, design and research to create a product that is far superior to others.

Sprenger have also developed new alloys included within their bits to create a high quality metal that provide comfort and performance in the horse.

Aurigan is a compound made of 85% copper, 4% Silicone and 11% Zinc which is the perfect blend to allow the horse to salivate which provides the horse with satisfaction and motivation when it comes to smell and taste. It has found that Aurgian has different oxidation properties to that of copper or sweet iron which improves experience. It should also be noted that Aurigan does not use metals such as nickel which is fantastic news for horses that have a nickel allergy.

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring 14mm Mouth 70mm Ring

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring 14mm Mouth 70mm Ring RRP £118.00

Within the past 2 years, Sprenger have taken all the excellent qualities of Aurigan and have created Sensogan. Sensogan can be found in the majority of all Sprenger bits and its not surprising why. Discreet and elegant, Sensogan has been designed so that it will not tarnish and helps to encourage mouthing. Sensogan also has the added benefit of added manganese which requires more regulated oxidation which has a positive influence on horses when it comes to satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform.

Take a look at our range from Sprenger by clicking the link below:


Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker

A relatively new product on the market is the Whitaker one bit meets all: The Universal bit.

This unique looking bit has an innovative design and provides a multitude of attachment points to suit your horse, essentially giving you a one bit to suit all. This bit can be used in a variety of disciplines from hacking to schooling to showjumping and dressage.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Everyday Riding

Everyday riding:

The cheekpieces are attached to the v-point of the cartwheel and the reins are connected to the snaffle ring. This position allows horses to play with the bit, but allowing it to move freely in the horses mouth, allowing them to salivate and soften in the riders hands.

Oue Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Strong Horse

Strong Horses:

The cheekpieces are attached to the narrow part of the cartwheel whilst the reins are looped through v-point of the bit and the snaffle ring. This increases the pressure on the side of the horses mouth and gives the rider more control and turning action.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Hollowed Back Horse

Hollowed Backed Horses:

The cheekpieces are attached through the v-point and the reins are attached through the inner ring and inner metal loop. In this position, the bit increases the pressure on the horses poll and on the side on the mouth to encourage turning and to allow the head to come down. The position of the reins gives the rider a good solid contact.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Crossing Jaw/Tongue over

Crossing Jaw/ Tongue over the Bit:

The cheekpieces are attached to the inner metal loop and the reins are attached to the snaffle ring and the v-point. In this position, the bit is lifted a bit higher in the horses mouth which prevents the horse from avoiding the bit.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Relaxed Schooling

Schooling with less Poll Pressure:

The cheekpieces are attached to the widest section of the cartwheel and the reins are looped through the snaffle ring and attached on the v-point. This gives the rider control whilst allowing the bit to move. This gives the horse something to mouth on whilst providing less pressure on the horses poll.

Our Choice in Bit Power: Whitaker - Hollow Back/Crossing Jaw

Crossing the Jaw/Hollow in the Back:

The cheekpieces are attached to the v-point whilst the reins are attached to the snaffle ring and the other v-point. This both increases the pressure on the horses poll to allow them to drop their heads but also positions the bit higher in the mouth to prevent the horse from evading the bit.

Want a peek at the different Universal Bits on offer? Click the link below:

Those are three of our favourites, however we have a lot more in stock that may tickle your fancy! Check out what we have to offer online or come and visit us in store!

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