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Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses – New From WeatherBeeta

WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar

As dog owners, there’s one item almost all of us would be completely lost without… Of course we’re talking about their collar! Here in the UK it’s a legal requirement that all dogs must wear one while out in public. That being said, for both practicality and safety most of us opt to leave them on all the time. With this in mind, choosing the right one is a really important task! Keep reading to take a look at our top picks from the brand new WeatherBeeta Dog Accessories collection…

Dog Collars & Leads

WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar

WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collars

Traditional with a twist, WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Dog Collars are made using a soft and flexible premium tanned brown leather with hard wearing brass fittings. Bold and bright, they feature stylishly stitched patterns, a fantastic way to show off your dogs colourful character while out and about!

WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar
WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar
WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar
WeatherBeeta Polo Leather Collar

WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collar & Lead

WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collars & Leads

Prefer padding? A fantastic alternative to single layer styles, a WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collar is just what you’ve been looking for! Made using a high quality leather outer and padding they’re designed to soften with exposure to your dogs natural oils, making them the very epitome of comfort. Stylish and sophisticated, they feature brass buckles for longevity and an engravable name plate, allowing you to add that personal touch. Don’t forget to pick up the matching lead too!

WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collar Black
WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collar Brown
WeatherBeeta Padded Leather Collar Tan

WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar & Lead

WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collars & Leads

Running, playing, swimming, sleeping… No matter what your dog gets up to a WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar is the ideal accessory! Designed to be life proof, they boast a durable fabric core coated in waterproof, anti-static and dirt repelling Teflon. Featuring a quick release safety buckle fastening and a tri-glide adjustable slider for the perfect fit, what’s not to love? Harnesses and matching leads also available!

WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar Red
WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar Pink
WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar Blue
WeatherBeeta Elegance Dog Collar Black

WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Dog Collar & Lead

WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Dog Collar & Lead

From Akita’s and Afghan Hounds to Pekingese’s and Shih Tzu’s, long hair is sometimes a total pain! Not only does it get everywhere, but it knots and matts far too easily. More often than not, collars really don’t help with this! Thankfully though, the WeatherBeeta Rolled Collar is different! Made using a soft and durable leather it’s been specially designed to reduce rubbing and tangling. Matching lead also available.

WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Collar Maroon
WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Collar Brown
WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Collar Black

Reflective Dog Collars & Harnesses

Coming Soon

WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Collar & Lead

WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Collars & Leads

Do you enjoy early morning and late evening walkies with your four legged friend? As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, be prepared! Designed to improve visibility, a WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Collar is a real must-have. Manufactured using a quality nylon outer with thick, highly reflective nylon stitching and a cosy contoured neoprene lining, they’re both smart and safe! Be bright and stay in sight, pair it with the matching lead and a Hi-Vis Jacket for yourself.

WeatherBeeta Anti-Pull/Travel Harness

WeatherBeeta Anti-Pull/Travel Harness

For many dogs, heading out on a stroll is the best part of their day. So, who can blame them for getting excited? The problem is, traditional collars can cause discomfort and even choking when they start to pull. That’s why this season WeatherBeeta have brought us Anti-Pull/Travel Harnesses. Designed to distribute pressure evenly, they feature wide straps, soft and breathable padding, four adjustment points and quick release clips. Brightly coloured, these head turning options can be used all year-round, even in dim lights.

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