Horseware Rambo Ionic Range

Horseware Rambo Ionic Range

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Rambo Ionic Range

The Horseware Rambo Ionic range contains some of the smartest technology around to help improve your horse’s circulation along with many other health benefits. These products can really help to promote healthy body tissue and also offer fantastic benefits when used on a horse before and after work.

The Science Behind The Rambo Ionic Range

The Horseware Rambo Ionic range uses negative ion therapy to help your horse’s body function at it’s very best. This involves the use of Tourmaline. This is a natural crystal that releases an electric charge when it is ground down. This charge will convert molecules in the surrounding air into negatively charged ions.

Negative ions are absorbed through the skin into the body. This works for both animals and humans. Once in the body they can convert the charge of molecules withing the body to be negatively charged. The energy released when this happens helps with the regulation of many of the body’s functions. It improves the hydration capacity in the blood stream. This makes blood (and other fluids) more mobile so it can move more efficiently through veins and arteries. This improved circulation is great for getting plenty of oxygen to muscles all around the body.

Rambo Ionic Range

The negative ions also help to encourage a faster metabolic rate. The faster and more efficiently the body can metabolise energy, the better.

Serotonin, the hormone linked with feeling happy, requires an oxidation process. The improved oxygen circulation can therefore reduce stress and relieve pain in your horse. On top of that, the negative charge can help to regulate enzymes within the body and so help to maintain a strong immune system.

Meet The Rambo Ionic Range Products

Rambo Ionic Range - Horseware-Ionic-Stable-Boots-Black

Horseware® Rambo® Ionic Stable Boots

These boots are perfect for using in the stable and also when travelling. They have a flexible Neoprene outer to allow the horse to move comfortably. It is also perforated which prevents the legs getting too hot. The inner padded liner is where the ion technology comes into play. This lining can be removed as it is attached by Velcro and the boots are fully machine washable.

The Tourmaline is found on the fabric of the padded liner so that it is close to the skin. This allows the negative ions to get to work in increasing circulation in the legs and, by doing so, moving any build up of fluids. You are advised to start using the boots for around 2 hours before building up to your horse wearing them for longer periods. These boots can be used before exercise as a means of preparing the muscles by increasing the levels of oxygen they receive. You can use them again after exercise to reduce lactic acid build up. This can help to prevent stiffness and soreness after hard work.

Rambo Ionic Range - Horseware-Rambo-Ionic-Stable-Sheet-BlackOrange

Horseware® Rambo® Ionic Therapy Stable Sheet

This stable sheet makes a great combination with the ionic boots seen above. Target the whole body, including the large muscles at the shoulders and hind quarters, for even greater effect on your horse's health. It is perfect for getting your horse ready for exercise and helping the body recover after a work out too. Again, you are advised to use this rug for 2-4 hour periods to get your horse's body used to the treatment before gradually increasing to full time use. This rug contains moisture management technology which means it can be used after washing to speed up drying and the negative ions will continue to do their job.

This rug has a classic cut neck and double front closures, Horseware’s patented leg arches, secure surcingles and a silky shoulder lining. The contoured fit helps to keep the rug close to the skin for effective ion movement. The stable rug is machine washable and the Tourmaline stays effective for at least 25 washes!

Rambo Ionic Range - Horseware-Ionic-Fleece-Black-Orange

Horseware® Rambo® Ionic Therapy Fleece Rug

The same fantastic Tourmaline is found on the inside of this breathable, carbon infused fleece. The cotton coating has the latest moisture management technology so this rug is perfect for using as a cooler or after a wash. It is also the perfect accessory for travelling or at shows and can help to prepare the horse's muscles ready for competition at the same time. You could pop this on between classes to help with recovery and to keep the muscles full of oxygen ready for your next class. This rug can also be used generally at home to help maintain a healthy horse. The therapy will help to improve circulation, metabolism, the immune system, restore the pH balance within the body and help remove toxins too.

Watch below as international eventer, Sam Watson, discusses why he uses Horsware Rambo Ionic products:

Horseware Rambo Ionic Knee Black

This ingenious use of negative ions doesn’t just work for horses. Horseware have designed a number of products to benefit us humans too. You can now get wrist, arm, knee, elbow and ankle support. This will not only help to strengthen joints weakened through injury. You too can have the amazing health benefits of negative ion therapy. You can even improve your circulation, metabolism and immune system through simply wearing any of the above or the Rambo Ionic Socks.

Each item in the Horseware Rambo Ionic Range can really benefit both healthy horses and those that require a recovery period. You can find our ionic products both online & in-store alongside a range of other fantastic Horseware products.

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