The Horseware Ice-Vibe Range

The Horseware Ice-Vibe Range

Get to know the Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots

Horseware Ice-Vibe

The Horseware Ice-Vibe boots combine the effects of cooling and massage therapy. The boots can vibrate (they are rechargeable) and also have cold packs (which can be removed). The vibrations help to boost circulation in the legs while the cold helps to reduce swelling. As you can imagine, they can be so useful in a range of circumstances to help to keep your horse’s legs healthy. They can be used to effectively treat minor injuries such as strains or ligament/tendon damage.

The vibrations of these boots are designed to mimic the effects of a horse walking and the improved circulation helps to carry oxygen to the muscles in the legs. This makes these boots perfect for horse’s that are stuck on box rest or great for use before exercise to get oxygen flowing to the leg muscles. The cooling effect prevents swelling while the vibrations also encourage inflammation to drain away. These boots are a handy tool during rehabilitation from injury and they can help to reduce wear and tear on joints. They can also help to stimulate the repair of damaged tissue.

The Ice-Vibe boots are not brand new to the market, they won the innovation award at BETA international 2012. The first prototype was created with a massaging car seat and tested on a racehorse who was struggling to make the Grand National. With these prototype boots he made it to Aintree and finished within the top ten. Horseware have continued to work to update the design over the years to create the perfect contoured fit. The boots now also have a smoother outer to avoid bedding and food sticking to them.

The Products:

Horseware Ice-Vibe - Horseware® ICE-VIBE Circulation Therapy Boots

Horseware ICE-VIBE Circulation Therapy Boots – £219.95 RRP

These boots are designed to help the circulation of fluids in your horse’s legs. They increase blood flow which can have real benefits in the healing of injuries and strains. The regular use of these boots can also help to prevent future risk of injury too. These very versatile boots can be used without the vibration to simply have a cooling effect or alternatively just as a massage treatment. Using the boots without the cold packs will help to prepare the legs for exercise. They cover the muscles and tendons in the lower leg, reaching from the fetlock to just below the knee.

Horseware Ice-Vibe - Horseware® ICE-VIBE Hock Boots

Horseware ICE-VIBE Hock Boots – £169.99 RRP

These boots specifically target the hock to reduce soreness and swelling. A painful or stiff hock can really effect a horse’s ability to move. These boots have the same technology to improve blood flow and help with healing. They feature the cold packs alongside the vibrating panels to help reduce the risk of damage to the hock and to prepare the joint for work. They are perfect for horse’s on box rest or reduced work due to a hock injury.

Horseware Ice-Vibe - Horseware® ICE-VIBE Knee Boots

Horseware ICE-VIBE Knee Boots – £187.99 RRP

These knee boots work the same as the previous boots. They are designed to comfortably fit the knee area to help the healing from and prevention of injuries. These boots are very effective in reducing swelling thanks to the cold sensation and the vibrations helping with circulation. They can be used before exercise to prepare the joints for work as well as for muscle and ligament stimulation when work isn’t possible.

Watch below as Michael Jung discusses why his team uses Ice-Vibe products:

With each set you receive 2 boots including a cold packs, the vibrating panels, the required batteries and the charger. You can shop our whole collection of horse therapy products both online and in-store.

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