Dublin River Boots

Dublin River Boots are waterproof country boots perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry in the unpredictable British weather. The Dublin River Boots are great for a variety of outdoor activities, whether you’re walking the dog, at the yard with the horse or simply popping to the shops the Dublin River Boots will ensure you always look the part and your feet are dry and comfortable.

The Dublin River Boots are packed with technology to ensure they really do stand up to the job. Dublin recognises that their boots need to be suitable for all day wear so that you can enjoy your time in the outdoors for as long as you want without being restricted by cold, wet and uncomfortable feet.

RCS Footbed System

The RCS (Rider Comfort System) has been designed with extreme comfort in mind. The RCS System comprises of 5 different layers that work together to ensure your feet stay cool, comfortable and supported whether you wear the River Boots for an hour or all day long.



1. Sweat Control Lining – wicks away sweat and moisture to ensure all day foot comfort.

2. Enhanced cushion layer – a super comfortable cushioned layer

3. Padded heel cushion – absorbs shock through the heel when walking, jumping, dismounting etc

4. Cupped heel and arch support – provides optimum support and gives the foot the feeling of being cocooned inside the boot

5. Steel arch foundation – offers maximum stability to the foot and helps to avoid any twisting motion of the sole.


216692_L2HBR Waterproof Membrane

HBR is a world leading waterproof membrane with a high breathability index. The HBR membrane is submitted to 100,000 waterproof flexes to ensure maximum quality. The waterproof membrane means your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how big the puddles get or how heavy the rains is. The HBR Membrane extends about a third of the way up the boot (to the first band of leather on the leg) so as long as you do not go in any puddles deeper than where the membrane extends your feet will stay nice and dry.


Positive Traction GripDurable Tough Tech Outer Sole

The River Boots offer a rubber outer sole for maximum durability. The sole offers a slip resistant tread and a stability control shank. Although the River Boots are country boots the sole has been designed with riders in mind making them safe for riding if you feel the need to jump on without changing your boots.


Dublin Zip River BootsNow In Stock – Dublin Zip River Boots

We have been eagerly waiting for the release of the Dublin Zip River Boots! And they have now arrived, offering all the same great features as the traditional River Boots we know and love, but also offering a full length waterproof side zip for ease putting on and off. The full length zip is neatly concealed on the side of the boot and features a popper fastening at the top for extra security.

More from Dublin

If the River Boots don’t strike your fancy there are lots of great boots in the Dublin range.

Dublin Pinnacle Laced Boot Brown~7006

The Dublin Pinnacle Boots offer the same great technologies as the River Boots but have a side lacing system making them a little more adjustable for those who want a closer leg fit. The Pinnacle Boots are a smart and practical alternative to the River Boots if you’re looking for something a little different.


Dublin Eskimo River Fleece Boots Dark Brow~106038

The Eskimo Boots are fantastic boots for the winter months! They feature a full length cosy synthetic fleece lining to ensure toes stay toasty warm no matter how cold the weather gets. The Eskimo boot also feature the same HBR Waterproof membrane and the RCS footbed as the River Boots.

Dublin River Boots

Dublin River Boots effortlessly combine style with practicailty to produce a fantastic country boot. They are definitely one of our favourite country boots here at Naylors.

Do you own a pair of River Boots? What are your thoughts on them?

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